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Marquee Maintenance & Improvements
(by Mike Parker)

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This compilation of information was compiled by forum member Joust (Barry) with permission from the original author, Mike Parker. Thanks for putting this together Barry!

Note: The procedures outlined in this section require a good knowledge of electronics and soldering.

The following contains contributions from various sources, the largest contributor being Mike Parker. I also collected tidbits from others as well. (Sly for one.) I’d like to thank Mike for these on behalf of the Marquee Projector community. Most of these are not performance mods. They are merely mods to bring an earlier model projector up to the latest revisions.

Note: If you have anything you would like to add, PM me (Joust) on the forum and I’ll review it and see it gets added. Thank you for your attention.

Sections are divided into the following:

3. Neck Boards
4. VIM
5. Horizontal Deflection Module
6. Vertical Deflection Module
7. Convergence
8. Contrast Correction
9. How to "Hot Rod" a Marquee

Notes on OP-AMPS

Most of the later Marquees use the CLC449 (Comlinear) op-amp. They replaced the CLC409 and H1100. Both of these chips had a roll off problem and could cause smearing and slight distortion in the image when used on certain resolutions. The H1100 may not show a problem, and may not be a problem from testing, so the replacement of the H1100 is an upgrade option. CLC449 is obsolete.

So far I've received very good reports from the chip upgrade on the neck boards, and some have already replaced the chips on the VIM, with very good results.

New chip options:

  • Harris (Intersil) HFA1100's: They're basically the same bandwidth and would work well.
  • National Semiconductor LMH6702: That chip is supposed to be a direct replacement for the CLC449 that were used in the Marquees, and is now discontinued. IT WILL NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY IN THE VIM -- Do not use!
  • I read that the LMH6705 is intended to replace the CLC449 but it is not released yet.
  • The MAX4224ESA (Dallas Semiconductor) chips: I've already installed them on a neck board, tested and viewed. So far this chip seems to be a perfect substitute. I could not even notice any difference in the gray scale. This chip seems to be a good replacement for the now obsolete CLC449. The MAX is a much faster chip than the CLC409, so I would suggest that you first try changing the resistors values to around 249 ohm or something near that. 120 ohm feedback/ground resistor is definitely too low of a value for the speed of the Max4224. I would also replace the bypass caps and put one 4.7 mfd and one 0.1 mfd in parallel on each rail (+/-) of the chip. If used on the neck board, replace R12 (261 ohm) with a 331 ohm, but it must be a metal film @ 1 %. R12 is the feedback resistor for U2.
  • Burr-Brown OPA658 (not the 685).

To check you video chain for the problem:

The CLC409's were no longer used in the Marquee neck boards after 1995 (my guess). If so, and no smear, your projector would more likely have either the CLC449 or H1100's.

If your projector is pretty well aligned, you could also try running AVIA at 720x480P (native rate of the DVD) and look at the 'sharpness' pattern and the 'multiburst' patterns for detail. Compare the detail of these patterns using a second resolution of 1440x960P.

Any well aligned Marquee should be able to handle both of these resolutions quite well. The 1440x960 using the above test patterns in AVIA should let you know if there's a problem in the video chain. And this test would also include the cables.

If you see no smear, your projector would more likely have either the CLC449 or H1100's (this is secret stuff). Set it up above the resolution of use, copy down to your desired resolution - touch-up. The Marquees will have much better color tracking when setup in the high band, plus you'll tame the dots better.

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