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Below is old news. Most recent news will always be shown on the main page.

Projectors for sale
December 11, 2014

Many here probably don't read the forum often, but I've started putting together my own home theater again after 7... yes... 7 years of being idle. I've decided to go all out this time, and to clone Cliff's setup in Chicago. His features a 10' wide screen and dual Sony G90 projectors for 2400 lumens of light output and a near infinite contrast ratio. I first saw Cliff's setup in 2007, and it is amazing. I've been back several times since, and each time Cliff has improved his system a bit.

Well, not to be outdone, I've put two Barco 909 projectors on my own ceiling, to see how close I could come to Cliff's setup. While the system will be one of those 'it's never finished' projects, my room is a far cry from Cliff's at this point. I have a thread going on in my forum showing my (slow) build. Note that the forum is more or less un-moderated, and that thread has gone in several directions, but the progress is being shown. I work on the room in-between working on everyone else's projectors, so the work is slow. I do plan on doing more over the upcoming holidays, as my acoustic transparent screen is here, as are the Moome HDMI cards for the Barco 909.

Even with the little work that has been done on the theater, and there is a bit of a drifting issue between the two projectors, the picture shows massive potential. Frankly, since having watched my stack for about 20 hours so far, there's simply no going back to a smaller screen or a single projector. A two projector setup does need regular tweaking, but the end result is amazing. 

Over the summer I purchased a lot of projectors, and as a result I (again) have over 100 CRT projectors in stock, including over 40 9" projectors of all makes and models. With more coming in within a month, it is time to dramatically drop the prices on some sets until the end of December, as I simply am running out of room.

In no particular order, here's a 'priced-slashed-inventory-reduction-we-won't-be-undersold' type pricing on some projectors. (hint: try a stack!) For those looking to upgrade, here's a great way to do so:

  • (Qty: 3) NEC XG sets: Either little or no tube wear. XG 75, XG 110 and one XG110LC: $500 each. A great upgrade for those that still have NEC PG sets, which are now becoming unreliable due to bad capacitors. I see no such failure on NEC XG series.

  • (Qty: 3) Sony G90: Top of the line CRT projectors. All have been fully tested, and come with a new Dallas chip installed along with a factory remote. Ceiling brackets available. Razor sharp, very reliable. Breakdown as follows:

    • 1800 hours, original tubes, very faint 16:9 wear. $1800

    • 231 original hours. No wear. Remote and manuals included. $2800

    • All new LCP tubes, had about 6K hours on the chassis. Good as new. $2300

  • (Qty: 2) Runco 1100:The Runco 1100 is the same as the Barco Data 1209s. 9" LUG tubes and GT 17 lenses come with these Runcos. Fully tested and test run, the cases do need some touchup work done, as both have scratches on them. The cases are intact however. Original shipping box for one of them as well. Very light 16:9 wear, red and green (dark) C elements. Will run 1080p, but you need a scaler between the source and projector to adjust for image wraparound. Anything under 1080p and you don't need a scaler. $900 each

  • (Qty: Many) Electrohome Marquee 9500 Ultra: I recently purchased a bunch of very late model Marquee 9500 Ultra chassis made in 2008. That's about as late as you can get, I believe the last Marquee 9500s left the factory in 2012. These all came from a flight simulator installation on small screens, so all CRTs have hexagonal shaped wear, and HD10L lenses, that are only good up to a 72" wide screen. Still, if you have a 9500 and want to upgrade to the latest 9500 Ultra chassis that’s well under 10 years old, here's a great way to do so. I've tested al of the chassis, and they work flawlessly. Convergence is solid as a rock on each set. The cases are a bit marked. I will ship without tubes and lenses to save on shipping if you want. $800 each. With brand new red and green and a used blue (near mint shape) and GT17 lenses: $1800 each.

  • (Qty: 3) Vidikron Vision One: These are the 9500 Ultras with that fancy fibreglass case on them. All three are indeed Ultra sets (many were sold with the non Ultra chassis). I have one each in black, white and that shiny gloss metallic blue, the only case I've seen in that colour. All either have new or near new tubes with no wear. $1500 each.

  • (Qty: Many) Barco 909: I have several Barco 909 projectors in stock that I am about to go through and retube with new and good used tubes. I will announce those in the next mailout, sometime in January, but pricing on those will also be less than ever before.

  • (Qty: 3) Dark green C elements out of brand new Marquee greens: $200 each.

I am blowing out all of my NEC PG tubes since I no longer support these sets. I have 2-3 sets of mint/near mint and I think even a couple of new tubes in stock for the PG and the PG+ (these will not fit the PG Xtra or XG sets). Yours for the paltry price of a donation of your choice via Paypal, and cover shipping.

I have a great selection of good used CRT tubes for almost all projectors out there. I have nothing in the way of mint 8 or 9" green tubes, as I am putting those into sets that I sell, but if you'd like some good used condition tubes, just email me with what you're looking for.

Lastly, some of you may not know that I also do vintage audio repairs, and have developed a bit of a reputation locally for working on reel to reel tape machines. So much so, in fact, that a friend of mine that owns Innovative Audio has sold me his entire inventory of low end and midrange decks. I currently have over 50 reel to reel decks, ranging from Sony and Akai to Teac and Sansui, along with a bunch of parts as well. If you have a box full of tapes somewhere, but your reel to reel has bitten the dust, email me for what I have in stock, or check out what's for sale on eBay under my eBay summary. I try and list 2-3 decks a week, and have had great success selling them. Analog audio is making a huge comeback with vinyl, and cassette tape and reel to reel is also gaining in popularity for that warm analog sound.

Also, if you have an old reel to reel gathering dust, let me know, as I do buy them, and as with projectors, have been known to travel great distances to pick them up.

I am tentatively planning a road trip at the end of January 2015 from Vancouver to Albuquerque and back. Nothing has been firmed up yet, but it's looking to occur sometime around the last week of January, and will be back in Vancouver by the end of the first week of February. I may travel down to Los Angeles, or may drive directly to New Mexico, all depending on weather conditions.

See my eBay summary for complete listings.

Questions? Email Curt.

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DVDO AVLab TPG 4K (Ultra HD Test Pattern Generator)
December 5, 2014

The first pocket-sized test pattern generator supporting full 4K Ultra HD resolution (3840x2160) at 50/60Hz.

Designed specifically for use with Colour Management System (CMS) software such as ChromaPure (which can control the box remotely as part of auto-calibraton), the AVLab TPG is powered by USB and uses the USB interface to automatically control the video calibration workflow. It is the ultimate tool for AV professionals in the field to deliver lab-quality functionality to on-site display setup and calibration.

It offers a similar suite of test patterns as the DVDO Duo with a few differences. First, and most importantly, it outputs true 4K. It will even output 4K at 60 Hz using YCbCr 4:2:0. This makes the TPG the most affordable 4K video test pattern generator on the market by far.

The TPG is incredibly compact. It easily fits in your hand, which makes it ideal for portable applications. Furthermore, it can draw its power entirely from a connection to the PC via USB, so the user doesn't have to worry about connecting it a separate power source.

It also comes with a remote control for standalone use, and is fully supported by ChromaPure (as of version 2.5.1). Every serious calibrator, video tester or engineer, or enthusiast with a 4K display should have one of these as part of their toolkit.

For complete details see our DVDO AVLab TPG 4K order page.

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New batch of Marquee HDMI cards available for pre-order
December 1, 2014

Moome has a new batch of Marquee v3 HDMI cards available at a special pre-order price.

They are tentatively scheduled to start shipping mid to late January 2015. The special pre-order pricing ends December 31, 2014.

These cards are a must-have for enjoying Blu-ray 1080p Full HD on your Marquee, Madrigal, TAW, or Vidikron CRT projector (and other clones).

Two HDMI inputs, IR remote control, and adjustable gamma boost for perfect shadow detail. Installation takes 5 minutes (plug and play).

For complete details see our Marquee VIM-FULLHD order page. Quantities are limited.

Questions? Email us at:

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Doctor HDMI: EDID Correction Tool
November 25, 2014

Resolves HDMI video loss / stability issues - replicates a full 1080p, 3D EDID out-of-the-box

Doctor HDMI helps resolve most HDMI video issues caused by faulty EDID handshakes or other incompatibility issues. It's used to keep a source device "always on" by tricking / feeding back to it the same, stable EDID signal. Particularly useful when using HDMI splitters and HDMI distribution systems.

Are you experiencing video loss / video return delays when a TV displays is turned on/off, or when an AV receiver or matrix switcher's inputs/outputs are changed? Doctor HDMI is the answer!

Doctor HDMI can also boost HDMI signal integrity allowing longer HDMI cable runs. It can also be used to limit the source output resolution.

Doctor HDMI solves these and other problems by acting as an EDID manager and HDMI/DVI-D emulator/repeater that comes with pre-defined presets, user programmable banks, EDID sniffing and more.

"As a EDID emulator the Dr HDMI worked flawlessly with my gaming PC. My main desktop PC has its video output split between a monitor and a AV receiver and TV setup. Of course, this resulted in the EDID being incorrectly detected and the PC refusing to output surround sound to the receiver. Using Dr HDMI, it was trivial to capture the EDID from the AV receiver, then by connecting Dr HDMI to the PC, the PC was convinced it was permanently connected to the surround sound system and selecting 7.1 surround sound was no longer a problem." -

For complete details see our Doctor HDMI order page.

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Radiance 2020 Video Processor
October 26, 2014

The new Radiance 2020 is now available for order at a special discounted price. GO 

Feature wise, the Radiance 2020 is an upgraded version of the Radiance Mini: It includes twice as many HDMI inputs (4) and outputs (2), an expanded CMS (729 point instead of 125) for more accurate auto-calibration using software such as ChromaPure, and Darbee DVP™ image enhancement technology which allows you to adjust the amount of enhancement individually per input (similar to all other adjustments). All other video features match the current 21xx series.

The Radiance 2020 has more memory and processing power as compared to the Radiance Mini, so we can expect that the performance and functionality will be increased over time as Lumagen has often done in the past with other models.

At 11" wide, 5" deep, and 1.7" high, it is larger than the Mini but smaller than the 21xx series.

For a complete breakdown of Radiance models, see our newly updated Radiance feature comparison table.

Volume shipments start October 28. Free US/Canada shipping with tracking and insurance is included in all our Radiance prices. International shipping is also available.

Note: The Radiance Mini is SOON TO BE DISCONTINUED. Lumagen has a few in stock and does not plan to build more once they are gone. If you're looking for a low cost Radiance solution, now's the time.

For complete details see our Radiance order page.

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NEW: Practical Guide to Home Theater Sound Isolation
October 20, 2014

A new practical guide to home theater sound isolation, written for the everyday home theater enthusiast.

Sound isolation is about keeping house and home theater sounds completely separated.

Stop turning up the volume because you can hear the furnace, dishwasher, or footsteps above, and stop worrying about waking the kids with your latest explosion ridden blockbuster! Proper sound isolation solves all of these issues.

This comprehensive 94 page guide answers questions such as:

  • Does the kind of door you have matter?
  • Do ceilings and flooring above (or below) your theater impact sound isolation?
  • How do I stagger studs?
  • How do I dampen the room?
  • How does decoupling impact sound isolation?
  • What is the most important element of sound isolation?
  • What are the most cost effective treatments?
  • How do I build a basement home theater and isolate it from the floors above?
  • How do I build a home theater on the second floor and isolate it from the floors below?
  • How do I remove furnace and air conditioning noise from the home theater?

All of the critical topics of sound isolation are covered, written in a conversational tone without any complex math. Here is the lesson list, from the Table of Contents:

Lesson One: The Fundamentals of Sound
Lesson Two: Sound Isolation Fundamentals
Lesson Three: The Core Six Techniques
Lesson Four: Construction Techniques
Lesson Five: Suggested Implementations
Lesson Six: Sound Isolation Gallery

Free bonus: Two Part Audio Interview with Ted White, founder of Soundproofing Company Inc.

To order see our Practical Guide to Home Theater Sound Isolation page.

Looking for more tips on building your home theater? Our comprehensive Home Theater Course & Expert Videos package is also available along with our Practical Guide to Home Theater Acoustics and Private Home Theater Tours.

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Colorimetry Research CR-100 Professional Colorimeter
October 3, 2014

Now available at a special discounted price. Buy direct from our ChromaPure partner at prices lower than buying off their own website! Same product, same support, just more money in your pocket at the end of the day. ORDER NOW

There are two colour analyzers that professionals and dedicated enthusiasts generally seek: A reference spectroradiometer for the last word in colorimetric accuracy and a professional quality colorimeter.

Unfortunately, such devices are not cheap. The Photo Research and Minolta reference spectros start at about $15,000 USD and go up to near $30,000 USD. The Klein K-10a, previously the only professional quality colorimeter on the market, retails at $7,000 USD.

Now there is a new entry to the professional colorimeter market, the CR-100 from a new company called Colorimetry Research Inc. It is an incredibly fast reading colorimeter, reading more than twice as fast as the popular Display 3.

In our testing of the CR-100 we have found that it performs at least as well, and with respect at least to repeatability even better, than the Klein instrument. It does this at a significantly lower price point of $4995 USD.

The CR-100 is accurate enough to be used as a standalone colour analyzer for professional applications. For the most demanding applications it can be profiled against a true reference spectroradiometer (such as the JETI 1211). Either way, its speed, low-light sensitivity, and repeatability are world-class.

The CR-100 is the most affordable professional colorimeter available. Just mount either on a tripod, facing towards the source, connect to ChromaPure Professional, and then use as you would any other colour analyzer.

For complete details see our Colorimetry Research CR-100 order page.

Questions? Email us at

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BARCO-FULLHD: HDMI 1.4 card for Barco CRT projectors
September 23, 2014

Moome's new BARCO-FULLHD HDMI 1.4 card starts shipping at the end of November 2014. Order yours today at a special pre-order price. Quantities are limited!

Upgrade your Barco CRT projector by adding four (4) HDMI 1.4 inputs with 3D support, gamma correction and infrared remote control. These digital HDCP-compliant HDMI 1.4 inputs allow you to watch hi-def content at up to 1080p resolution.

The BARCO-FULLHD card allows you to easily add digital devices such as Blu-Ray players, PS3/4, Xbox 360/One, Satellite/Cable HDTV set-top boxes, and HTPCs with HDMI graphic cards to your Barco CRT projector.

The BARCO-FULLHD replaces the (somewhat useless) secondary RGB port 3 card in your projector. The mounting bracket on the existing port 3 card is removed by the user and installed on the BARCO-FULLHD.

A port 3 dongle (included) is then plugged into your Barco's external port 3 socket. The dongle includes an IR receiver to allow for IR remote control of the BARCO-FULLHD functions. A 3D sync port is also available for connecting 3D emitters.

The BARCO-FULLHD offers advanced features such as 100% HDMI 1.4 compliant inputs, Deep Colour support, 14bit D/A converters, a maximum resolution of 1920x1200@75Hz (beyond 1080p FULLHD), a fast 1GHz output buffer, and high quality op-amps and capacitors on the output stage for the best image quality possible. Testers with extremely modified / high end Barco 909 projectors are reporting that this is the best HDMI solution they've come across.

For complete details refer to our BARCO-FULLHD order page.

Questions? Email us at

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Projectors for sale
August 9, 2014

See our CRT Primer to read why CRT projectors are still used where reliability and picture quality is paramount. Our Projector Rankings page will show you how they stack up. Not sure what projector is right for you? Email Curt for help!

I just received in a bunch more 9" CRT projectors, and since it's summer, those that need (yet another) project, here's a great chance to get a great deal on a high end CRT projector. These prices are a one time special, since I only have a select number of sets of each of the ones listed below.

I've been clearing out more sets, taking some to the recycler, and parting some out. In doing so, I've found several gems that I didn't know I had:

  • (Qty 2) NEC XG75 / XG110: Both have excellent condition tubes, one actually has VDC tubes in it, the other has originals with virtually no wear. Do you have an NEC PG set that is failing? Here's a quick, easy upgrade, as the XG fits on the same bracket as the PG series, same remote, and same setup. Both of these sets have been fully tested, and lock fine to all input frequencies. Significantly brighter and sharper than the PG series. $500 each without remote and ceiling bracket, or $600 each with remote, ceiling bracket. I think I've even got copies of the original manuals for these.

  • (Qty 1) NEC XG110LC: Same as the above, but the LC version of the set, that give a bit richer image. $750.00 without ceiling bracket and remote, $850 with ceiling bracket and remote. Many hours of use left in all of the NEC XG sets that I have.

  • (Qty 2) Electrohome Marquee 9500 Ultra with Vision One case: Both sets are in good shape, both with brand new tubes, with the nice piano black finish fibreglass case. Both come with manuals, remotes and a brand new original ceiling bracket. GT 17 lenses come with these sets, an upgrade from the original HD10 that came with the 9500. $3000.00 each.

  • (Qty 1) Sony G90. 1800 original hours on the set. New Dallas chip, DVI input board included, minimal wear on the tubes, as shown in the eBay ad here. I'll reduce the ebay selling price by $100 to $2400 for anyone buying from this mailing list rather than on eBay! c/w remote and original Sony box.

  • (Qty 1) Sony G90. All new tubes! I got a really good deal on some new 9" tubes, so I'm selling this one chassis only for $4200! c/w remote and new Dallas chip. An amazing set!

  • (Qty 2) Barco 909: Once again, I have in a total of 2 Barco 909. These date from 2003, so they are very late model Barco 909 projectors. Late version 3.20 software has none of the issues that versions under 2.00 had, and these sets have been fully tested. I have one set with light 16:9 wear on it, pulled from a Runco 1100 projector that I scrapped. This set comes with the R and g color tinted C elements, bringing this very close to a Cine 9. HD10F lenses, this set projects an excellent image. c/w remote control. The case is in good shape, is black, with minimal marks on it. Simply the best CRT projector you can buy! $4500.00.

  • Marquee 8510 projectors: New arrival! Very late model (2005). I originally bought these to simply part them out, but thought I'd list them as complete sets since they are in great shape overall. These are military type Electrohome 8500 Ultras, with the very latest software (5.4) in them. Improved video input boards, video neck boards, with extra fans to keep them cool, and super sharp P16 tubes (which do have wear). 6 pole astig magnets on each tube, and HD117-24 lenses, which are good up to a 92" screen. For those that want to upgrade their plain 8500 or 9500 to an Ultra, here's a dirt cheap way to do it. (I will part out the sets for you to reduce shipping costs if you want just the boards). The HD117 lenses are shorter throw than the normal HD8 lenses, and the HD117s are also sharper than the HD8s. For someone wanting to do a rear projection setup, or you don't have the room for a regular throw projector, this is the way to go as well. These chassis are more industrial looking than a Marquee case, but in most RP installations, you won't see the projector. On eBay here.

  • New in the box Marquee 9" tubes: I still have a few red and green new in the box tubes for the Marquee 9000, 9500, 9500 Ultra, the Madrigal Labs MP-9, and Vidikron Vision 1 sets left. These are very late model tubes, made in Nov 2011 or later. All of the tubes I've used personally (about 10 sets total) have been perfect, and almost every tube has the 6 pole astig magnets on them. Even if your existing tubes are in good shape, these are a fraction of the price that they sold for new (up to $3300 each, according to the packing slip on one box that came in). $200.00 for red, $500.00 for green. I am currently out of blue tubes, and now have only a few each of the reds and greens. Once I am out of stock, it's hard to say when I may get another cache in of tubes. 

See my eBay summary for more listings.

Questions? Email Curt.

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NEW: Practical Guide to Home Theater Acoustics
June 24, 2014

A new practical guide to home theater acoustics, written for the everyday home theater enthusiast.

In the process of creating a great sounding home theater, acoustics have to play a big part of the project.

Most enthusiasts find however that as soon as they begin to study acoustics they're quickly buried in physics, math, formulas, and calculations.

The Practical Guide to Home Theater Acoustics is a common sense set of best practices, making it much easier to follow.

The acoustics of your room do not need to be thought of as something that only the most gifted math and science majors can understand. Everyone can learn the fundamentals and apply that knowledge in a practical way and apply it to their own rooms and theaters.

Learn these core principles, these common sense applications, that will bring the best out of your home theater sound. A home theater where you:

  • Hear the dialogue clearly
  • Don't have to keep turning the volume up during quiet scenes and down during loud scenes
  • Have clear and powerful bass (never boomy)
  • Have an even response throughout the room
  • Hear the surround sound as it was intended

To order see our Practical Guide to Home Theater Acoustics page.

Looking for tips on building your entire home theater? Our comprehensive Home Theater Course & Expert Videos package is also available.

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NEW: Private Home Theater Tours
June 24, 2014

Go inside 28+ different enthusiast home theaters from across the country and hear from the owners themselves with this series of video tours. Over 10 hours of video content.

For years we've seen home theater pictures in magazines and websites, but we've always wanted more. We wanted to hear from the knowledgeable theater owners first hand, listen to their design challenges, learn about their equipment choices, and hear about their experiences.

This video package brings 28 home theaters directly to you. You'll get to hear from the owners themselves as they open up and discuss their thoughts on everything about their home theater, including:

  • Why did they build a home theater in the first place?
  • How did they design their home theater?
  • What went into their equipment choices?
  • Did they build their theater themselves?
  • What would they do differently next time?
  • And more...

These are not home theater tours of the rich and famous. These are every day home theater enthusiasts who are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about their hobby. Many have built their home theater themselves from the ground up. Only the actual owner of the theater, discussing the theater with you, can really give you a complete tour.

28 home theaters are covered, in over 10 hours of video content.

To order see our Private Home Theater Tours page.

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9" tubes / Vidikron Vision 1 projector
June 15, 2014

I was fortunate to get a large lot of new old stock 9" CRT tubes for the Electrohome Marquee series of projectors. I'd purchased over 100 of these tubes last year, and sold many of them very quickly. This time around, I received another 52 tubes, and I sure don't need these sitting around here! The tubes I purchased last year were sold by VDC for $3300 each (according to the invoice attached to one of the boxes) to a flight simulator system in November 2011. With the over 60 tubes I sold and installed into sets I personally sold, the tubes were 100%, zero issues. All bellows are pliable with no weeping, and a number of the screws used in the LC chamber and housing are stainless steel.

This lot of 52 tubes appear to be even slightly later vintage than the bunch I received last year. While I can't tell the exact date (no packing slip this time), the way the tubes were constructed indicate a very late manufacturing date.

These tubes are the P19LCP tubes that fit the Electrohome Marquee 9000, 9500, and 9500 Ultra sets. They also fit the Madrigal Labs MP9 and the Vidikron Vision 1. If you have a Marquee 8XXX series, now is the time to easily (and cheaply) upgrade to turn your set into a 9" set. All you need is a set of tube mounting plates (I have stock at $150 per set), and set of 9" lenses, easily found on my forum, or I do have some stock of varying lenses as well.

Most, if not all of these tubes come with 9 pole astig magnets, and all tubes are factory pre-aligned by VDC. There's very little tweaking of the tube magnetic that needs to be done, VDC does a really good job at the factory. All green tubes come with the dark green C element, the R and B tubes have clear C elements.

I have a mix of tubes that I am selling, either singly, or as an RGB set. Including last year's purchase, I have:

Obviously, with only a few blue tubes in stock, I cannot sell them singly, but will sell a full set of new in the box RGB tubes for $1200.00 USD plus shipping. That's the lowest price you'll find anywhere for new 9" tubes. The tubes can be taken out of the Marquee LC housing and used in Sony G90s, Barco 1209/1209s/909/919 and Ampro 4300 and 4600 projectors as well, but it's up to you to do that.

I will double box each tube to ensure a safe arrival, and each tube is 22 lbs, and measures 26" X 16" X 14". One these are sold, I don't know if I will ever get more. I bought out every tube this chain of flight simulators had in stock. Even if you have a 9" CRT projector with good tubes, this is a great way to get a backup set. Tubes store well for years, so even if you don't need them right now, take advantage of these ridiculous prices!

Vidikron Vision 1 projector

This projector is based on the top of the line Electrohome Marquee 9500 Ultra CRT projector, with a super nice fibreglass piano black finish case on it (see complete set of pictures). While some Vision One sets aren't Ultras, this is an original Ultra, purchased in 2001, so it's also a late model projector. Came from a high end home theater in California. We changed out the red and green tubes with brand new ones, due to glycol contamination. The blue tube has been flushed (the glycol was clean to start with), and is in excellent shape.

All G2 levels are in the mid 60s, indicating lots of life left on the electron gun. Also included with the set are Mike Parker modded video cards, and the video input board is the hard to find -02 board with better video bandwidth than the stock -03. All functions have been checked, and the set works as new. A new ceiling bracket will also come with the projector.

As for the case, it's one of the nicest fibreglass cases we've had through here. Minimal marks on it, and it will look incredible in your home theater.

Fully capable of resolving well past 1080p. An optional HDMI card is available so you can plug HDMI sources directly into the projector for 1080p goodness! The set comes with the -02 high resolution/bandwidth RGBHV input card.

I will sell each one of these Vision 1 sets for $3000 including a full set of new RGB tubes and I'll throw in a new in the box ceiling bracket! Remote and manual included as well of course.

I currently have one listed on eBay with a complete set of pictures.

I hope everyone is finally enjoying this warmer weather!

See my eBay summary for more listings.

Questions? Email Curt!

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New Radiance models 2123, 2124, 2143, and 2144
May 10, 2014

Lumagen has announced four new Radiance video processors, models 2123, 2124, 2143, and 2144.

All four increase the HDMI input count to eight, and two feature scaling of SD and HD source material as high as 4k60 UltraHD, maximizing video performance by taking advantage of Lumagen's proprietary NoRing™ scaling to scale film source to 4k24 and video to 4k60.

The new models include an improved colour management system that supports 4913 point (17x17x17) colour calibration as compared to the 729 point maximum available on previous models.

All models feature Darbee image enhancement technology, first introduced in the Radiance 20xx series.

For a complete breakdown of Radiance models, see newly updated Radiance feature comparison table.

These new Radiance units are now available for order at our discounted prices. Limited time trade-ins are available, allowing to you trade in just about any video processor and save even further. We ship worldwide.

For complete details see our Radiance order page.

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Projectors for sale
May 9, 2014

See our CRT Primer to read why CRT projectors are still used where reliability and picture quality is paramount. Our Projector Rankings page will show you how they stack up. Not sure what projector is right for you? Email Curt for help!

Things have been exceptionally busy in the world of CRT repairs and sales over the last few months, and 9" sets have been flying out the door, with new surplus sets coming in just as quickly. Right now, I have in (8) Barco 909s and (8) Sony G90s, never mind the (6) 9500 Ultras that are here as well, with more coming in. It is therefore time to liquidate a bunch of lower end parts.

I'm more or less giving the parts away, just cover shipping and a couple of dollars for packing material and customs clearance charges. I will keep enough parts in stock to cover my commercial and industrial clients and those few still running these older sets, but as the high end inventory of sets and parts expands, the lower end sets need to go. I just don't need 20 duplicates of parts the way I have them now. I will start sending parts to the recycler at the end of May, so you've got about 3 weeks to take what you want.

I am purging most of the parts, boards and tubes for the following sets:

  • Sony 12XX series. Lots of power supplies and tubes in stock, including 1 set of new ones, see below.

  • Barco 400, 500 600, 800 and 801. I am saving all HV sections and power supplies, but the rest need to go.

  • All Ampro projectors. Will be keeping 2 sets of boards and all power supplies, but am dumping everything else.

  • NEC PG series and some XG parts. As I've posted before, the PG series of sets are becoming unreliable due to leaking capacitors, so I've stopped selling them. (The XGs are showing no signs of failure at this point, I believe NEC upgraded the quality of capacitors in them). I have several sets of perfect tubes for the PG sets, and am dumping all boards. I am also getting rid of a bunch of the boards for the XG series, as I simply have too many of them, but will hang onto a good selection of boards for them, as they are still excellent sets.

  • Electrohome ECP series and the 8000. I have a few boards left for the 8000 model (some modules will swap into the later 8110, 8500 and 9500 sets), but it's time to get rid of everything for the original 8000. Have lots of boards for the ECP, it's time to move them out.

  • Tubes - As with the modules and various parts for the above sets, I have a bunch of tubes for them as well, the XG tubes being the exception, sorry! Got worn tubes? Chances are I've got the color or full set of tubes that you need for next to nothing.

    I did recently get in several new in the box tubes for the Sony 12XX series/Barco 800 and 801. I have one full set of RGB tubes at $150, and two other new in the box R and G for less. Since these sets seem to run forever, here's a way to get as-new performance from these sets without upgrading to another projector. I also have at least one set of tubes for the 7" ES focusing sets (Ampro 2000/Sony 10XX/Barco 500 series) in really good shape.

  • Lenses - Do you have a scratched HD144/145, or want to upgrade your clear set to color corrected ones? $50-60 per set depending whether you need another clear one for the blue tube. I have about 8 sets in stock. I've also got several sets of HD10L lenses in stock, which are for 9" projectors, but only for screens up to 72" in diameter. Considering a blend? This is the lens you'll most likely need - $100 per set.

  • I have several sets of lenses designed for very curved screens, for flight simulator use. These are for 9" sets. While the lenses are useless for flat screens, they are high resolution, and I've found that if you change out the rear curved lens element closest to the tube, you can use these for flat screen use. If you want to experiment with a curved screen, or want to try these in place of a GT17 lens to see if they are sharper, I'll sell these for $100 per set. A few lenses have scratched rear lenses, but if you're swapping them out, this won't be an issue.

  • There are many more parts that I will be blowing out, including video 'black boxes' such as Extron RGB amps, etc, along with a whole lot of cables that I simply have too many of. If you're looking for something a bit obscure, there's a good chance I have it.

Onto the projector list!

With the massive cleanout that I've been doing over the last few days, I've unearthed some gems of sets (with about 150 projectors in stock, I do miss one or two from time to time!).

  • (Qty 1) NEC XG75: New G and B tubes, original red with no wear. $1000.00 w/remote and ceiling bracket.

  • (Qty 1) NEC XG110LC: Excellent tubes. $1000 w/remote and ceiling bracket.

  • (Qty 2) Barco Graphics 808s: Brand new Sony tubes. Perfect condition, new old stock. I had 4 sets of these, and have sold 2. The tubes are perfect in every way, as new performance! $1200.00 each

  • (Qty 1) Marquee 8500: Lightly worn green tube, but very useable. A great way to step up from an ES focusing set to an EM. 1080p capable. w/DVI input card. It's on eBay here, but for sale at a special price for the people on the newsletter, at $750.

  • (Qty 6) Marquee 9500 Ultras: The top of the line set from Electrohome, this ultra reliable set is installed in many home theatres worldwide, and is still one of the most popular projectors that I sell. I currently have 6 in stock, ranging from all-new-tube units, to ones with used but no wear tubes, or even a couple with very lightly worn tubes, but very useable for many hours. Pricing ranges from $1800.00 to $3500.00.

  • (Qty 8) Sony VPH G90. The top of the line Sony projector. 8 in stock, ranging from low hour original tubes with low tube wear at $2500, to $4500 for one with all new tubes. An amazing projector, I sold 20 of these in 2012, 26 of them in 2013, and have sold 8 so far this year. Very reliable, I've got lots of parts in stock for them, and they throw a superb picture. A typical example of a low tube hour set is here.

  • (Qty 8) Barco 909: As more of these top of the line sets come out of service, I've got more and more parts in stock for them (at this point, pretty much one of everything, including the controller boards. I've found several weak spots in these sets, and do some component upgrades to every 909 that I sell to make them more reliable. I have seen some 909s used by the US military now that have over 35,000 hours on them, so the chassis are as reliable as other makes and models, once the upgrades are done. These sets will do well beyond 1080p, and with the top of the line HFQ900 lenses on them, they are the sharpest and highest resolution CRT projector available. With 8 in stock, pricing ranges from $4500 for sets with good used tubes to $8000 for one with all new tubes. As with the G90, I now have every module in stock for the 909, so support for existing units is better than ever before. I will be listing several modules on eBay for the 909, including the hard to find controller board, if anyone wants to purchase a spare.

I will be going through more sets over the next few weeks, and will either rebuild them or scrap them. I have many more sets in stock than what is listed here. Let me know what your budget is and what you're looking for. For those with existing CRT projectors, I can put together a spare parts kit at very attractive pricing. These consist of tested and rebuilt/modified modules.

Misc stuff

I've got one only NEC XG green tube in stock. Very hard to find at this point, as they have been discontinued for about 3 years now. It may be a new tube, I can see no wear on it, but I will sell it as a perfect used tube for $400 plus shipping.

I may have mentioned it in a earlier newsletter, but aside from CRT projectors, one of my passions has been restoring reel to reel tape recorders. It seems that I am one of the few techs out there that still works on them, as I am getting constant referrals from all sorts of clients here in the Pacific Northwest, from entry level early 1970s machines, up to 2" 24 track studio units that need rebuilding. With vinyl records making a big comeback worldwide, it's natural that the interest is also rebounding in reel to reel tape machines. I buy and sell reel to reel decks locally and on eBay under my 'audiovideotechnician' name. Generally, I try to work mainly on high end stereo machines from the mid 1970s and later, as they tend to be more reliable than the older decks from the 1960s, but I'll take a look at anything.

If you have an old reel to reel lying around that you want to sell or get repaired, I'd be happy to look at it. If you still have a stack of tapes stored somewhere, and need a good working recorder to play them on, I usually have 10-20 decks in stock. I've worked on literally 100s of reel to reels over the years, and know most makes and models inside and out. I have all the alignment tapes and test equipment to get the most out of tape recorders, and if you've never heard a well recorded reel to reel tape, well, you're missing out!

See my eBay summary for more listings.

Until next time, enjoy your spring!

Questions? Email Curt!

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Barco CineMax 9 - 1300 hours
April 4, 2014

The customer that had bought this late last year and had been making payments has now changed his mind, so this top of the line Barco CineMax 9 is once again available for sale.

This is a late model (September 2001 build) top of the line CRT projector with the following:

  • 1300 original chassis hours

  • HFQ900 lenses

  • Original remote

  • Silver/blue case

  • Keypad door intact, but Velcro'ed in place

  • Case in overall good shape

  • Solid heat treated crate included for shipping

Pricing options:

  • Original tubes, VERY slight 16:9 wear on the tubes (only 1300 hours!) $7000.00 USD

  • New green LUG tube (Panasonic, original R and B with NO wear) $8000.00 USD

  • All new LUG tubes (Panasonic, no VDC rebuilds here!) $8800.00 USD

Looking for a different CRT projector? See our eBay listings.

Questions? Email Curt.

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Radiance "Video Processor Amnesty" trade-in program
February 3, 2014

Interested in upgrading to a Radiance 2041 or 2042 video processor? To sweeten our trade-in deal, we've just increased the trade-in allowances on many models as follows:

  • Radiance XE: $1000

  • Radiance XS: $900 (Up $100!)

  • Radiance Mini: $800 (Up $150!)

  • Radiance XD: $800 (Up $300!)

  • Lumagen Vision: $600 (Up $100!)

  • Crystalio: $600 (Up $100!)

  • DVDO VP50 or iScan Duo: $600 (Up $100!)

See here for the complete list. These trade-in discounts come off our already discounted prices, making them the lowest prices ever available. We ship worldwide.

Why upgrade my current Radiance to the new line?

If you have an older Radiance, the primary reasons for upgrading would be the larger CMS (729 points verses 125) for doing automatic display calibration with ChromaPure, and integrated Darbee DVP™ image enhancement technology, allowing adjustment on a per-input basis (often Blu-ray requires less enhancement than broadcast TV, for example).

The Radiance 2041 and 2042 also increase the maximum output resolution to 4K UltraHD at 24/30 Hertz. Ideal for maximizing image quality on 4K displays as you completely bypass the internal scaler and do all image processing in one location: The Radiance.

Many of you reading this have a Radiance already, but consider trading in that other scaler you put in the second TV room, and putting the new Radiance 204X in your main theater, and your old Radiance into your second TV room.

For complete details see our Radiance order page.

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Projectors for sale
January 11, 2014

See our CRT Primer to read why CRT projectors are still used where reliability and picture quality is paramount. Our Projector Rankings page will show you how they stack up. Not sure what projector is right for you? Email Curt for help!

Happy New Year, everyone. The CRT business has been very busy this past fall, and continues to be very busy into the new year. Two significant changes in the CRT world have actually increased my business in 2012 and 2013 over years previous to that, and I attribute this to the following:

  1. It appears that sometime in 2012, Barco discontinued, or at least limited their support for CRT projectors. I noticed a significant increase in new customers that use CRT projectors for commercial and industrial applications. These customers include planetariums and military/flight simulator type customers on a worldwide basis. While new simulators and planetariums are using Sony, Christie and Barco digital sets, the cost to upgrade is significant, and the 10+ year old CRT projectors have lots of life left in them still.

  2. With Sony introducing their 4K digital projectors, I've seen many high end home theatre clients pulling out their high end CRTs and switching, which has led to a surplus of Barco 909/Runco 1200 and Sony G90s. To put it in perspective, 7 years ago, finding a good used G90 was like finding the holy grail. In 2012 I purchased 20 G90s, and sold 19 of them. In 2013 I brought in over 30 Sony G90s, and well over a dozen Barco 909/Cine 9 projectors. CRT is alive and well, and more affordable than ever.

Barco 909 chassis/repairs

Given that there were relatively few Barco 909/Cine 9 sets sold into the consumer marketplace, finding parts was exceptionally difficult a couple of years ago. The Sony G90 was in a similar situation about 5 years ago, very few sets had been scrapped, making spare parts very hard to find. In 2013, I was lucky enough to acquire the original hard copy of the Barco service manual, and I spent a number of days troubleshooting and repairing the various boards within the chassis. One board that always eluded repairs was the main microprocessor/CPU board. I had several defective CPU boards here, all waiting for me to have some free time to run through them. Over the holidays, I put aside 3 full days to work on nothing but Barco 909 boards. I am very pleased to say that I found a couple of inherent issues with the Barco CPU board, and managed to get 3 out of 4 boards running fine again. Solid as a rock. I've identified what I believe is a minor design issue with the CPU boards, and will incorporate this fix that I've come up with into any 909/Cine 9 projector that I sell.

I also managed to receive a number of spare 909 chassis boards, specifically the horizontal and SMPS (power supply), which are common failure points of the 909 chassis. I therefore have plenty of spare parts, and while I'm not quite ready to sell boards outright yet, that may change in the near future as I get more boards in. The main thing is that I can now support the Sony G90s and Barco 909 sets as well as I can any other CRT projector. Once I am in the position to outright sell some 909 boards, I will send out an email letting everyone know.

Onto the list of projectors for sale!

  • (Qty 2) NEC XG75 / 135: I recently managed to acquire two brand new green tubes for the NEC XG sets. Since VDC got out of the CRT business a couple of years ago, finding mint condition, let alone new NEC tubes was very difficult, and I now have a couple of NEC XG sets in great shape, good for another 10,000 hours of life in them. I can put these green tubes into whatever set I have in stock, I still have about 12 XG non LC sets here. I will modify the vertical board to prevent the chance of tube implosion caused by a failed board, and will supply the full service remote as well as a ceiling bracket. $1100.00 each.

  • (Qty 1) NEC XG110LC: I have one only very good condition original tube XG110LC with ceiling bracket and remote for $1100.00 as well.

  • (Qty 1) Barco Graphics 808s: Brand new tubes. Only one of the two that I had is left! High resolution brand new Sony tubes, 1080p capable. Quiet and reliable. $1400.00

  • (Qty 4) Marquee 9500 Ultra / Vidikron Vision 1: With the load of new old stock 9" tubes that I purchased from April to June of 2013, I have two sets of 9" LC tubes left in stock to be put into Marquee projectors. I have three 9500 Ultra projectors in stock, and one Vidikron Vision 1 with the piano black finish case (pictures here). You have your choice of new or used tubes that are in perfect shape. One excellent example of a very low hour 1999 vintage, 1 owner 9500 Ultra is here on eBay. I've put in a new green tube, but at 1600 original hours, there was no need to change the red and blue tubes, allowing me to reduce the price of the set. Pricing of a 9500 Ultra ranges from $2800 to $4000 depending on the chassis hour count, how many tubes I change, and the condition of the case. If you already have a 9500 with worn tubes, I am selling off some of my used tubes at very attractive prices, either directly or on eBay. Brand new tubes. Same as the 9500 LC above, but with a newer chassis (by about 4 years) with extra geometry control and improved video section. $3500.00

  • (Qty 4) Sony G90: As stated above, I have no less than 4 Sony G90s in stock currently, with 3 more coming in within the next 2-3 weeks. Since I retubed a number of Sony G90s in the fall for customers wanting all new tube sets, I now have two sets of very low hour (between 1800 and 3000) G90 tubes that show little/minimal wear. For someone wanting to get into a high end 9" set, I can sell a low hour Sony G90 with original tubes for $2500. This includes a remote control and a new Dallas chip as well. A G90 with a new green tube installed, and near perfect R and B tubes, the price goes up to $3500, and with all new tubes, it's $4500.00. I've sold many G90s in the last two years, and was actually out of stock for a couple of months this year as I'd sold so many sets, but now they are back in stock! I have a limited number of ceiling brackets as well for an extra $200, although it's relatively easy to make up your own ceiling bracket.

  • (Qty 6) Barco 909/919/Runco 1200: Currently I have two Barco 909 in stock, two Barco 919 and two Runco DTV 1200s. The Runcos came out of a 1 owner house, where the projectors were in a stacked configuration. The one set has 3500 hours on it, the other has 5300 for some reason. Both are in excellent cosmetic condition, work 100%, and will get my circuit mods done to them before selling them. The Runco DTV 1200s have the coloured red and green C elements in them, and have the added fan circuitry to make them a bit quieter than the 909 and 919 models. The Barco 919s are designed for curved screen use, but I can modify them for flat screen use easily. The 909s are in good shape as well. I recently bought 6 new in the box green high resolution tubes, and have new and used R and B tubes as well. I can configure these sets to anything your budget will allow, from completely good used tube sets to completely retubed projectors. Pricing ranges from $3500 for a worn tube 919 that is great for spare parts use, to $9000 for a fully retubed top of the line Runco DTV 1200. If you want the best CRT projector there is, bar none, with ridiculous amounts of sharpness due to the enhanced focus and astig circuits and controls, this is the set to get. Email me!

Wishing you all the best in 2014!

See my eBay summary for more listings.

Questions? Email Curt!

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NEW 2014 GUIDE: ChromaPure Grayscale & Color Calibration for Dummies
December 30, 2013

After many months of work, our new 2014 edition Grayscale & Color Calibration for Dummies Guide is now available!

This guide is for the home theater enthusiast who wants to get the absolute best picture out of any TV or projector. It will show you how to obtain the most accurate colors possible on any display regardless of what sort of technology it uses (Plasma, LCD/LED, DLP, SXRD, LCOS, CRT, etc). It doesn't matter if it's a 20 year old analog model or the most recent 4K projector or TV. They will all benefit from calibration.

Our previous guide was written in 2008 and focused primarily on the calibration of CRT projectors. This new guide focuses on the calibration of newer display technologies such as digital projectors and flat panel TVs and includes information on the finer controls offered by these newer display devices, especially in the areas of gamma and color calibration.

To best take advantage of these newer features, newer, more advanced ChromaPure calibration software is used as it is better suited for today's advanced displays. ChromaPure offers the following advantages over the software used in our previous guide:

  • Easier to use and more intuitive, with a built-in workflow.

  • Advanced grayscale, gamma, and color calibration tools.

  • Comprehensive reporting tools (the previous software did not include reporting features).

  • Technical support: ChromaPure is a commercial product that is continuously updated and comes with lifetime support.

  • Greater support of meters, including newer professional quality colorimeters and spectroradiometers and increased accuracy on 10+ specific display types.

  • Support for signal generators including 3D signals from AccuPel signal generators.

  • Ability to perform completely automated calibration when used in conjunction with a video processor such as the Lumagen Radiance or the DVDO Duo, including color calibration of up to 729 points (instead of only 6) for greatly increased accuracy. Automated calibration allows anyone with little or no training to fully calibrate their display with almost no user input. Just setup a few simple options, click Auto-Calibrate, and then just go have a cup of coffee while the process completes. In less than 10 minutes your display will be full calibrated to professional standards. The package of tools does all the work for you and this guide is not needed.

For years we've been saying that a guide for ChromaPure is not required as it is already easy to use, intuitive, and includes a built-in workflow to assist new users. That said, everyone works differently and some prefer a written guide. We hope you find it useful.

This guide also makes use of the new ChromaPure Calibration Disc that includes all of the test patterns necessary for display calibration. The disc is included for free with all Display 3 PRO bundles, and is also available for sale separately.

Questions? Email Kal!

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New 3D Glasses
December 30, 2013

We've expanded our 3D glasses line-up to include many new models.

Universal/adjustable 3D glasses are still available that work on just about any 3D TV or projector. This includes the popular line of Optoma 3D projectors (HD25, HD25-LV, HD33, HD3300, HD83, HD8300, GT750, GT750e, etc) and JVC projectors that have 3D built in and a 3D VESA sync port (X3, X7, X9, X30, X35, X55, X70, X75, X90, X95, RS40, RS45, RS46, RS48, RS55, RS56, RS60, RS65, RS66). Our 3D converters are supported if you wish to turn your 2D display into 3D.

3D glasses for Epson Home Cinema 3D projectors are now available that work on Epson models 750HD, 3020, 3020e, 4030, 5020UB, 5020UBe, 5030UB, 6020UB, 6020UBe, 6030UB, as well as Epson European models EH-TW550, EH-TW9100, EH-TW9100W, EH-TW8100, EH-TW6100, EH-TW6100W, and EH-TW5910 (to name a few). These glasses will also work when paired along with the original Epson ELPGS03 glasses that came with the projector. Why spend $80-$90 for Epson glasses when you can get these for half the price!

New lightweight DLP-Link 3D glasses are available too. These are specifically meant to be used with DLP-Link enabled 3D Ready DLP projectors from brands such as Optoma, Benq, Viewsonic, Acer, Mitsubishi, etc.  Available with either rechargeable batteries (up to 40 hours of use per charge), or with inexpensive replaceable button batteries (up to 100 hours of use per battery).

Last but not least, smaller kid-sized DLP-Link 3D glasses are now also available in two colour choices.

Questions? Email us at

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CEDIA EXPO 2013 Show Report
November 16, 2013

CEDIA EXPO is one of the leading trade shows for new home technology including home theater, home automation, home security, home networking, and more. It was in Denver Colorado this year and featured more than 470 exhibitors and 17,900 attendees from 84 countries.

There was a bewildering number of vendors from every facet of the home theater industry, and as usual, there was the interesting, the over the top ridiculous, and the routine.

Forgive me for sounding a bit cynical, but after having attended any number of trade shows over the last 30 years, yet another ceiling or wall speaker by yet another company claiming significant advancements over their competitors, yet seeing the same 'made in China' sticker on the back of said speaker, I tend to be a bit jaded.

Visit our CEDIA EXPO 2013 Show Report for more pictures and comments. Did you attend the show? feel free to post your own pictures and comments.

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Projectors for sale
November 15, 2013

See our CRT Primer to read why CRT projectors are still used where reliability and picture quality is paramount. Our Projector Rankings page will show you how they stack up. Not sure what projector is right for you? Email Curt for help!

As usual, the CRT projector front is very busy. With the new digital 4K projectors being pricey, and with the 4K signal standard not being set in stone yet, it's a great time to enjoy the longevity and perfect blacks of a CRT projector.

New projectors

  • (Qty 5) Barco Data 708: Lots of planetariums still use these 720p projectors. They are small and quiet. I managed to pick up 15 of them recently, along with 7 brand new sets of tubes. These tubes fit the Barco 701s, 708 and Cine 7 sets, as well as the DWIN 700. I'm selling them installed and calibrated in a Barco Data 708 for $850.00, or I'll sell a set of tubes by themselves for $600 per RGB set. These tubes were $650 each from VDC back in the day, and are the sharpest ES focusing sets available. I've never had new old stock tubes of these before, so if you are running a worn tube 708 or DWIN 700, here's a way to upgrade. These are also the sharpest ES focusing tubes ever made.

  • (Qty 1) NEC XG110LC: There are lots of NEC XG projectors still in service, but almost all are showing tube wear at this point. I've got a 110LC that shows no visible wear, and this would be a great upgrade for someone that has a worn tube XG, or an even bigger upgrade from a PG, as the mounting bracket and the throw distance are the same between all the PG sets. Switch over your mounting bracket from your old set, hang this new projector, and converge. The XG 110LC shares the same boards as the NEC XG85 and the other NEC XGLC sets, so if you already have a worn tube one, you've then got yourself a bunch of spare parts. $1100.00

  • (Qty 2) Marquee 8500: A very reliable 1080p capable projector. Fitted with the higher resolution HD145 color corrected lenses and excellent condition tubes, in as new condition. Still running a softer ES focusing set? Here's a great way to upgrade! Case is in really nice shape as well. Only two left. $1200 each.

  • (Qty 2) Marquee 9500LC: Perhaps the world's most popular projector chassis, I've got these with either excellent condition used tubes, or I can retube the sets with the new old stock tubes. Performance modifications done, power supply mod done. Prices range from $1700 with good used tubes to $2500 for a fully retubed set in perfect shape. Already have an 8500? Want to upgrade to 9", but don't want to pay for the shipping of a complete set? I'll send you all the parts needed to upgrade an 8500 to a 9500. That includes 3 new in the box Marquee tubes with the yokes and magnetic already factory prealigned, the top and bottom metal plates to fit the tubes on the chassis, and three lenses. $1500 plus shipping, which can be via USPS. Total time for you to change your set over to 9" tubes? About an hour.

  • (Qty 1) Marquee 9500 Ultra: Brand new tubes. Same as the 9500 LC above, but with a newer chassis (by about 4 years) with extra geometry control and improved video section. $3500.00

  • (Qty 2) Barco G808s: I've got two projectors here in stock with brand new 0 hour tubes. This is the top of the line Barco 808 model, with the higher bandwidth video amplifiers, and the slightly sharper Sony tubes over the Panasonic tubes. With Scheimpflug adjustments, these sets are easily dialled in to 1080p. Quiet sets, reliable. $1400.00 each.

  • (Qty 2) Runco 1100: Same as the Barco Data 1209s projector, both came out of home theatres with low hours on them. Color corrected C elements, remote control included. $3500.00 each

  • (Qty 1) Barco 909: The absolute top of the line projector. New green tube, no wear on the R and B tubes. Well past 1080p capable. Several performance modifications done to enhance reliability. Absolutely superb! Two of these are about to go into my home theatre over the holidays to do a 10' wide stacked screen. $6500.00

  • (Qty 3) Barco/SEOS 919: These projectors are a late model build (October 2002), and are a modified version of the Barco 909 projectors, in that the CRT tubes are mounted 90 degrees to how they are commonly found, resulting in a 3:4 aspect ratio rather than a 4:3. These projectors were stacked vertically in a tank simulator. The HD10R5M lenses on them are designed for very curved screens at exceptionally high resolutions. As the projectors sit, they will not work for flat screen home theatre use, but for my industrial customers and owners of 909 and Cine 9 projectors, this is a very inexpensive way to get backup parts for these very hard to find sets. I've inspected two of the 6 projectors I've received, and they have 5400 and 8200 hours on the chassis, which is relatively low for the 909 chassis.

    All tubes have simulator wear on them, but show good light output and excellent focus. The sets work perfectly, and prior to selling, I will upgrade a number of capacitors in the set that are known to fail in this chassis, and will test each one for stability and reliability. The black cases on these projectors are in great shape, minor scuffs, but overall in nicer condition than previous 909 sets that I've had in. All circuit boards in the 919 can be used in the 909/Cine 9 sets.

    To convert these to flat screen use, the following needs to happen: The tubes need to be pulled out and turned 90 degrees to get back to a 4:3 aspect ratio. This is easily done. The lenses need to be changed or modified to flat screen use. I am experimenting with these high resolution lenses to see if they can be converted to flat screen use. Also, the blue CRT socket needs to be changed to one from a 909 projector, as it will not have the clearance to fit into the chassis once the tubes are rotated 90 degrees.

    The pricing is as follows:

    • 919 Barco SEOS units w/worn tubes and no lenses: $3500.00
    • 019 Barco SEOS units w/worn tubes and HD10R5M lenses: $4500.00
    • 919 Barco SEOS unit w/new tubes, converted to flat screen use w/HD10F lenses from a Sony G90: $6500.00
    • 919 Barco SEOS unit w/new tubes, left for curved screen simulator use in either 4:3 or 3:4 aspect ratio: $6500.00

Upcoming projectors

  • (Qty 2) Sony G90: Both out of home theater installations, low hours. New green tube installed in both, or opt to get these with all new tubes installed. Super reliable, an amazing picture out of these at any resolution. I sold 20 of the G90s in 2012, and am closing in on 25 this year. $3500 with a new green tube, $4500 with all new tubes. Remote included.

  • (Qty 1) Barco Graphics 1209s: Super low hours from a commercial installation where it was never used. 

  • (Qty 2) Runco DTV 1200: Equivalent to the Barco Cine 9, but in a black case. Very low hours. Price to be determined. Should be here at the end of November.

Tubes and parts

I still have good stock of new red and green Marquee 9'tubes for the 9500LC, 9500LC Ultra, Vision 1 and Madrigal Labs MP9. I have more reds than greens at this point, so I'll sell the reds at $400, and the greens still at $650.00 each. These come with the yokes and magnetic all factory aligned, in sealed factory boxes. I've installed 6 sets of tubes so far, and all are in perfect shape. Will arrive intact as well. New tubes from VDC are $2200.00 each. Stock up now for a spare set, as your Marquee will last forever.

I have one only NEC XG/PG Xtra green tube in stock. These are now discontinued, so finding a mint condition used tube that is an original NEC is almost impossible. This came out of an NEC PG Xtra set, so I'll sell either the full set of RGB PG Xtra tubes at $450.00, or just the green for $400.00, as the R and B out of the Xtra set will not fit into the XG. I'm still continuing the purging of the older CRT ES focusing sets. At this point I've got limited parts for the Sony 12XX, Electrohome ECP, Barco 800/801, and I'm also dumping most of my NEC PG parts for cheap. Email me for details. I also have limited tubes for these projectors as well, some in absolute mint condition that I'll make great deals on.

  • (Qty 6) Sets of RGB HD145 color tinted lenses. All off of XG or PG Xtra projectors. Lenses all in good shape, no scratches. $60 per set.

  • (Qty 7) Full sets of tubes for the Barco 701s/708/Cine 7 and DWIN 700 projectors. New in the box, individually packaged. $600 per set.

  • (Qty 10) Boxes of 2 sets of RGB tubes for 9" sets. I purchased over 100 used 9" tubes from a flight simulator company, and I'll never use all of these. All tubes have the ‘windshield wiper' wear pattern to some degree, but they are very evenly worn with no text burn, and over a wide area of the tube face, so if you have a small wear area pattern on your 9" set, or need a genuine LUG tube to experiment with, here's a chance to get a great deal on 2 complete sets of RGB LUG tubes, 6 tubes in total. Starting bid on eBay is $100, I'll sell them for $100 per box. Shipped in 6 pack boxes. No mounting hardware of HV leads included.

I will be listing a bunch of other used tubes on eBay shortly at low starting prices. All tubes will be tested and evaluated as to condition before listing.

Reel to reel tape recorders

As some of you know, one obsession of mine is vintage reel to reel tape recorders. I've gathered about 40 of them over the last 4-5 years, mostly high end home stereo and studio machines, such as Technics 1500 series, MCI and Otari machines, and a couple of Revoxes and Akais. One recent arrival is an absolutely mint condition Teac X2000R, with 10.5" reels, EE tape capability and internal dbx noise reduction. Perfect working shape, I've got all the equipment to align and test these vintage reel to reel machines. I'm selling off a bunch of the refurbished machines on eBay. I'm going to try and list a couple a week as I get to them, and if you see one on eBay that you're interested in, feel free to email me rather than bid. I'm also always looking to buy reel to reel machines, so if you have one in the basement somewhere, give me an email and I'll let you know what it's worth.

See my eBay summary for more listings.

Questions? Email Curt!

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NEW: ChromaPure 729 point Advanced Auto-Calibration
September 16, 2013

ChromaPure now supports 729-point gamut calibration. This feature is available for free to existing Advanced Auto-calibrate users. Calibrate to previously unheard of levels of accuracy completely automatically on any display type.

729-point calibration is only available when ChromaPure is used in conjunction with one of the new Lumagen Radiance 20xx models of video processors. The older Radiance Mini/XS/XE models are limited to 125 point calibration due to limited space in their FPGA.

To enable this feature, make sure to download the latest version of ChromaPure and update your Radiance 20xx firmware.

729 points requires a massive amount of meter readings so a very fast meter like the Display 3 PRO is highly recommended.

To read more about this colour correction technology and see the difference it can make in real-world examples, read this article.

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Price drops on calibration software and packages
September 5, 2013

Looking at getting the most out of your TV or projector? Calibrate it for the best results! We've dropped our prices on our ChromaPure video calibration software and bundles including the highly popular Display 3 PRO packages, making DIY professional quality calibration less expensive than ever before!

Pair a meter with ChromaPure and you have an intuitive, very easy to use calibration package that walks you through the calibration process. Doesn't matter if you're new to calibration or a seasoned professional, ChromaPure provides all the features you need, including advanced features not found in any free software.

Don't want to do the work yourself? Completely automated calibration is available using ChromaPure Auto-Calibrate with a Lumagen Radiance or DVDO Duo video processor. Anyone with little or no training can now calibrate their display to professional standards in just minutes. Just click a few buttons and walk away. Automatic calibration of PC and Mac monitors is also possible using the retail (boxed) version of the Display 3 meter (aka i1 Display Pro III), now available for order bundled with ChromaPure.

Support for life is included in all packages. There are no yearly maintenance or support fees. Unlike some other calibration packages, none of our meters are locked to only work with the software it was sold with.

To order visit our ChromaPure order page. We ship worldwide.


"I don't want to sound like a cheerleader for ChromaPure but in my opinion realistically, even using it manually, the ChromaPure software is much easier to use and is more flexible than [other commercial calibration software], hence, in the end faster with better and more consistent results." - Ron W

"Last night I had my first opportunity to use ChromaPure on the famed JVC D-ILA 750HD Front Projector. Calibrating the Color Management System (CMS) with the Color Management Module on ChromaPure was, dare I say?...a "BREEZE". Yes...CMS is a breeze with this software! I can't overstate my wholehearted endorsement of ChromaPure and Tom Huffman, the man who "wrote the book" on Color Management. In fact, I traded my [other commercial calibration] software in to get the ChromaPure System specifically for new generation displays with Color Management Systems, as well as LED illuminated displays." - Bill Hergonson, Owner, Coast Calibration, Carlsbad, CA. ISF/HAA Level II Certified

"I asked Tom what his key goals were when he set off to develop ChromaPure. He said that he wanted to offer a calibration program that incorporated the features that he wanted to use, along with a well thought out workflow. I'm pleased to report that ChromaPure has delivered on those goals and more. ChromaPure is an excellent calibration program that is well worth the very reasonable purchase price. The software is easy to use, well thought out and is very stable. The CMS support is a standout feature that is not available in competing products and by itself is worth the price of the software. When combined with all of the other features like multiple colorspace support and multiple color difference model support, the program is a compelling bargain. I found that the program yielded excellent results while significantly speeding up my calibration times. After using the program, I've decided to use ChromaPure for all of my display calibration needs. Future display reviews on this blog will be done using ChromaPure, so expect the graphs from ChromaPure to show up often." - Mark Petersen of

"ChromaPure is very straight forward in it's process ... for the home user that simply wants to calibrate their display quickly and easily, it's very easy to get going and get fantastic results in a single evening, with no steep learning curve. I really loved using ChromaPure. It was simple, powerful, and fast. With the integrated pattern generation features, it sped up my calibrations by a ton, so that I could do one in under an hour without a problem. Tom Huffman was also very responsive, answering all of the questions that I had, and taking all of my suggestions to heart... If I was starting with nothing, and wanted to calibrate my own displays, I would purchase the i1 Display with ChromaPure package, as it's an easy way to get started and get great results if your display gives you access to a full CMS." - Chris Heinonen and Mark Vignola of

"For the home user like me, I don't want to spend hours trying to sort through the interface. I want to spend that time on the actual calibration. If its software you use only a few times a year, I think it is important that it be very intuitive and user-friendly... and I guess that is the main reason I like the looks of Tom's solution. ... I think most home users will find ChromaPure's easy-to-navigate interface a real advantage." - Stash64

"I have just received my copy of ChromaPure and it simply can do everything I want or need to easily and completely do an accurate run. My opinion is from beginner to long time pro, ChromaPure is now at the top of my list for calibration software whether it is expensive or free." - JimmyR

"ChromaPure is designed with the home user in mind and I believe does a better job of stepping the beginner through the whole process and in the correct order." - Sean

"I can give a Novice's testimony that ChromaPure is a DELIGHT to use! Congrats to Tom for a beautiful product, and thanks to him for taking the effort to bring it out. (And he has been enormously responsive in 'hand holding' me through my endless, probably trivial, questions!). I've only been through the process once, using a Display LT (that I've had for over a year), and the result is outstanding. UMR (Jeff Meier) did a calibration of my RS20 almost a year ago, but I'm now on my second lamp, in fact already with a 1000 hrs on it! So the original calibration was quite out of date; even my first attempt has produced a more striking pic, more depth, and rich natural colors. This weekend I'm looking forward to using an EyeOne Pro to 'train' the Display LT, and then go through the process again. Great fun, and even better when it works!" - Millerwill

Confused about meters?  See our FAQ: Which meter is right for me?
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