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Sony came out with their first flat screen CRT video projector in about 1983-1984 called the VPH-722. Later this model became the VPH-1020 and 2020, with little differences between each of these. 7” Sony ES focus tubes, analog convergence, 500 lumens or so. Convection cooled, very reliable, and occasionally I still sell these sets.

Between 1986 and 1996 Sony came out with a number of their 10XX series, including the VPH-1020, 2020, 1030, 1031, 1040, 1041, 1042, 1044, 1000, and 1001. With the exception of the 1030 and 1031, these were all video grade sets, had analog convergence and had slight variations between the models. Some had S-video inputs, some had slightly brighter tubes, etc. etc.

All very reliable sets, small footprint, and most had 2 or 3 small cooling fans in them. 600 to 750 lumens. In general, the higher the model number, the newer it was, but that changed with the introduction of the 1000 and 1001 in about 1995. I have no idea why Sony changed their numbering sequence... All of the above sets used Sony 7” ES focus tubes.

The Sony 1030 and 1031 are the only unit that are higher than video-grade. The 1030 scanned to 26 Khz and the 1031 scanned to 36 Khz. Other than that, the overall picture of these two units was very similar to the rest of the 10XX series.  The 1031 is the only unit that can do 1080i (HDTV).

All of these sets are small, quiet, reliable, and easy to set up. Spare parts are plentiful and the popular SD 187 tubes can be found in many other projectors out there.

To see how this line of projectors ranks in relation to other projectors for use in a home theater environment see the Projector Rankings page.

For full specifications on these and other projectors, see the Projector Specifications page.

For an overview and history of Sony see the CRT Primer.

See the Advanced Procedures page for various DIY instructions on maintaining and improving CRT projectors.

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