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Building a Hushbox (Alternate Solution)

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Fig. 35 shows a front view of the hushbox.

Figure 35

Since the cooling system has been modified by fitting larger fans than the original ones but in a much lower position, we thought it was safer to monitor the temperature of the electronics. The video processing boards are higher up and since heat from the tubes tends to rise it was thought to fit a temperature probe with a digital indicator (See Fig. 36).

Figure 36

Fig. 37 shows the position of the probe (on one side of the electronics).

Figure 37

The projector was run for more than 1 hour and it started off with a temperature of 23.1 C (See Fig. 38). After 1 hour or so the temperature registered by the probe was 30.6 C (See Fig. 39). Which means that the temperature above the cooling flow of air stabilises around 8 C higher than starting temperature. It was also found that the temperature oscillated around 31 C, being the probe, most probably, very sensible to temperature variations.

Figure 38

Figure 39

The display is so small that it was found convenient to make a small aluminium stand: fortunately the cable is so long that you can locate the display virtually anywhere 2 meters away from the projector. The probe has been fixed using a bolt that holds the standard projector enclosure.

Another problem of having a hushbox is that it is not possible to access the control panel. In case some of the function are not available on the remote control, it is necessary to have the local panel accessible. It was fixed on the side of the projector using the same material (aluminium) for the digital display of the temperature probe (See Fig. 40).

Figure 40

There is a small slot (approx. 1.5 mm deep) around the side of the local control panel that can be used to slide the control panel in a couple of rails cut from an aluminium sheet. In this case the new structure of the local panel was bent higher up in order to be accessible through a large slot cut out from the hushbox (See Fig. 41).

Figure 41

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