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Spacer Mod for Large & Centered Rasters

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This modification is courtesy of Mike Sell. Thanks Mike!  

I have tried setting up a Sony 12xx with a non-standard distance-to-screen for the medium spacer (the only one I have). The raster ended up being a little off the face of the blue & red. I could have made the raster smaller but it still was not centered (neither good for CRT wear).

Here is the modification I used in place of the Sony spacers. This set up allows you to keep the raster large and centered while aiming the B & R guns.

The first picture (above) shows the springs and rubber grommets on the CRT/lens mounting screws. These can be found at any hardware store. The springs are medium strength and 3/4" length. The rubber grommets are 1/4" thick, and are necessary to allow the CRT & lens some movement on the inner mounting bolts.

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