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Bleeding CRT Tubes

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The front glass on one of my CRT tubes broke because of this excessive pressure, how can I get the front glass off a tube?

This is the company that sells the stuff you need to remove the front glass of the CRT.

Dynaloy, Inc.
1535 East Naomi Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46203
800-669-5709 or 317-788-5694

You want to order their product Dynasolve 225, it usually takes a couple days to loosen up the RTV.

Where I can get glycol that's used as a CRT coolant?

CRT coolant contains ethylene glycol and glycerine, usually in a 70/30 mixture. It can be purchased from most suppliers of consumer electronics parts like Tritronics or Andrews, or even MCM.

Ethylene glycol is not itself corrosive at all, but is a very good solvent. It absorbs moisture from the air and forms a corrosive mixture eventually doing serious damage to a circuit board. It is not sufficient to simply wipe it off. It needs to be washed off. Use denatured alcohol or isopropanol. A light detergent and water can work as well, but takes longer. If you had a leak or a break, make sure to check everywhere in the projector. You don't want coolant on any boards!

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