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NEC PG Series

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      >> PG Models and Production Run Dates
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The NEC series of projectors are an exceptionally popular CRT projector, and was one of the first models to use EM focusing. There are three models of NEC PG sets. All have identical cabinets, so unless you see the model number on the projector, you don’t know what set you have. Within each model, there were two versions of each model. The 6 models scanned to 60 or 64 Khz in the case of the PG Xtra, the 9 series scanned to 92 or 94 Khz.

The 9 Pg series in each model usually came stock with the point convergence board and the video/S-video board. The 6 series did not come with those boards, which can cause confusion when a new owner of a set finds the video and S-video inoperative even though the input selection will show in the menus.

The NEC projectors were also made for Runco, and depending on who you choose to believe, added little or lots of resale value to the set. Niceties such as a screen trigger was added so that your screen would lower when the projector was turned on, most of the cases were black, although some were white. Some PG sets were also relabeled by General Electric. The GE models were grey in color and as far as I know, GE did no modifications to the base NEC sets. The orange stripe on the GE side panels did make the sets go faster down a hill if casters were added to the bottom of the set..:)

NEC PG projectors

The PG series of projectors came out in 1992 or so and replaced the GP 3000 set. To my knowledge the PG series is the first EM focusing set that had significant improvement in resolution and focusing over the ES focusing sets. (I believe that the NEC GP series sets also were EM focusing, but they were pretty darn soft, at least the ones that I’ve seen).

The PG series use tubes made by NEC, and they are rebuildable. They were classified as 7” tubes, but actually have a bit larger phosphor area over the typical 7” tube, so I call them 7 ” tubes. The 6 PG scans to 60 Khz, the 9 PG to 90. The 6 PG came stock with only the RGB input working, the video and S video input were only activated with the installation of the optional video decoder board. The 6 Pg also did not come stock with the 100 point convergence board. The 9 PG came stock with both boards.

NEC PG + projectors

The NEC PG + sets added an astigmatism board for enhanced control of corner focusing. Other than that, the tubes and chassis of the PG + is identical to the NEC PG series.

NEC PG Xtra projectors

The NEC PG Xtra sets were similar to the + models, but the deflection board had some changes so that it could not be interchanged with one from the PG or PG + sets. The same applies to the LV power supply. The Xtra set used slightly larger (longer) tubes, and the brightness thus increased to 1000 lumens from 800. The max H scan rate changed to 64 Khz on the 6 PG Xtra and 92 Khz on the 9 Pg Xtra. Overall, the Xtra series gave a bit more punch than the PG and PG+ sets. The green tube used in the PG Xtra can also be used in the higher end NEC XG series, but the R and B tubes are not interchangeable with the XG models.

To see how these projectors rank in relation to other projectors for use in a home theater environment see the Projector Rankings page.

For full specifications on this and other projectors, see the Projector Specifications page.

For an overview and history of NEC see the CRT Primer.

See the Advanced Procedures page for various DIY instructions on maintaining and improving CRT projectors including a NEC PG tube replacement procedure.

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