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Ampro 3600/4600

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Manuals / Downloads



Ampro Throw Distance Calculator (System Installation Program v5)     0.2mb

Ampro 4000 Operation Manual     14.9mb

Ampro 3300/4300 Service Manual     35.9mb

Ampro 3600/4600 Operation Manual     6.9mb

Ampro 3600/4600 Operation Manual     6.9mb

Ampro 3600/4600 Service Manual     6.5mb

Ampro 3600/4600 Firmware Revisions     0.2mb 

Ampro 3600/4600 I2C Error Codes     0.1mb 

Ampro CPU board LED descriptions     0.1mb 
Ampro CPU board DIP switch descriptions     0.1mb 
Evolution of Ampro Firmware (v3.03 -> v5.21)     0.1mb

Note: Service manuals will usually contain schematic diagrams, printed circuit board layouts, part lists, and instructions on adjustments and repair.  They are highly technical in nature and are intended for electronics service personnel only. They serve no use to the average home theater user. 

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