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Us Presents: Practical Guide to Home Theater Acoustics

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Practical Guide to Home Theater Acoustics

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A practical guide to home theater acoustics, written for the everyday home theater enthusiast.

In the process of creating a great sounding home theater, acoustics have to play a big part of the project.

Most enthusiasts find however that as soon as they begin to study acoustics they're quickly buried in physics, math, formulas, and calculations.

The Practical Guide to Home Theater Acoustics is a common sense set of best practices, making it much easier to follow.

The acoustics of your room do not need to be thought of as something that only the most gifted math and science majors can understand. Everyone can learn the fundamentals and apply that knowledge in a practical way to their own rooms and theaters.


Learn these core principles, these common sense applications, that will bring the best out of your home theater sound.

A home theater where you:

  • Hear the dialogue clearly
  • Don't have to keep turning the volume up during quiet scenes and down during loud scenes
  • Have clear and powerful bass (never boomy)
  • Have an even response throughout the room
  • Hear the surround sound as it was intended

All of the critical topics of acoustics are covered, written in a conversational tone without any complex math. Here is the lesson list, from the Table of Contents:

Lesson One: Overview of Sound
Lesson Two: The Role of the Room
Lesson Three: Sound Isolation Maters
Lesson Four: Reflection
Lesson Five: Diffusion
Lesson Six: Absorption
Lesson Seven: Bass Traps
Lesson Eight: Core Recommendations
Lesson Nine: Acoustic Treatment Examples

Practical Home Theater Acoustics answer questions such as:

  • What are acoustic treatments anyway?
  • What does it mean to measure a room?
  • What are bass traps, and why do I need them?
  • Where should I put absorption panels?
  • Am I supposed to have diffusion in my theater?
  • How do I find first reflection points?
  • How does soundproofing impact acoustics?
  • What the heck are room modes?
  • What are the most cost effective treatments?

The last lesson, Acoustic Treatment Examples, shows actual example treatments as created by various home theater owners. Photos are shown with the steps these owners followed to create their own panels, bass traps, and wall treatments.

There is theory in this guide, without it you would have no foundation for the application. The primary purpose of the guide is to take that theory and then apply it to your actual home theater – the practical application is the key. The end goal is for you to have some basis in the theory, and then go ahead and use that to create your own acoustic treatments.


Is acoustics not already covered in The Home Theater Course?
The Home Theater Course has a 7 page overview of acoustics but does not give you the level of detail that this 105 page guide does. Think of this guide as an add-on.

Is this guide filled with math?
No. The goal was to discuss these issues with as little math and physics as possible. There are plenty of well-researched and extensive sources for the science, the physics, and the math of acoustics.

If I’m an Acoustics Pro will I like this guide?
Probably not. This guide is not written like a textbook and it is not filled with science. It is written for the everyday home theater enthusiast, it is not written for an Acoustics or industry pro.

Will I get my download right away?
Yes, the system is automated, so 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you can order and login to download.

Will anything be shipped to me?
No, this is an all digital offering, there will be no physical product shipped.

Can I print this out at home?
Yes, if you prefer to have something printed, feel free to do so.

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