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The Barco 808 series of projectors are some of the most popular models of CRT projectors installed in home theaters around the world.

There are 4 basic 808 models:

Data 808
Data 808s
Graphics 808
Graphics 808s

All of these Barco 808 series sets are 8" EM focus, 1200 lumens, have digital convergence, on screen menus, wireless remotes, and are very easy to set up. The basic performance of all four units is about the same for home theater use.  They are by far one of the most popular and prolific sets out there.  Very reliable.

The Data 808 models scan to 75 Khz while the Graphics 808 scan to 110 Khz, both of which are higher than will ever be needed in a home theater environment (1080p/60Hz only requires a max scanrate of approximately 68Khz).

The four sets are all very similar in operation and circuitry, except for the following:

  • Data 808s provides a 480p component input and the IRIS auto convergence system, the Data 808 does not.
  • The Graphics 808 models have Scheimpflug adjustments for better corner focus, the Data models do not.
  • The Data 808, Data 808s, and Graphics 808 models use MEC tubes that are rebuildable, the Graphics 808s model uses Sony tubes that are currently (April 2006) not rebuildable. The cost of the MEC tubes are $500.00 USD for a rebuild, the Sony's are $1300.00 USD and can only be purchased as new.

All models offer dynamic (zone) astig adjustments for tighter corner focus.

Sometime in late 1997, the 808 models underwent a change in HV circuitry, and the part numbers for the HV components. With the exception of the HV splitter, the HV quadrupler and EHT board cannot be interchanged between late model and earlier model sets. The EHT board will short the main transistor and then blow the main fuse after about an hour of seemingly normal running.

The basic performance of the BD 808, BD 808s and BG 808 are about the same, as all use 8" MEC tubes. The BG 808s uses non rebuildable Sony tubes, so unless these BG 808s sets come in with very good condition tubes, I scrap the sets. Right now, the Sony tubes for the BG 808s sets are $1300.00 USD each.

To see how this projector ranks in relation to other projectors for use in a home theater environment see the Projector Rankings page.

For full specifications on this and other projectors, see the Projector Specifications page.

For an overview and history of Barco see the CRT Primer.

See the Advanced Procedures page for various DIY instructions on maintaining and improving CRT projectors.

Having problems with your Barco projector? Don't forget to check the Troubleshooting Tips section!

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