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CRT Primer
Troubleshooting Tips
Mounting Methods
Definitive CRT
Projector Setup Guide
Tube/Raster Setup
Tube Condition (Wear)
Projector Rankings
Video Processors
Ampro 1500/2000
Ampro 2300/2600
Ampro 3600/4600
Barco (Older Analog)
Barco 70x/Cine7  
Barco 500/800/801
Barco 808/Cine8
Barco 120x/Cine9
Dwin 500/700
Electrohome ECP 
Electrohome Marquee 
Panasonic 108x
Sony 10xx
Sony 125x/127x
Sony 1292
Sony D50
Sony G70
Sony G90
Zenith 841/851
Zenith 895/900
Zenith 1200

Advanced Procedures for CRT Projectors


   >> Building a Screen for a CRT Projector   
   >> Focus & Mechanical Aim Basics
   >> Basic Grayscale Adjustment for ES Tube Projectors  
   >> ChromaPure Grayscale & Color Calibration for Dummies  

>> Building a Hushbox
>> Building a Hushbox (Alternate Sol'n)  

Tube/Lens Related:

   >> Astigmatism Adjustments
   >> High Voltage (HV) Lead Splicing
   >> High Voltage (HV) Lead Removal/Reinstallation   
   >> CRT Tube Fungus Removal   
   >> Defungusing Sony Tubes Using CLR  
   >> How to Properly Clean CRT Projector Lenses   
   >> Installing HD144/145 Lenses on a Marquee  
   >> NEC PG Tube Replacement  
   >> Sony G70 Tube Replacement 
   >> Sony G90 C-Element Change 
   >> Marquee LC Tube Replacement  

>> CRT Tube Replacement
>> Yoke Adjustment
>> Conditioning Rebuilt Tubes
>> Changing a C-Element (Marquee)
>> C-Element & Bellow Removal (Marquee)
>> Changing a C-Element (Barco)  
>> Tinting Glycol  
>> Bleeding CRT Tubes 
>> Venting Liquid Coupled (LC) tubes 
>> Sony G90 Tube Replacement  
>> Balancing CRT wear  

Model Specific:

   >> Marquee Maintenance & Improvements by Mike Parker
   >> Electrohome Marquee Teardown  
   >> Cooling an Overheating Ampro
   >> NEC XG G2 Calibration  

>> Barco Setup: Quick Reference Guide  
>> Barco Port 3 as an RGBHV Input  
>> Sony G70 Fan Mod  
>> Sony G90 Fan Mod  

Attention enthusiasts!  Do you have a CRT projector or home theater procedure that you think others would find useful? Contact the webmaster and we'll post it here!

The procedures in this section are optional and may come in handy for some CRT projector owners.  Most are not everyday procedures that need to be performed on all projectors.  In fact, most home theater enthusiasts will use and enjoy their projectors for years without ever opening the hood or even realizing that such procedures exist.

Please be aware that many of the modifications have been developed by end users that may lack the R&D to ensure that these mods will not shorten the lifespan of the projector or the components therein. Proceed at your own risk with any repairs or modifications to your CRT projector.

Disclaimer: All information given here is for informational purposes only.   No warranty, expressed or implied, is given that any information on this site is accurate, unbiased, or true. Curt Palme, Sound Solutions Inc. and the webmaster take absolutely no responsibility for any damages that may occur due to a 'do it yourself' approach to maintaining, installing and tweaking your CRT projector.  Any modifications or changes you do to your CRT projector is done at your own risk.  When in doubt, ask!
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