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CRT Projector Focus & Mechanical Aim

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Updated: 12/25/2004

Written by Guy Kuo, Ovation Multimedia, Inc. - Home of:

Avia PRO
AVIA Guide to Home Theater DVD
Sound & Vision's Home Theater Tune-up DVD

Focusing and aiming a CRT projector is a daunting task. It involves two projection systems which operate in series: Optical and beam focus. Problems in one system make it difficult to see problems in the other. As a result, first time owners are sometimes at a loss as to which system is the problem. Add to that the need to astigmate the electron beam and adjust lens flapping (Scheimpflug) and the novice CRT setup can fall far short of the projector's optimum.

Read through this document in its entirety before proceeding. At first, it will seem as though some steps are discussed in jumbled order. I have attempted to present this in sequence but one must perform tasks iteratively to achieve the final result. One revisits earlier steps because later steps make earlier ones easier to do more accurately.

Equipment Recommended:

An external test pattern DVD such as AVIA or S&V HTT or a test signal generator provide the signals needed for alignment.

A good pair of binoculars which can focus at SHORT distances is very helpful for critically observing the effect of adjustments.

One roll of 3M brand blue easy release masking tape for marking the center of screen surface and edges. Do NOT substitute another brand of tape.

Tape measure to find center of each screen edge.

Laser Pointer or CLEAN straight edge for finding screen center.


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