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Marquee LC Bellow & C-Element Removal

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The following procedure was written by Forum member Nashou66. Thanks Athanasios! 

Hi Guys, I found a new way that increases the odds of getting the C-element out with less or no damage to the bellow.

I first thought the best way would be to take off the back LC housing brace but I was wrong, you need to slide it back to give you more working room to get of the Bellow from the back of the housing. First you need to remover the pins that are used for Schiempflug adjustments (Also keep the C-element ring in place till we get the bellow off the back)

Screw in to the pin an allen or other screw that fits the threads and Pry it out.

Prying out screw and pin

Pin removed

Next remove any screws that hold front housing to back and don't loose the Springs. 

So after you remove the screws and the top and bottom pivot plates you can move the
housing back to gibe more room to the bellow screws and for a razor or flat screw driver to help
pry it off after the metal gasket is off.

LC outer Housing slid back to give more room

More room top too!

Now more room for allen key !!! Woo Hooo!

Remove all allen screws, then pry off metal gasket.

Gasket removal

Now slide gasket out of way to front of housing

Now carefully remove the bellow from back of face plate with blade to start then finger or you can use the blade all the way around if its on there good!

Separating the bellow from face plate

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