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Screen masking system- top/bottom details
Screen masking system- top/bottom details
Title: Screen masking system- top/bottom details
Description: Some would say that you can't make 1/8" Masonite board extend 8' without it bowing. Not true. When mounting the rails make sure to shim them on the top/bottom or left/right to force the masking panel to want to bow towards the screen in the middle. Behind the panel put a Nylon guide or small pulley from the Screen Door aisle behind the panel. The panel will tend to ride on the guide and not bow.

Also, make sure EVERYTHING is square and true. Top and bottom panels should be exactly the same size. There are no stops or counterweights in this design. Top and bottom are perfectly balanced so they stay where you put them!

One limitation is the screen size. Since you can't get Masonite board longer than 8' (at least I don't think you can) then the usable screen width for this design is limited to about 93"...after mounting hardware.

Total depth of this design is ONLY 1 1/2" from face of screen (which is the wall in my case). I've had this system for over a year now and am thoroughly happy with the precision...although it isn't motorized...hhmmm....
Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 2:42 am
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