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Questions? Direct your inquiry to the right place:

We bring you many direct-from-manufacturer deals and special pricing through our website. For product questions or to confirm the status of your order placed directly with a manufacturer, use the emails located on our product order pages or email Kal at

For CRT projector sales, parts, and repairs contact Curt at


Sound Solutions mailing address (CRT projector sales, parts, and service only):

Sound Solutions Inc.
# 344-19567 Fraser Hwy.
Surrey, B.C.
V3S 9A4

Fax: (604) 514-8934

For CRT projector sales & service only you may call (604) 514-1751.

Do you need to ship Curt parts for repair? See our shipping page for hints.

For professional audio/video solutions, see the Sound Solutions Canada website.

Have a CRT projector technical/sales question that isn't answered on this site?

I welcome your questions about CRT projectors, and feel free to email me. However, as of the summer of 2005, I am being flooded with emails to the point that I cannot keep up with the sheer volume. Some other resellers have gotten out of the business, others have fallen off the face of the planet, so my emails have tripled over last year. As you may have guessed, this projector business is pretty much a one man show for me, good techs are hard to find. Below are a few quick points where I can best assist you, and some links to other good sites with lots of CRT information.

Therefore, I urge you to check out my site and ask general questions in the Forum before emailing me, as I update this site frequently and new info and tips are added weekly.

(1) I am a repair tech for CRT projectors. I spend about 60 hours a week repairing sets and bringing them up to original manufacturer's specs. I do not do performance modifications to sets, I leave that to the 'tweakers' that have the time to do this. I do not do fan mods, as I never want to be accused of short tube and chassis life due to an untested mod. I therefore have no info on mods and replacement fans for projectors.

(2) I have only used Draper Matte white screens found at I have not experimented with Da-Lite, Stewart, Carada or other screens. Unfortunately I cannot comment on these other screens. I am a Draper dealer and can give you a competitive quote on any screen you might need.

(3) I have worked with Lumagen and DVDO scalers and love them. I have not done A/B comparisons with any other scalers out there. I don't use the low end scalers found on eBay, the one or two I've tried have had substandard images compared to the DVDO or Lumagen units.

(4) I carry a large number of new and rebuilt spare parts for almost all makes of CRT projectors. I've stopped supporting sets that were made pre 1990 as those sets are now old to the point where they fail due to the age of the components.

(5) Since I make a part of my living repairing modules, I unfortunately cannot release specific part related information when it comes to troubleshooting circuit boards. I can assist you in troubleshooting down to a specific board or module, and I have the capability to repair almost all boards here. I have virtually every chassis and model in stock to test your board in an actual working set here before I send a repaired board back.

(6) I urge all of you to sign up at our Forum. Ask questions and get opinions from myself and other CRT Projector/Home Theater enthusiasts. If your question is general in nature, posting a question on the forum will usually result in a much faster response than emailing me directly! Not to mention that you will often get multiple replies as well!

I appreciate your support!



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