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NEC PG Tube Replacement

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The following procedure was written by Curt Palme. 

I’ve been asked to write up a quick procedure on how to change a tube in an NEC PG projector. Removal of tubes in the NEC XG Series is somewhat similar, this can be used as a guide for those as well.

Material Required:

-flat blade screwdriver
-flat blade thin (jeweler’s) style screwdriver
-surgical tape
-Philips Screwdriver
-RTV silicone

While it’s possible, I do not recommend changing the tubes on any NEC set while it’s on the ceiling. The glass on the necks of the NEC tubes is somewhat thinner than the Barcos and Marquees, and it’s relatively easy to snap the neck of an NEC tube if you bash it as you install or remove the tube. Do this with the set floor mounted on a table.

Step 1: Flip up the top cover

Step 2: Remove the two Philips screws on each side of the set that hold the front lens cover in place

Step 3: Remove the 6 Philips screws across the top metal plate that hold the top of the tubes in place

Step 4: Loosen (these screws do not come out all the way) the two screws that hold the deflection board in place.

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