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Troubleshooting Tips


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So now that a bunch of tech info is on the site, I thought I’d throw some troubleshooting tips together to get your projectors back up and running. I’ll cover some basic faults in the set, and how to find out what area the fault is most likely in. The following tips pretty much apply to all models, from 1984 to current, but again, keep in mind that this is a GENERALIZED troubleshooting guide, your symptoms or cures may differ.

These tips are just an overview of possible problems with your set. Naturally there are many other failures or symptoms that can occur, I find at least one new failure in a projector in a given week that I have not had before. Shoot me an email or feel free to call if your set is doing something that isn’t covered here. If I’ve missed anything obvious, I’ll add it.

DISCLAIMER: Use common sense when working on CRT projectors! Lethal voltages are present, and even a relatively low 300 volts can give you a good jolt. Never insert or remove a module with a set turned on. Remove the AC power cord each time you insert or remove a module and wait at least 2 minutes to discharge the power supply and high voltage. Proceed at your own risk!

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