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The 1208 use 8” tubes while the 1209 and Cine 9 both use 9” tubes.  All employ improved EM focus over previous Barco sets. Many of these models also had Data and Graphics models, with varying scan rates, and all were rated at 1000 lumens or higher. Digital convergence on all of these models and lots of on screen menus.

All of these sets give an excellent picture and have been popular sellers when I get them in. These are considered the top of the line Barco models.

The 1208 chassis is similar in layout to the 808, but offers a bit more video bandwidth and a slightly higher scanning rate than the various 808 models. The tubes and lenses are the same as the ones used in the 808 chassis, so overall the image for video use is very similar between the sets. Most of the 1208 sets used the MEC 180DVB 22 tube. Some models however use the Sony tubes that are not rebuildable.

The Barco 9” sets started with the Graphics 1200. This set came out in 1993 and was in production until about 1995. This set used the same Sony tubes as the Sony 1292 and was razor sharp. The Sony tubes are not rebuildable however failure of this tube is rare. The Barco 1200 was a reliable chassis, and was replaced by the 1609 and 1209 sometime in 1995 or so.

The 1209 and 1609 switched to MEC tubes, the same tubes used in the Marquee 9XXX series. These tubes are rebuildable, and the 1209 had expanded software for more control over the projected image.

The 1609 was a stripped down 1209 with less software control than the 1209, but the limitation of the 1609 was very limited scan rates. The 1609 will scan at 15 Khz (video), 32 Khz (line doubling) and 64 Khz (line quadrupling). The set therefore will not scan at 1080i for HDTV or 720p which is line tripling. The 1609 can be paired with a scaler however such as the DVDO VP30 or the Lumagen HDP to convert the input signal to a scan rate that the 1609 can lock to.

The Cine9 represents the absolute latest in 9" technology from Barco. Extremely rare, extremely hard to find. These always go for a huge premium over the (fairly similar) 1209 when they come up on the used market.

Below are two tables that summarize the differences between various models of 1208 and 1209 projectors in existence:

1208 Model Differences  (8" tubes)
1208 No dynamic astig, MEC 180DVBs tubes, continuous scheimpflug adjustment.
1208/2 Same as 1208 above but adds dynamic astig.
1208s Same as 1208/2 above but with the following extras: Upgraded firmware with more adjustments for geometry and gamma. Uses Sony tubes in many/all iterations (the Sony tubes have better colour but worse spot size). Will accept 480/576p component input. May accept HDTV tri-level sync input with very rare optional tri-level sync card. Accepts positive sync as well. Upgraded signal path components for less noise in the video chain.
1208s/2 Same as 1208s above but with mostly/all MEC tubes again.
1208s/E Same as 1208s/2 above with the newly designed EHT board, quad, splitter, and motherboard (all incompatible with previous versions). Difference is a smoother EHT rise on power-up and smoother behaviour during scan switching.

1209 Model Differences  (9" tubes)
1200 Old style convergence  tray (like in a Barco 800) completely stuff with electronics. Many have Sony tubes, but MEC tubes can also be found. Some have mixed sets of tubes!
1209 Upgraded convergence tray, newly designed double sided circuit boards and dynamic astigmatism adjustment. New RGB end-stages.
1209/2 Slightly different RGB end stages again, although not really different from previous mode.  IRIS2 (auto-convergence via camera) is now an option.
1209s A huge upgrade to the previous models: Completely redesigned RGB signal path, using high end RGB end stages. All new circuits are now surface mount devices (SMD) which improves signal quality a lot. RGB input and switching boards are completely new. Early models still have no adjustable scheimpflug (only available from 1998 onwards - pre 1998 models are mostly without continuous scheimpflug adjustment).
1209s/E A minor upgrade. New quad, EHT, splitter, and motherboard.  New software v7.22.

To see how these projectors rank in relation to other projectors for use in a home theater environment see the Projector Rankings page.

For full specifications on this and other projectors, see the Projector Specifications page.

For an overview and history of Barco see the CRT Primer.

See the Advanced Procedures page for various DIY instructions on maintaining and improving CRT projectors.

Having problems with your Barco projector? Don't forget to check the Troubleshooting Tips section!

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