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We sell CRT projectors and other home theater products & accessories, including calibration tools for all display types. We also offer hundreds of free home theater tips, as well as a discussion forum. Why CRT? With true blacks, real contrast ratios beyond 40,000:1, and colours that do not drift, people still choose CRT projectors for home theaters and movie mixing studios where HDTV and Blu-ray playback quality is paramount. Carefully refurbished and tested, our projectors will provide you with thousands of problem free hours of service. Since 1985 we have worked on over 5000 projectors and stock lots of spare parts. We offer trade-ins and can advise on what's best for you.

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Practical Guide to Home Theater Acoustics

Latest News

NEW: Practical Guide to Home Theater Sound Isolation
October 20, 2014


A new practical guide to home theater sound isolation, written for the everyday home theater enthusiast.

Sound isolation is about keeping house and home theater sounds completely separated.

Stop turning up the volume because you can hear the furnace, dishwasher, or footsteps above, and stop worrying about waking the kids with your latest explosion ridden blockbuster! Proper sound isolation solves all of these issues.

This comprehensive 94 page guide answers questions such as:

  • Does the kind of door you have matter?
  • Do ceilings and flooring above (or below) your theater impact sound isolation?
  • How do I stagger studs?
  • How do I dampen the room?
  • How does decoupling impact sound isolation?
  • What is the most important element of sound isolation?
  • What are the most cost effective treatments?
  • How do I build a basement home theater and isolate it from the floors above?
  • How do I build a home theater on the second floor and isolate it from the floors below?
  • How do I remove furnace and air conditioning noise from the home theater?

All of the critical topics of sound isolation are covered, written in a conversational tone without any complex math. Here is the lesson list, from the Table of Contents:

Lesson One: The Fundamentals of Sound
Lesson Two: Sound Isolation Fundamentals
Lesson Three: The Core Six Techniques
Lesson Four: Construction Techniques
Lesson Five: Suggested Implementations
Lesson Six: Sound Isolation Gallery

Free bonus: Two Part Audio Interview with Ted White, founder of Soundproofing Company Inc.

To order see our Practical Guide to Home Theater Sound Isolation page.

Looking for more tips on building your home theater? Our comprehensive Home Theater Course & Expert Videos package is also available along with our Practical Guide to Home Theater Acoustics and Private Home Theater Tours. All are 25% off until November 1!

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Colorimetry Research CR-100 Professional Colorimeter
October 3, 2014

Now available at a special discounted price. Buy direct from our ChromaPure partner at prices lower than buying off their own website! Same product, same support, just more money in your pocket at the end of the day. ORDER NOW »

There are two colour analyzers that professionals and dedicated enthusiasts generally seek: A reference spectroradiometer for the last word in colorimetric accuracy and a professional quality colorimeter.

Unfortunately, such devices are not cheap. The Photo Research and Minolta reference spectros start at about $15,000 USD and go up to near $30,000 USD. The Klein K-10a, previously the only professional quality colorimeter on the market, retails at $7,000 USD.

Now there is a new entry to the professional colorimeter market, the CR-100 from a new company called Colorimetry Research Inc. It is an incredibly fast reading colorimeter, reading more than twice as fast as the popular Display 3.

In our testing of the CR-100 we have found that it performs at least as well, and with respect at least to repeatability even better, than the Klein instrument. It does this at a significantly lower price point of $4995 USD.

The CR-100 is accurate enough to be used as a standalone color analyzer for professional applications. For the most demanding applications it can be profiled against a true reference spectroradiometer (such as the JETI 1211). Either way, its speed, low-light sensitivity, and repeatability are world-class.

The CR-100 is the most affordable professional colorimeter available. Just mount either on a tripod, facing towards the source, connect to ChromaPure Professional, and then use as you would any other color analyzer.

For complete details see our Colorimetry Research CR-100 order page.

Questions? Email us at

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BARCO-FULLHD: HDMI 1.4 card for Barco CRT projectors
September 23, 2014

Moome's new BARCO-FULLHD HDMI 1.4 card starts shipping at the end of November 2014. Order yours today at a special pre-order price. Quantities are limited!

Upgrade your Barco CRT projector by adding four (4) HDMI 1.4 inputs with 3D support, gamma correction and infrared remote control. These digital HDCP-compliant HDMI 1.4 inputs allow you to watch hi-def content at up to 1080p resolution.

The BARCO-FULLHD card allows you to easily add digital devices such as Blu-Ray players, PS3/4, Xbox 360/One, Satellite/Cable HDTV set-top boxes, and HTPCs with HDMI graphic cards to your Barco CRT projector.

The BARCO-FULLHD replaces the (somewhat useless) secondary RGB port 3 card in your projector. The mounting bracket on the existing port 3 card is removed by the user and installed on the BARCO-FULLHD.

A port 3 dongle (included) is then plugged into your Barco's external port 3 socket. The dongle includes an IR receiver to allow for IR remote control of the BARCO-FULLHD functions. A 3D sync port is also available for connecting 3D emitters.

The BARCO-FULLHD offers advanced features such as 100% HDMI 1.4 compliant inputs, Deep Colour support, 14bit D/A converters, a maximum resolution of 1920x1200@75Hz (beyond 1080p FULLHD), a fast 1GHz output buffer, and high quality op-amps and capacitors on the output stage for the best image quality possible. Testers with extremely modified / high end Barco 909 projectors are reporting that this is the best HDMI solution they've come across.

For complete details refer to our BARCO-FULLHD order page.

Questions? Email us at

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Projectors for sale
August 9, 2014

See our CRT Primer to read why CRT projectors are still used where reliability and picture quality is paramount. Our Projector Rankings page will show you how they stack up. Not sure what projector is right for you? Email Curt for help!

I just received in a bunch more 9" CRT projectors, and since it's summer, those that need (yet another) project, here's a great chance to get a great deal on a high end CRT projector. These prices are a one time special, since I only have a select number of sets of each of the ones listed below.

I've been clearing out more sets, taking some to the recycler, and parting some out. In doing so, I've found several gems that I didn't know I had:

  • (Qty 2) NEC XG75 / XG110: Both have excellent condition tubes, one actually has VDC tubes in it, the other has originals with virtually no wear. Do you have an NEC PG set that is failing? Here's a quick, easy upgrade, as the XG fits on the same bracket as the PG series, same remote, and same setup. Both of these sets have been fully tested, and lock fine to all input frequencies. Significantly brighter and sharper than the PG series. $500 each without remote and ceiling bracket, or $600 each with remote, ceiling bracket. I think I've even got copies of the original manuals for these.

  • (Qty 1) NEC XG110LC: Same as the above, but the LC version of the set, that give a bit richer image. $750.00 without ceiling bracket and remote, $850 with ceiling bracket and remote. Many hours of use left in all of the NEC XG sets that I have.

  • (Qty 2) Electrohome Marquee 9500 Ultra with Vision One case: Both sets are in good shape, both with brand new tubes, with the nice piano black finish fibreglass case. Both come with manuals, remotes and a brand new original ceiling bracket. GT 17 lenses come with these sets, an upgrade from the original HD10 that came with the 9500. $3000.00 each.

  • (Qty 1) Sony G90. 1800 original hours on the set. New Dallas chip, DVI input board included, minimal wear on the tubes, as shown in the eBay ad here. I'll reduce the ebay selling price by $100 to $2400 for anyone buying from this mailing list rather than on eBay! c/w remote and original Sony box.

  • (Qty 1) Sony G90. All new tubes! I got a really good deal on some new 9" tubes, so I'm selling this one chassis only for $4200! c/w remote and new Dallas chip. An amazing set!

  • (Qty 2) Barco 909: Once again, I have in a total of 2 Barco 909. These date from 2003, so they are very late model Barco 909 projectors. Late version 3.20 software has none of the issues that versions under 2.00 had, and these sets have been fully tested. I have one set with light 16:9 wear on it, pulled from a Runco 1100 projector that I scrapped. This set comes with the R and g color tinted C elements, bringing this very close to a Cine 9. HD10F lenses, this set projects an excellent image. c/w remote control. The case is in good shape, is black, with minimal marks on it. Simply the best CRT projector you can buy! $4500.00.

  • Marquee 8510 projectors: New arrival! Very late model (2005). I originally bought these to simply part them out, but thought I'd list them as complete sets since they are in great shape overall. These are military type Electrohome 8500 Ultras, with the very latest software (5.4) in them. Improved video input boards, video neck boards, with extra fans to keep them cool, and super sharp P16 tubes (which do have wear). 6 pole astig magnets on each tube, and HD117-24 lenses, which are good up to a 92" screen. For those that want to upgrade their plain 8500 or 9500 to an Ultra, here's a dirt cheap way to do it. (I will part out the sets for you to reduce shipping costs if you want just the boards). The HD117 lenses are shorter throw than the normal HD8 lenses, and the HD117s are also sharper than the HD8s. For someone wanting to do a rear projection setup, or you don't have the room for a regular throw projector, this is the way to go as well. These chassis are more industrial looking than a Marquee case, but in most RP installations, you won't see the projector. On eBay here.

  • New in the box Marquee 9" tubes: I still have a few red and green new in the box tubes for the Marquee 9000, 9500, 9500 Ultra, the Madrigal Labs MP-9, and Vidikron Vision 1 sets left. These are very late model tubes, made in Nov 2011 or later. All of the tubes I've used personally (about 10 sets total) have been perfect, and almost every tube has the 6 pole astig magnets on them. Even if your existing tubes are in good shape, these are a fraction of the price that they sold for new (up to $3300 each, according to the packing slip on one box that came in). $200.00 for red, $500.00 for green. I am currently out of blue tubes, and now have only a few each of the reds and greens. Once I am out of stock, it's hard to say when I may get another cache in of tubes. 

See my eBay summary for more listings.

Questions? Email Curt.

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NEW: Practical Guide to Home Theater Acoustics
June 24, 2014

A new practical guide to home theater acoustics, written for the everyday home theater enthusiast.

In the process of creating a great sounding home theater, acoustics have to play a big part of the project.

Most enthusiasts find however that as soon as they begin to study acoustics they're quickly buried in physics, math, formulas, and calculations.

The Practical Guide to Home Theater Acoustics is a common sense set of best practices, making it much easier to follow.

The acoustics of your room do not need to be thought of as something that only the most gifted math and science majors can understand. Everyone can learn the fundamentals and apply that knowledge in a practical way and apply it to their own rooms and theaters.

Learn these core principles, these common sense applications, that will bring the best out of your home theater sound. A home theater where you:

  • Hear the dialogue clearly
  • Don't have to keep turning the volume up during quiet scenes and down during loud scenes
  • Have clear and powerful bass (never boomy)
  • Have an even response throughout the room
  • Hear the surround sound as it was intended

To order see our Practical Guide to Home Theater Acoustics page.

Looking for tips on building your entire home theater? Our comprehensive Home Theater Course & Expert Videos package is also available.

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NEW: Private Home Theater Tours
June 24, 2014

Go inside 28+ different enthusiast home theaters from across the country and hear from the owners themselves with this series of video tours. Over 10 hours of video content.

For years we've seen home theater pictures in magazines and websites, but we've always wanted more. We wanted to hear from the knowledgeable theater owners first hand, listen to their design challenges, learn about their equipment choices, and hear about their experiences.

This video package brings 28 home theaters directly to you. You'll get to hear from the owners themselves as they open up and discuss their thoughts on everything about their home theater, including:

  • Why did they build a home theater in the first place?
  • How did they design their home theater?
  • What went into their equipment choices?
  • Did they build their theater themselves?
  • What would they do differently next time?
  • And more...

These are not home theater tours of the rich and famous. These are every day home theater enthusiasts who are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about their hobby. Many have built their home theater themselves from the ground up. Only the actual owner of the theater, discussing the theater with you, can really give you a complete tour.

28 home theaters are covered, in over 10 hours of video content.

To order see our Private Home Theater Tours page.

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9" tubes / Vidikron Vision 1 projector
June 15, 2014

I was fortunate to get a large lot of new old stock 9" CRT tubes for the Electrohome Marquee series of projectors. I'd purchased over 100 of these tubes last year, and sold many of them very quickly. This time around, I received another 52 tubes, and I sure don't need these sitting around here! The tubes I purchased last year were sold by VDC for $3300 each (according to the invoice attached to one of the boxes) to a flight simulator system in November 2011. With the over 60 tubes I sold and installed into sets I personally sold, the tubes were 100%, zero issues. All bellows are pliable with no weeping, and a number of the screws used in the LC chamber and housing are stainless steel.

This lot of 52 tubes appear to be even slightly later vintage than the bunch I received last year. While I can't tell the exact date (no packing slip this time), the way the tubes were constructed indicate a very late manufacturing date.

These tubes are the P19LCP tubes that fit the Electrohome Marquee 9000, 9500, and 9500 Ultra sets. They also fit the Madrigal Labs MP9 and the Vidikron Vision 1. If you have a Marquee 8XXX series, now is the time to easily (and cheaply) upgrade to turn your set into a 9" set. All you need is a set of tube mounting plates (I have stock at $150 per set), and set of 9" lenses, easily found on my forum, or I do have some stock of varying lenses as well.

Most, if not all of these tubes come with 9 pole astig magnets, and all tubes are factory pre-aligned by VDC. There's very little tweaking of the tube magnetic that needs to be done, VDC does a really good job at the factory. All green tubes come with the dark green C element, the R and B tubes have clear C elements.

I have a mix of tubes that I am selling, either singly, or as an RGB set. Including last year's purchase, I have:

Obviously, with only a few blue tubes in stock, I cannot sell them singly, but will sell a full set of new in the box RGB tubes for $1200.00 USD plus shipping. That's the lowest price you'll find anywhere for new 9" tubes. The tubes can be taken out of the Marquee LC housing and used in Sony G90s, Barco 1209/1209s/909/919 and Ampro 4300 and 4600 projectors as well, but it's up to you to do that.

I will double box each tube to ensure a safe arrival, and each tube is 22 lbs, and measures 26" X 16" X 14". One these are sold, I don't know if I will ever get more. I bought out every tube this chain of flight simulators had in stock. Even if you have a 9" CRT projector with good tubes, this is a great way to get a backup set. Tubes store well for years, so even if you don't need them right now, take advantage of these ridiculous prices!

Vidikron Vision 1 projector

This projector is based on the top of the line Electrohome Marquee 9500 Ultra CRT projector, with a super nice fibreglass piano black finish case on it (see complete set of pictures). While some Vision One sets aren't Ultras, this is an original Ultra, purchased in 2001, so it's also a late model projector. Came from a high end home theater in California. We changed out the red and green tubes with brand new ones, due to glycol contamination. The blue tube has been flushed (the glycol was clean to start with), and is in excellent shape.

All G2 levels are in the mid 60s, indicating lots of life left on the electron gun. Also included with the set are Mike Parker modded video cards, and the video input board is the hard to find -02 board with better video bandwidth than the stock -03. All functions have been checked, and the set works as new. A new ceiling bracket will also come with the projector.

As for the case, it's one of the nicest fibreglass cases we've had through here. Minimal marks on it, and it will look incredible in your home theater.

Fully capable of resolving well past 1080p. An optional HDMI card is available so you can plug HDMI sources directly into the projector for 1080p goodness! The set comes with the -02 high resolution/bandwidth RGBHV input card.

I will sell each one of these Vision 1 sets for $3000 including a full set of new RGB tubes and I'll throw in a new in the box ceiling bracket! Remote and manual included as well of course.

I currently have one listed on eBay with a complete set of pictures.

I hope everyone is finally enjoying this warmer weather!

See my eBay summary for more listings.

Questions? Email Curt!

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New Radiance models 2123, 2124, 2143, and 2144
May 10, 2014

Lumagen has announced four new Radiance video processors, models 2123, 2124, 2143, and 2144.

All four increase the HDMI input count to eight, and two feature scaling of SD and HD source material as high as 4k60 UltraHD, maximizing video performance by taking advantage of Lumagen's proprietary NoRing™ scaling to scale film source to 4k24 and video to 4k60.

The new models include an improved colour management system that supports 4913 point (17x17x17) colour calibration as compared to the 729 point maximum available on previous models.

All models feature Darbee image enhancement technology, first introduced in the Radiance 20xx series.

For a complete breakdown of Radiance models, see newly updated Radiance feature comparison table.

These new Radiance units are now available for order at our discounted prices. Limited time trade-ins are available, allowing to you trade in just about any video processor and save even further. We ship worldwide.

For complete details see our Radiance order page.

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