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CRT Primer

Updated: January 2008




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Most surplus CRT projectors come from the US government and large corporations like Boeing, Disney, and IBM that are liquidating the large 100-250 lb CRT projectors for the smaller 10 lb DLP and LCD models.

These surplus CRT projectors date from 1990 to 2003 and most of the surplus units I get still have lots of life left in them. The ones that I scrap go into my parts stock.

Most of the projectors that I sell go into home theatres, but pubs and sports bars do still purchase these from us as well.

The following is my opinion and attempt to clarify the strengths and weaknesses of CRT, LCD and DLP projectors, and my attempt to clear up some of the myths surrounding CRT projectors. Again, the points and opinions that I offer below are my own. Like trying to get identical opinions from two car salesmen (no offense!), another CRT tech may completely disagree with comments I make below.

My opinions come from having seen pictures and problems of almost every video projector model sold in North America. I have seen strengths and weaknesses in picture quality, ease of service (and getting parts), and common faults that occur with each brand and specific model.

As I am an independent service rep, I have no ties to any manufacturer. (Should any manufacturer’s rep read this and take me to task on anything, the offending words were written by someone else!.. :-)

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