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Us Presents: Ultimate guide to designing and building your dream home theater

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Ultimate Guide to Designing and Building Your Dream Home Theater

Bonus: Includes expert audio/video interviews for free

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Our price: $44.10 USD

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Learn how to design and build your dream home theater. Over 800 construction photos and hours of videos and audio interviews available.

The Home Theater course chronicles the building of nine dedicated home theaters from start to end including design, construction, electrical, HVAC, finishing, and more.

The fundamentals of building a dedicated home theater are taught by walking you through the process from concept to completion.

This course was created for those people who fall into one or more of these categories:

  • Want to design or build a home theater themselves.
  • Are going to contract out the theater construction and want to know what to watch for.
  • Want to learn from the experience of other home theater owners, including pitfalls and lessons learnt.
  • Love home theater and want to see what others have done, including seeing hundreds of home theater construction photos.

Course Contents

The course is split into 25 lessons:

  • Lesson One: Getting Started
  • Lesson Two: Your Audio and Video Options
  • Lesson Three: Your Screen and Seating Options
  • Lesson Four: Soundproofing and Acoustics
  • Lesson Five: Designing Your Theater
  • Lesson Six: Prior To Construction
  • Lesson Seven: Theater Wall Framing
  • Lesson Eight: Theater Ceiling and Soffit Framing
  • Lesson Nine: Home Theater Stages
  • Lesson Ten: Home Theater Proscenium
  • Lesson Eleven: Home Theater Risers
  • Lesson Twelve: Hush Boxes, Equipment Racks and Rooms
  • Lesson Thirteen: Concessions and Snack Bars
  • Lesson Fourteen: Heating and Cooling Your Theater
  • Lesson Fifteen: 120 Volt and Low Voltage in Your Theater
  • Lesson Sixteen: Lighting and Control Systems
  • Lesson Seventeen: Wiring Your Electronics
  • Lesson Eighteen: Insulation and Drywall
  • Lesson Nineteen: Sound Treatments and Wall Fabric
  • Lesson Twenty: Painting Your Theater
  • Lesson Twenty-One: Carpeting Your Theater
  • Lesson Twenty-Two: Columns and Moulding
  • Lesson Twenty-Three: Home Theater Seating
  • Lesson Twenty-Four: Equipment and Speaker Installation
  • Lesson Twenty-Five: Opening Night!

Expert Videos Package

Hours of videos are also now included. See the evolution of home theaters from start to finish and watch interviews with some of the leading experts and authorities in the field of home theater. Learn directly from the experts as they share knowledge and insight with you. Includes:

  • Bryan Pape, Industry Expert: Home Theater Acoustics - Bryan Pape of GIK Acoustics is an Acoustical Engineer and one of the leading experts on the issue of designing home theater acoustic solutions. He is sought out for his wisdom and ability to take the complex issue of acoustics and discuss it in language that everyone can understand. In his videos, Bryan walks through the fundamentals of home theater acoustics, and discusses how home theater builders can properly design their rooms.
  • Curt Fluegel, Industry Expert: Home Theater Design - Curt Fluegel is the owner of the CF Theater. His passion for home theater led him into the industry and to create one of the most amazing theaters you will ever see. In his videos, Curt shares his thoughts on home theater design and home automation.
  • Ken Whitcomb, Industry Expert: Video Calibration - Ken Whitcomb of Calibrations Inc. is known by many as the leading video calibrations expert in the industry. He has worked on theaters ranging from the largest and most famous to the smallest. Ken discusses the basics of video calibration, shows some screen examples, and takes us inside Art Sonneborn's famous theater to show us his calibration process.
  • Mark Seaton, Industry Expert: Audio and Loudspeakers - Mark Seaton is known in the industry as one of the leading authorities on audio, calibration, and loudspeaker design. As the founder and creator of Seaton Sound, his products are used in some of the best home theaters. In his three videos, Mark discusses audio calibration, speaker placement, subwoofer design and implementation and more.
  • Evolution Video: Building The Blazing Ridge Cinema home theater
  • Evolution Video: Building the Cinema Murray home theater
  • Evolution Video: Building the Prairie Home Cinema home theater

New expert videos are added periodically so check back often. As a paid member you will have access to all new videos as they are added.

Audio Interviews / Bonus Content

Included with all packages are additional PDF documents and hours of audio interviews with home theater experts. Includes:

  • Shawn Byrne: Theater Designer and Calibrations Expert of Cinema Forte - The fundamental issues surrounding room design and how that impacts the final audio performance of the home theater. (58 minutes)
  • Jeff Parkinson: Expert Home Theater Contractor and Builder - BigMouthInDC on AVSForum - Home theater projects including common mistakes people make when they design and build their own theaters. Jeff offers tips and suggestions for home theater owners. (22 minutes)
  • Kal Wallner: Author and Video Calibration Professional of - Information on video calibration from why calibration is important to common tools used to perform calibration. Kal talks about best practices for video calibration. (24 minutes)
  • Mark Techer: CinemaScope Home Theater Expert of CAVX - CinemaScope in the home theater.  From the basics of what CinemaScope is, to the equipment needed for a CinemaScope theater and suggestions for designing a room with the wide screen in mind. (37 minutes)
  • Ted White: Home Theater Soundproofing Expert of SoundproofingCompany Inc. - Soundproofing concepts and soundproofing a home theater. Ted discusses everything from the fundamentals of soundproofing to specific construction techniques for the home theater environment, to some common mistakes and his tips and suggestions for the best soundproofing of a home theater. (63 minutes)
  • Ethan Winer: Audio and Acoustics Expert of RealTraps - Audio and Acoustics in the home theater. Ethan discusses concepts starting with the fundamentals of audio and acoustics themselves to room reflections and room modes, bass in the home theater, bass traps, and much more. (49 minutes)

New interviews are added periodically so check back often.


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