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CRT Projector FAQs, Tips, Manuals

Please use the menu bar on the left to browse the various FAQs and technical tips.

Whether you're new to CRT projectors or looking to tweak the last once of performance from your existing CRT, this section of the web site should be able to help out all levels of users!

For those of you with a new to you CRT projector, please read the documentation with care, as it pertains to your projector. I’ve outlined areas in the set that you can adjust, provided you proceed with caution and use common sense.

Some adjustments will require a voltmeter, some advanced measurements (not outlined here) will need an oscilloscope. Whatever you do, DO NOT adjust controls at random, thinking that your image will improve, or solve whatever problem has crept into your set.

I’ve received emails too many times from people that tweak as many controls as they can find, only to then require a tech to repair any number of damaged boards, or worse, replace damaged tubes that have phosphor damage due to some adjustment being thrown off.

If a control or adjustment is not documented in the pictures, do not adjust it. It’s that simple!

As with all electronics, use common sense to adjust sets that are powered up. 35Kv is not to be treated lightly, and one wrong slip can throw you across the room or worse. Trust the voice of experience, it’s happened to me.

Disclaimer: All information given here is for informational purposes only.   No warranty, expressed or implied, is given that any information on this site is accurate, unbiased, or true. Curt Palme, Sound Solutions Inc. and the webmaster take absolutely no responsibility for any damages that may occur due to a 'do it yourself' approach to maintaining, installing and tweaking your CRT projector.  Any modifications or changes you do to your CRT projector is done at your own risk.  When in doubt, ask!
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