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My CES 2007 Report

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I was a guest on the BJ Shea show while at CES. You can hear them streaming at from 6 to 10 AM every weekday morning.

The report for the show went fine, until I realized that they wanted me to talk about certain things that they didn't tell me about. As you can hear at the end of the report, they never sent the list of things that they wanted me to talk about, and BJ and I were on completely different pages.

Click to listen!  Curt on the BJ Shea show.MP3   (12 minutes, 5.5mb)


Well another CES show has come and gone, and here’s the sights and sounds of the show. I’ve got a personal opinion of the show posted at the end of the report, as well as links to other web pages that cover the show.

This year, the show had 2900 exhibitors and over 1.6 million square feet of show space. There were 140,000 attendees expected. That seems to be slightly larger than last year. Just as your feet thought they couldn’t stand any more walking, the show gets bigger. For those that have never attended, wear comfortable shoes! I gave out each day at 7 hours of walking, the show is open for 9 hours per day usually. After about 5 hours, each speaker and amplifier and MP3 player and camera and plasma, etc etc tends to blend into the next, so the most beneficial hours seem to be about the first three of each show.

Well, we couldn’t start the report out without a tacky picture of the plane that the g/f and I took to Vegas. Here it is:

It was a quick trip to Vegas this year. We arrived on the Monday night, the first day of the show and left on Thursday AM, the last day of the show. 2 days was lots of time though to get the bulk of the viewing done. There’s a few areas that I didn’t see, but I think I got more ground covered this year.

Here’s a couple of shots just to show the size of the show, both taken from the same place:

(these pictures were taken first thing at 9AM, the show floor got a WHOLE lot busier…)

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