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NEC XG Series

      >> Introduction 
      >> Layout and Setup Tips
      >> XG Models and Production Run Dates
      >> Multi Default Frequencies IMMS
      >> Hidden Control Functions
      >> PC Control Cable Pinout & Software
      >> Lens Focus Fix (LC Units)
      >> Misconvergence During Switching Fix
      >> Compatibility of PC Control Versions
      >> Incorrect Lens Focus & Halos Fix
      >> Manuals / Downloads




All NEC XG projectors are true 1200 lumen 8" EM focus sets. Digital convergence, on screen menus, video, S-video and RGB inputs are stock, the component option is available on the NEC XG 852 models. 100 point convergence allows for super accurate convergence. The NEC has more control over the picture than other 8" sets, making a full set up a bit daunting, but when it's complete, you'll find it's well worth the effort. Smaller than most competing 8" sets, they've been very reliable, and I've sold lots.   One of my favourite projector series of all time due to their great fleshtones. 

Here's the breakdown:

XG 75: Scans to 75Khz
XG 85: Scans to 85Khz
XG 110: Scans to 110Khz
XG 135: Scans to 135Khz

Note that even 75Khz is past line quadrupling (960p) so for home theater use these models all behave very much the same as all scan more than high enough.

The XG 85 also has component inputs so no transcoder is required if you wish to hook up component devices directly to the projector. (See the CRT Primer for more information).

The XG-110 and XG-135 also came in a liquid-coupled (LC) version, which is harder to find than the air-coupled (AC) version. The LC adds a layer of fluid between the tube surface and the lens, giving more contrast to the picture, but reducing the brightness slightly.  These LC tubes are also more expensive than the AC versions.

To see how these projectors rank in relation to other projectors for use in a home theater environment see the Projector Rankings page.

For full specifications on this and other projectors, see the Projector Specifications page.

For an overview and history of NEC see the CRT Primer.

See the Advanced Procedures page for various DIY instructions on maintaining and improving CRT projectors.

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