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Us Presents: Private Home Theater Tours

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Private Home Theater Tours

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Payment methods include PayPal and all major credit cards (PayPal account not needed to pay by credit card). Our payment processor will automatically convert the amount to your local currency.

This product is a digital download available for immediate access upon payment. No shipping.

Go inside 28+ different enthusiast home theaters from across the country and hear from the owners themselves with this series of video tours. Over 10 hours of video content.

For years we've seen home theater pictures in magazines and websites, but we've always wanted more.  We wanted to hear from the knowledgeable theater owners first hand, listen to their design challenges, learn about their equipment choices, and hear about their experiences.

This video package brings 28 home theaters directly to you. You'll get to hear from the owners themselves as they open up and discuss their thoughts on everything about their home theater, including:

  • Why did they build a home theater in the first place?
  • How did they design their home theater?
  • What went into their equipment choices?
  • Did they build their theater themselves?
  • What would they do differently next time?
  • And more...

These are not home theater tours of the rich and famous. These are every day home theater enthusiasts who are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about their hobby. Most have built their home theater themselves from the ground up. Only the actual owner of the theater, discussing the theater with you, can really give you a complete tour.

28 home theaters are covered, in over 10 hours of video content:

  • The Curt F. Theater (runtime 20:43)
  • The JoeRod Theater (runtime 19:54)
  • The Geordon P. Theater (runtime 35:03)
  • The Pete D. Theater (runtime 25:32)
  • The Pete D. Two Channel Room (runtime 16:38)
  • The Cliff B. Theater (runtime 17:35)
  • The Jeff M. Theater (runtime 42:54)
  • The Itai B. Theater (runtime 16:34)
  • The Ron K. Theater (runtime 17:47)
  • The Randy M. Theater (runtime 36:14)
  • The John V. Theater (runtime 37:01)
  • The Garen J. Theater (runtime 28:51)
  • The Craig S. Theater (runtime 4:58)
  • The Steve C. Theater (runtime 19:44)
  • The Shawn W. Theater (runtime 11:55)
  • The Justin B. Theater (runtime 18:01)
  • The Jason M. Theater (runtime 15:19)
  • The Bud K. Theater (runtime 30:08)
  • The Nate S. Theater (runtime 20:51)
  • The JJ M. Theater (runtime 27:20)
  • The Darren W. Theater (runtime 27:25)
  • The KJ L. Theater (runtime 21:14)
  • The Craig B. Theater (runtime 21:58)
  • The Jeff J. Theater (runtime 43:37)
  • The Mike T. Theater (runtime 8:16)
  • The Gary G. Theater (runtime 13:06)
  • The Art S. Theater (runtime 27:12)
  • The Grant O. Theater (runtime 32:33)



When do I receive my downloads?
You can start to download your videos right away. After you order, you will return to the site here to create your account. All paid subscribers will have access to the Home Theater Tours download index page. On that page are the theater videos for you to download.

Can I stream these videos through my devices?
No, the site is not designed for streaming the videos, they are for download to your device only.

What is the file format of the videos?
All the videos are standard .MP4 files with a two channel audio mix.

Are the videos HD or SD?
For now the videos are SD.

Are these videos different than the videos that are part of The Ultimate Course on Designing and Building Your Dream Home Theater?
Yes, these are entirely different. Those videos (in the course) are experts and videos discussing the design and construction of a home theater. The videos in this series are tours showing home theaters and listening to the owners discuss their own home theaters. The videos, in this series, are exactly as you see in the trailer above.

Is this still a monthly series, or do I get all the downloads at once?
This was originally a monthly series, but we have decided to provide access to all videos at once at a reduced price. Most people will not be able to download all of them at one time, considering the sheer volume of the files to download, so you can come back as much as you need to complete your downloads.    

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