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Yoke Adjustment


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The following procedure was written by Curt Palme. 

This article details adjustments to the picture using the deflection yoke (see below).

The deflection yoke is the round coil of wire butted right up to the bell of each CRT.

These yokes are held on with a radiator type of clamp ( hot glue in the case of the Marquee series of projectors), and can be loosened and turned around the neck of the tube. With the convergence settings at mid-position or zeroed out, you want the image to be square on the face of the tube.

In the rare case that the projector is mounted off axis or is not sitting level with the screen (not a desirable thing to do), you can rotate the yokes of the tube so that the image is level on the screen .Note that in the case of some older sets, the yokes may have slipped position, or drifting components in the set may cause the image to be
skewed slightly.

The image below shows what rotation of the yoke does to the raster and image of the tube.

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