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Home Theater sales, calibration, & service

We sell CRT projectors and other home theater products & accessories, including calibration tools for all display types. We also offer hundreds of free home theater tips, as well as a discussion forum. Why CRT? With true blacks, real contrast ratios beyond 40,000:1, and colours that do not drift, people still choose CRT projectors for home theaters and movie mixing studios where HDTV and Blu-ray playback quality is paramount. Carefully refurbished and tested, our projectors will provide you with thousands of problem free hours of service. Since 1985 we have worked on over 5000 projectors and stock lots of spare parts. We offer trade-ins and can advise on what's best for you.

The EyeOne Pro 3 with ChromaPure: High performance calibration has never been so affordable!
Radiance: Top of the line video processing
Practical Guide to Home Theater Acoustics

Latest News

FREE $798 ChromaPure auto-calibration package with every Radiance PRO!
September 23, 2016

Effective immediately, all of our Radiance Pro video processors now ship with a FREE auto-calibration package worth $798. Includes ChromaPure Standard, Advanced Auto-Calibrate, and a Display 3 PRO meter. Available for a limited time only! Includes free US/Canada shipping. We ship worldwide.

What is automatic calibration?

Automatic calibration allows anyone with little or no training to fully calibrate their display with almost no user input. It adjusts the display's grayscale, gamma, and colours to levels of accuracy that are simply not achievable by manual methods. Just setup a few simple options in ChromaPure software, click "Auto-Calibrate", and then go have a cup of coffee while the process completes, usually in a few minutes. There is no need for the user to understand how calibration works. Suitable for all display types.

Why use automatic calibration?

Previously, calibration required the user to adjust their display manually while ChromaPure software read the results using a meter. The user would loop through displaying test patterns, reading the results, and making adjustments, until the results were as close to accurate as possible. These calibration steps are outlined in our free step by step guide.

Manual calibration has many drawbacks:

  • Requires the user to have access to typically hidden (service menu) controls in the display.
  • Displays often have limited adjustments that do not work correctly, or are cryptic.
  • Displays often have only 1 gamma adjustment, if any at all (compared to up to 21 points with auto-cal).
  • Displays often only have only 2 greyscale adjustments, if any at all (compared to up to 21 points with auto-cal).
  • Manual calibration of colour (gamut) is typically only done at 6 points, if the adjustments are even available (compared to up to 4913 points with auto-cal).
  • Time consuming. Manual calibration requires the user to interpret the meter readings and make the necessary changes in the display. Our free step by step guide is a step in the right direction, but the process is still manually driven and can take hours, especially for someone new to the process.

All of these can result in a less than perfect calibration. Only automatic calibration, done outside of the display, can compensate for these issues.

How does automatic calibration work?

Automatic calibration is an optional add-on to ChromaPure software, and it works in conjunction with a Lumagen Radiance external video processor. The processor acts as both a test pattern signal generator and calibration device. ChromaPure tells the video processor to display test patterns, measures the results with a meter, and then tells the video processor how to adjust the signal to compensate for display errors. This cycle repeats (often for thousands of test points) until the measured results are as close to perfect as possible.

Once completed, the video processor stays in the signal chain permanently, constantly adjusting the signal in real time to keep the display perfectly calibrated. ChromaPure evens generate a before and after calibration report for you.

Why does the number of calibration points matter?

When using a Radiance video processor, calibration of up to 4913 colour points can be done achieving unparalleled colour accuracy. Instead of manually colour calibrating to only the 6 primary/secondary colours that make up the boundary of all known colours (called the gamut), we can calibrate throughout the entire colour space by measuring and correcting up to 4913 colours. Only calibrating at the boundaries (as is done with manual calibration) can still leave many inaccuracies (see real life example).

This revolutionary level of calibration accuracy has only been made possible by recent advancements in processing power found in the Radiance family of video processors. Manual calibration at thousands of points is simply not possible because displays do not have look up tables (LUTs) in which to store the correction information. Even if they did, manually calibrating to thousands of points would quite literally take the user weeks to perform.

Which Radiance Pro is right for me?

Radiance Pro units all offer the same world class image processing. They mostly differ by the number of inputs and outputs. For complete details see our Radiance feature comparison table.

The Radiance Pro is regarded as the world's best video processor/scaler, with advanced Greyscale & Gamma correction, and a powerful Colour Management System (CMS). A requirement if absolute picture perfection is to be achieved. All units support 4K UltraHD, HDR, optional 18Ghz inputs, and HDMI 2.0 / HDCP 2.2.

US/Canada shipping with tracking and insurance is included in all our Radiance orders. International shipping available too with a surcharge at checkout. We ship worldwide.

Questions? Email us at:

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Murideo SIX-G 4K Video Test Pattern Generator now available
Sep 21, 2016

The Murideo SIX-G is for the AV integration market to confirm HDMI 2.0(a) and HDCP 2.2 operation at the 18 GBPS level. Additionally, the SIX-G is an excellent troubleshooting tool for distributed HDMI systems and a reference source for video calibration and is now supported by ChromaPure Professional.

One of the biggest challenges for integrators today is determining what infrastructure to put in the systems they design and further verifying that all of the components will work together. Over the past few years UHD TVs have been a mix of HDCP 2.2 and 1.4 – even to the point of varying by port.

The SIX-G takes out the guess work and provides absolute information about HDMI components that will work and IDs ones that won’t work – all in a hand-held, affordable, portable field tool.

The SIX-G is designed to be extremely accessible shipping with free control software, plus front panel controls that allow access to 99% of the features.

The SIX-G carries a complete suite of ISF test patterns, selectable color output level, RGB Triplets and Constant APL (Average Picture Level) all in one place, making it a calibrators dream.

Technical Specifications

  • HDMI 2.0(a) – 600Mcsc, 2160P60 4:4:4 maximum resolution
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Injector, and management
  • Video Bandwidth - 18 GBP/sec.
  • HDCP 2.2 Compatible
  • 48 Bit Per Pixel Color Depth Available
  • 2600 MAH Battery
  • DC 5V Power

Questions? Email us at:

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New lower priced Radiance Pro 4K units now available
April 22, 2016

The new 4K UltraHD capable Radiance Pro models 4240 and 4242 are now available for order at special prices.  Contact us for trade-ins (any video processor) and the guaranteed best price.

Based on the Radiance Pro 444X design, but with 2 HDMI outputs instead of 4, the two new units are the Radiance Pro 4240 (2 inputs), and the Radiance Pro 4242 (4 inputs). Both come in 1U size (17" x 2" [1.75" without feet] x 9.5") which is the same size as the Radiance 2143 and RadianceXS-3D units.

The complete Radiance Pro model lineup is now:

  • Radiance Pro 4240: 2 inputs, 2 processed outputs
  • Radiance Pro 4242: 4 inputs, 2 processed outputs
  • Radiance Pro 4440: 2 inputs, 4 processed outputs
  • Radiance Pro 4442: 4 inputs, 4 processed outputs
  • Radiance Pro 4444: 6 inputs, 4 processed outputs
  • Radiance Pro 4446: 8 inputs, 4 processed outputs
  • Radiance Pro 4449: 8 inputs, 4 processed outputs, 6 switched outputs

The new 424X series uses the same FPGA (processor) as existing Radiance Pro models, and has all of the video processing features of the 444X models minus PiP/PoP support.

By keeping the input count to a maximum of four and the output count to a maximum of two, the 424X models allow for some cost reduction compared to the 444X models. The Radiance Pro 4240 is perfect for systems that use a matrix switch for input selection, or switch sources using an AVR. The Radiance Pro 4242 works well as the source switcher for smaller systems.

The 424x models use the same dual-input/dual-output daughter card I/O modules as the 444X models and so currently support 9 GHz I/O. Radiance Pro 424X hardware is at production status, and software is in Beta.

For complete details see our Radiance order page and newly updated feature comparison table.

US/Canada shipping with tracking and insurance is included in all our Radiance prices. International shipping available too with a surcharge at checkout. We ship worldwide.

Questions? Email us at:

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Radiance Pro with 4K UltraHD processing now shipping
January 15, 2016

The new 4K UltraHD capable Radiance Pro is now available for order. The ideal video processor for your new 4K projector or TV! Contact us for trade-ins and the guaranteed best price.

The Radiance Pro features up to 8 HDMI inputs, 4 HDMI processed outputs, and 6 HDMI switched (unprocessed) outputs. All inputs and outputs support 4K Ultra HD (2160p60) and the newest HDMI standards (HDMI 2.0 / HDCP 2.2).

Five models are available:

  • Radiance Pro 4440: 2 inputs and 4 processed outputs.
  • Radiance Pro 4442: 4 inputs and 4 processed outputs.
  • Radiance Pro 4444: 6 inputs and 4 processed outputs.
  • Radiance Pro 4446: 8 inputs and 4 processed outputs.
  • Radiance Pro 4449: 8 inputs, 4 processed outputs, and 6 switched outputs.

In addition to end to end 4K FullHD processing, some other notable features include:

  • The new HDMI 2.0 chips are from Silicon Image and have an internal microprocessor with reprogrammable flash memory. This will allow Lumagen to provide updates when Silicon Image provides a new release and should help to eliminate compatibility issues. Some back story: Before with HDMI 1.X chips each company had to implement much of the HDMI protocols on its own. Often the HDMI specification, or the HDMI chip specifications, left a lot to the imagination. This meant each company had to make independent decisions on how to do their implementation based on incomplete specifications. Now with the internal processor being programmed by the chip manufacturer, and its processor doing virtually all the HDMI compatibility work, issues should be dramatically reduced. Even more so for the Radiance Pro when connected to other products that use the new Silicon Image HDMI 2.0 chips, which many will.
  • The inputs are on "dual input" daughter cards and the outputs are on "dual output" daughter cards. This allows upgrades to be offered when new HDMI technology becomes available. It also allows replacing a single input/output card if there is a surge event that takes out an input/output, rather than the entire unit.
  • The Radiance Pro can have up to eight inputs, and four "processed" outputs. Just as the previous Radiance units have two outputs that can output audio and/or video from the same source, these four outputs also output the same processed video and/or audio stream. Having four outputs allows for a projector, a TV, a Receiver/Audio-processor, and a spare.
  • There can be up to six additional zones of switched (only) outputs on some models. These are independent and give the Radiance Pro up to seven independent zones. This is useful for installers as it avoids the need for a separate matrix switch. An example would be a home with 7 TVs where only 2 will ever be in use at once. Only 2 sets of source devices is therefore required (not 7) which lowers the cost. The Radiance Pro is then used to direct these sources to whichever TVs are in use.
  • The Radiance Pro features much faster switching than previous models as there is no GF9450 deinterlacing chip to have to setup and wait for.

A bit of trivia: The powerful FPGA chip used in the Radiance Pro costs more than all of the parts in the Radiance 2020 combined. This and other aspects of the Radiance Pro architecture mean it sits well above the previously top of the line Radiance 2144 in terms of processing power and flexibility for future upgrades.

For complete details see our Radiance order page and newly updated feature comparison table.

Questions? Email us at:

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ChromaPure 3 now available!
december 30, 2015

ChromaPure 3 is now available! Discounted upgrade pricing is available for existing 2.x users. The upgrade is FREE for customers who purchased ChromaPure after December 17, 2014!

This is the most comprehensive upgrade in the product's history. ChromaPure has been completely redesigned to make it more powerful and even easier to use.

New features in ChromaPure 3

  • New streamlined and efficient user interface
  • Enhanced user-configurable reporting
  • User-defined automated measurements
  • Multiple gamma runs on one chart for comparison
  • 12/21 point selectable Lumagen LUT auto-calibrate
  • User-selectable dynamic range for grayscale and gamma
  • dE method selectable by module
  • System-wide gamma, select once and apply everywhere
  • Calibration Templates for unlimited customized measurements and reporting
  • Support for sRGB gamma
  • Support for Rec. 2020 gamut

New videos have been added to our ChromaPure order page showcasing some of these new features.

Upgrading to ChromaPure 3

  • Current ChromaPure users who purchased after December 17, 2014 are entitled to a free upgrade to Version 3. See our ChromaPure order page to download your copy.
  • All other users may upgrade from ChromaPure Standard 2.x for a special discounted price. See our ChromaPure order page.

Confused about meters?  See our FAQ: Which meter is right for me?
Questions? Email us at:

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Quantum Dot display support added to the Display 3 PRO meter
August 5, 2015

Support for displays that light with Quantum Dot technology is now being added to all new Display 3 PRO orders. Calibrate your newest display with increased accuracy!

Quantum dots are different than white LED phosphors used in typical LED backlit displays and emit in much narrower bandwidths. This allows for a wider colour gamut when the emission peaks are well-aligned with the RGB filters employed in the LCD display. Quantum dots can therefore increase the colour space of LCD panels from today's relatively narrow Rec. 709 colour space used in HD content, to close to 100% of the DCI colour space used in movie theatres. The caveat of course is that a new display standard (possibly Rec. 2020) has to be defined and implemented in the source content before this extended colour range can be properly used. This is something we may see in the future. (More information)

Quantum Dot correction may also be added to existing Display 3 PRO meters, but the meter needs to be recalibrated. The corrections we offer address not only the differences in display technology but also meter-to-meter variation, which is very real. When we add a new correction mode, the user needs three things to take advantage of it: A new ChromaPure licence which we provide (the older licence won't recognize the new mode), the latest build of ChromaPure software, and a new meter calibration. We have to measure the new display technology using your meter to apply a valid correction. The normal fee for a full meter recalibration is $175. However, for existing customers who just want the new Quantum Dot correction mode and are not interested in a full recalibration, the cost is $50. Email us at if interested.

Questions? Email us at

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Colorimetry Research CR-250 Reference Spectroradiometer
April 28, 2015

The new Colorimetry Research CR-250 Reference Spectroradiometer is the most affordable reference spectroradiometer available today. A better bang for your buck than the JETI 1211, but not quite as fast. ORDER NOW

There are two colour analyzers that professionals and dedicated enthusiasts generally seek: A professional quality colorimeter for every day work (the "field" meter) and a reference spectroradiometer to keep the colorimeter accurate (the "reference" meter).

Unfortunately, such spectroradiometers are not cheap. The Photo Research and Minolta reference spectros start at about $15,000 USD and go up to near $30,000 USD.

Now there is a new entry to the reference spectroradiometer on the market, the CR-250.

In our testing of the CR-250 we have found that it performs as well or better than the JETI spectros, the only other sub-$10,000 spectros on the market. It does this at the low price point of $6990.

The CR-250 has all of the accuracy expected of a reference device and is fast enough with enough low-end sensitivity that it can be used as a stanalone color analyzer, though most will probably use it to correct a colorimeter such as the CR-100. Its speed, low-light sensitivity, and repeatability are world-class.

The CR-250 is one of the most affordable reference spectroradiometers available. Just mount on a tripod facing towards the source, connect to ChromaPure Professional, and then use as you would any other color analyzer.

For a complete review and other details see our Colorimetry Research CR-250 order page.

Questions? Email us at

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ChromaPure Tripod Extension
April 26, 2015

For some time we have been looking for a simple, inexpensive product that would enhance the user's ability to precisely place a Display 3 PRO (or other meter) that has been mounted to a tripod. The new ChromaPure Tripod Extension fits the bill exactly.

It is very common to have a flat panel installed in a location that is recessed from available floor space, which prevents one from placing a tripod mounted Display 3 PRO at a proper distance from the screen. The ChromaPure Tripod extension makes this very simple now. The extension arm is very light weight, yet sturdy and it extends the meter forward from the base of the tripod.

If you have a ceiling mounted front projector there may be times where you want to read directly from the lens. This has always been difficult with ceiling mounts because tripods are generally not tall enough to provide the necessary height. The ChromaPure Tripod Extension solves this problem.

Two versions are available: A standard version that can hold meters up to 1 lb in weight at an extension of up to 3.5 feet (perfect for a Display 3 PRO or other small meter), and a heavy duty version for meters up to 2 lbs in weight at an extension of up to 4 feet.

The ChromaPure Tripod Extension (standard version) is now included with the purchase of any ChromaPure Display 3 PRO bundle or Display 3 PRO auto-calibrate bundle. It is also sold separately at a discounted price. The perfect addition to any calibration toolkit!

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Projectors for sale
December 11, 2014

Many here probably don't read the forum often, but I've started putting together my own home theater again after 7... yes... 7 years of being idle. I've decided to go all out this time, and to clone Cliff's setup in Chicago. His features a 10' wide screen and dual Sony G90 projectors for 2400 lumens of light output and a near infinite contrast ratio. I first saw Cliff's setup in 2007, and it is amazing. I've been back several times since, and each time Cliff has improved his system a bit.

Well, not to be outdone, I've put two Barco 909 projectors on my own ceiling, to see how close I could come to Cliff's setup. While the system will be one of those 'it's never finished' projects, my room is a far cry from Cliff's at this point. I have a thread going on in my forum showing my (slow) build. Note that the forum is more or less un-moderated, and that thread has gone in several directions, but the progress is being shown. I work on the room in-between working on everyone else's projectors, so the work is slow. I do plan on doing more over the upcoming holidays, as my acoustic transparent screen is here, as are the Moome HDMI cards for the Barco 909.

Even with the little work that has been done on the theater, and there is a bit of a drifting issue between the two projectors, the picture shows massive potential. Frankly, since having watched my stack for about 20 hours so far, there's simply no going back to a smaller screen or a single projector. A two projector setup does need regular tweaking, but the end result is amazing. 

Over the summer I purchased a lot of projectors, and as a result I (again) have over 100 CRT projectors in stock, including over 40 9" projectors of all makes and models. With more coming in within a month, it is time to dramatically drop the prices on some sets until the end of December, as I simply am running out of room.

In no particular order, here's a 'priced-slashed-inventory-reduction-we-won't-be-undersold' type pricing on some projectors. (hint: try a stack!) For those looking to upgrade, here's a great way to do so:

  • (Qty: 3) NEC XG sets: Either little or no tube wear. XG 75, XG 110 and one XG110LC: $500 each. A great upgrade for those that still have NEC PG sets, which are now becoming unreliable due to bad capacitors. I see no such failure on NEC XG series.

  • (Qty: 3) Sony G90: Top of the line CRT projectors. All have been fully tested, and come with a new Dallas chip installed along with a factory remote. Ceiling brackets available. Razor sharp, very reliable. Breakdown as follows:

    • 1800 hours, original tubes, very faint 16:9 wear. $1800

    • 231 original hours. No wear. Remote and manuals included. $2800

    • All new LCP tubes, had about 6K hours on the chassis. Good as new. $2300

  • (Qty: 2) Runco 1100:The Runco 1100 is the same as the Barco Data 1209s. 9" LUG tubes and GT 17 lenses come with these Runcos. Fully tested and test run, the cases do need some touchup work done, as both have scratches on them. The cases are intact however. Original shipping box for one of them as well. Very light 16:9 wear, red and green (dark) C elements. Will run 1080p, but you need a scaler between the source and projector to adjust for image wraparound. Anything under 1080p and you don't need a scaler. $900 each

  • (Qty: Many) Electrohome Marquee 9500 Ultra: I recently purchased a bunch of very late model Marquee 9500 Ultra chassis made in 2008. That's about as late as you can get, I believe the last Marquee 9500s left the factory in 2012. These all came from a flight simulator installation on small screens, so all CRTs have hexagonal shaped wear, and HD10L lenses, that are only good up to a 72" wide screen. Still, if you have a 9500 and want to upgrade to the latest 9500 Ultra chassis that’s well under 10 years old, here's a great way to do so. I've tested al of the chassis, and they work flawlessly. Convergence is solid as a rock on each set. The cases are a bit marked. I will ship without tubes and lenses to save on shipping if you want. $800 each. With brand new red and green and a used blue (near mint shape) and GT17 lenses: $1800 each.

  • (Qty: 3) Vidikron Vision One: These are the 9500 Ultras with that fancy fibreglass case on them. All three are indeed Ultra sets (many were sold with the non Ultra chassis). I have one each in black, white and that shiny gloss metallic blue, the only case I've seen in that colour. All either have new or near new tubes with no wear. $1500 each.

  • (Qty: Many) Barco 909: I have several Barco 909 projectors in stock that I am about to go through and retube with new and good used tubes. I will announce those in the next mailout, sometime in January, but pricing on those will also be less than ever before.

  • (Qty: 3) Dark green C elements out of brand new Marquee greens: $200 each.

I am blowing out all of my NEC PG tubes since I no longer support these sets. I have 2-3 sets of mint/near mint and I think even a couple of new tubes in stock for the PG and the PG+ (these will not fit the PG Xtra or XG sets). Yours for the paltry price of a donation of your choice via Paypal, and cover shipping.

I have a great selection of good used CRT tubes for almost all projectors out there. I have nothing in the way of mint 8 or 9" green tubes, as I am putting those into sets that I sell, but if you'd like some good used condition tubes, just email me with what you're looking for.

Lastly, some of you may not know that I also do vintage audio repairs, and have developed a bit of a reputation locally for working on reel to reel tape machines. So much so, in fact, that a friend of mine that owns Innovative Audio has sold me his entire inventory of low end and midrange decks. I currently have over 50 reel to reel decks, ranging from Sony and Akai to Teac and Sansui, along with a bunch of parts as well. If you have a box full of tapes somewhere, but your reel to reel has bitten the dust, email me for what I have in stock, or check out what's for sale on eBay under my eBay summary. I try and list 2-3 decks a week, and have had great success selling them. Analog audio is making a huge comeback with vinyl, and cassette tape and reel to reel is also gaining in popularity for that warm analog sound.

Also, if you have an old reel to reel gathering dust, let me know, as I do buy them, and as with projectors, have been known to travel great distances to pick them up.

I am tentatively planning a road trip at the end of January 2015 from Vancouver to Albuquerque and back. Nothing has been firmed up yet, but it's looking to occur sometime around the last week of January, and will be back in Vancouver by the end of the first week of February. I may travel down to Los Angeles, or may drive directly to New Mexico, all depending on weather conditions.

See my eBay summary for complete listings.

Questions? Email Curt.

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DVDO AVLab TPG 4K (Ultra HD Test Pattern Generator)
December 5, 2014

The first pocket-sized test pattern generator supporting full 4K Ultra HD resolution (3840x2160) at 50/60Hz.

Designed specifically for use with Colour Management System (CMS) software such as ChromaPure (which can control the box remotely as part of auto-calibraton), the AVLab TPG is powered by USB and uses the USB interface to automatically control the video calibration workflow. It is the ultimate tool for AV professionals in the field to deliver lab-quality functionality to on-site display setup and calibration.

It offers a similar suite of test patterns as the DVDO Duo with a few differences. First, and most importantly, it outputs true 4K. It will even output 4K at 60 Hz using YCbCr 4:2:0. This makes the TPG the most affordable 4K video test pattern generator on the market by far.

The TPG is incredibly compact. It easily fits in your hand, which makes it ideal for portable applications. Furthermore, it can draw its power entirely from a connection to the PC via USB, so the user doesn't have to worry about connecting it a separate power source.

It also comes with a remote control for standalone use, and is fully supported by ChromaPure (as of version 2.5.1). Every serious calibrator, video tester or engineer, or enthusiast with a 4K display should have one of these as part of their toolkit.

For complete details see our DVDO AVLab TPG 4K order page.

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New batch of Marquee HDMI cards available for pre-order
December 1, 2014

Moome has a new batch of Marquee v3 HDMI cards available at a special pre-order price.

They are tentatively scheduled to start shipping mid to late January 2015. The special pre-order pricing ends December 31, 2014.

These cards are a must-have for enjoying Blu-ray 1080p Full HD on your Marquee, Madrigal, TAW, or Vidikron CRT projector (and other clones).

Two HDMI inputs, IR remote control, and adjustable gamma boost for perfect shadow detail. Installation takes 5 minutes (plug and play).

For complete details see our Marquee VIM-FULLHD order page. Quantities are limited.

Questions? Email us at:

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Doctor HDMI: EDID Correction Tool
November 25, 2014

Resolves HDMI video loss / stability issues - replicates a full 1080p, 3D EDID out-of-the-box

Doctor HDMI helps resolve most HDMI video issues caused by faulty EDID handshakes or other incompatibility issues. It's used to keep a source device "always on" by tricking / feeding back to it the same, stable EDID signal. Particularly useful when using HDMI splitters and HDMI distribution systems.

Are you experiencing video loss / video return delays when a TV displays is turned on/off, or when an AV receiver or matrix switcher's inputs/outputs are changed? Doctor HDMI is the answer!

Doctor HDMI can also boost HDMI signal integrity allowing longer HDMI cable runs. It can also be used to limit the source output resolution.

Doctor HDMI solves these and other problems by acting as an EDID manager and HDMI/DVI-D emulator/repeater that comes with pre-defined presets, user programmable banks, EDID sniffing and more.

"As a EDID emulator the Dr HDMI worked flawlessly with my gaming PC. My main desktop PC has its video output split between a monitor and a AV receiver and TV setup. Of course, this resulted in the EDID being incorrectly detected and the PC refusing to output surround sound to the receiver. Using Dr HDMI, it was trivial to capture the EDID from the AV receiver, then by connecting Dr HDMI to the PC, the PC was convinced it was permanently connected to the surround sound system and selecting 7.1 surround sound was no longer a problem." -

For complete details see our Doctor HDMI order page.

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Radiance 2020 Video Processor
October 26, 2014

The new Radiance 2020 is now available for order at a special discounted price. GO 

Feature wise, the Radiance 2020 is an upgraded version of the Radiance Mini: It includes twice as many HDMI inputs (4) and outputs (2), an expanded CMS (729 point instead of 125) for more accurate auto-calibration using software such as ChromaPure, and Darbee DVP™ image enhancement technology which allows you to adjust the amount of enhancement individually per input (similar to all other adjustments). All other video features match the current 21xx series.

The Radiance 2020 has more memory and processing power as compared to the Radiance Mini, so we can expect that the performance and functionality will be increased over time as Lumagen has often done in the past with other models.

At 11" wide, 5" deep, and 1.7" high, it is larger than the Mini but smaller than the 21xx series.

For a complete breakdown of Radiance models, see our newly updated Radiance feature comparison table.

Volume shipments start October 28. Free US/Canada shipping with tracking and insurance is included in all our Radiance prices. International shipping is also available.

Note: The Radiance Mini is SOON TO BE DISCONTINUED. Lumagen has a few in stock and does not plan to build more once they are gone. If you're looking for a low cost Radiance solution, now's the time.

For complete details see our Radiance order page.

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NEW: Practical Guide to Home Theater Sound Isolation
October 20, 2014

A new practical guide to home theater sound isolation, written for the everyday home theater enthusiast.

Sound isolation is about keeping house and home theater sounds completely separated.

Stop turning up the volume because you can hear the furnace, dishwasher, or footsteps above, and stop worrying about waking the kids with your latest explosion ridden blockbuster! Proper sound isolation solves all of these issues.

This comprehensive 94 page guide answers questions such as:

  • Does the kind of door you have matter?
  • Do ceilings and flooring above (or below) your theater impact sound isolation?
  • How do I stagger studs?
  • How do I dampen the room?
  • How does decoupling impact sound isolation?
  • What is the most important element of sound isolation?
  • What are the most cost effective treatments?
  • How do I build a basement home theater and isolate it from the floors above?
  • How do I build a home theater on the second floor and isolate it from the floors below?
  • How do I remove furnace and air conditioning noise from the home theater?

All of the critical topics of sound isolation are covered, written in a conversational tone without any complex math. Here is the lesson list, from the Table of Contents:

Lesson One: The Fundamentals of Sound
Lesson Two: Sound Isolation Fundamentals
Lesson Three: The Core Six Techniques
Lesson Four: Construction Techniques
Lesson Five: Suggested Implementations
Lesson Six: Sound Isolation Gallery

Free bonus: Two Part Audio Interview with Ted White, founder of Soundproofing Company Inc.

To order see our Practical Guide to Home Theater Sound Isolation page.

Looking for more tips on building your home theater? Our comprehensive Home Theater Course & Expert Videos package is also available along with our Practical Guide to Home Theater Acoustics and Private Home Theater Tours.

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Colorimetry Research CR-100 Professional Colorimeter
October 3, 2014

Now available at a special discounted price. Buy direct from our ChromaPure partner at prices lower than buying off their own website! Same product, same support, just more money in your pocket at the end of the day. ORDER NOW

There are two colour analyzers that professionals and dedicated enthusiasts generally seek: A reference spectroradiometer for the last word in colorimetric accuracy and a professional quality colorimeter.

Unfortunately, such devices are not cheap. The Photo Research and Minolta reference spectros start at about $15,000 USD and go up to near $30,000 USD. The Klein K-10a, previously the only professional quality colorimeter on the market, retails at $7,000 USD.

Now there is a new entry to the professional colorimeter market, the CR-100 from a new company called Colorimetry Research Inc. It is an incredibly fast reading colorimeter, reading more than twice as fast as the popular Display 3.

In our testing of the CR-100 we have found that it performs at least as well, and with respect at least to repeatability even better, than the Klein instrument. It does this at a significantly lower price point of $4995 USD.

The CR-100 is accurate enough to be used as a standalone colour analyzer for professional applications. For the most demanding applications it can be profiled against a true reference spectroradiometer (such as the JETI 1211). Either way, its speed, low-light sensitivity, and repeatability are world-class.

The CR-100 is the most affordable professional colorimeter available. Just mount either on a tripod, facing towards the source, connect to ChromaPure Professional, and then use as you would any other colour analyzer.

For complete details see our Colorimetry Research CR-100 order page.

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BARCO-FULLHD: HDMI 1.4 card for Barco CRT projectors
September 23, 2014

Moome's new BARCO-FULLHD HDMI 1.4 card starts shipping at the end of November 2014. Order yours today at a special pre-order price. Quantities are limited!

Upgrade your Barco CRT projector by adding four (4) HDMI 1.4 inputs with 3D support, gamma correction and infrared remote control. These digital HDCP-compliant HDMI 1.4 inputs allow you to watch hi-def content at up to 1080p resolution.

The BARCO-FULLHD card allows you to easily add digital devices such as Blu-Ray players, PS3/4, Xbox 360/One, Satellite/Cable HDTV set-top boxes, and HTPCs with HDMI graphic cards to your Barco CRT projector.

The BARCO-FULLHD replaces the (somewhat useless) secondary RGB port 3 card in your projector. The mounting bracket on the existing port 3 card is removed by the user and installed on the BARCO-FULLHD.

A port 3 dongle (included) is then plugged into your Barco's external port 3 socket. The dongle includes an IR receiver to allow for IR remote control of the BARCO-FULLHD functions. A 3D sync port is also available for connecting 3D emitters.

The BARCO-FULLHD offers advanced features such as 100% HDMI 1.4 compliant inputs, Deep Colour support, 14bit D/A converters, a maximum resolution of 1920x1200@75Hz (beyond 1080p FULLHD), a fast 1GHz output buffer, and high quality op-amps and capacitors on the output stage for the best image quality possible. Testers with extremely modified / high end Barco 909 projectors are reporting that this is the best HDMI solution they've come across.

For complete details refer to our BARCO-FULLHD order page.

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