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CRT Referral List


Below is a list of fellow CRT projector owners from around the globe, ranging from amateur DIY home theater installs to pro Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) members that are willing to show new CRT projector owners a good working system and/or assist others in set up and greyscale adjustments.


United States

      >> Alabama

Name:  Pete Degenaar
Location:  Huntsville, AL, USA
Contact:  Email:, Web:
Qualifications:  I would be willing to demo my HT, can help with the initial setup and basic Barco troubleshooting (as I have spare parts to swap out).

Name:  Michael Kinnaird, Service Manager and partner at Sound Decisions, LLC
Location:  Birmingham Alabama, service area includes FL, GA, MI, TN, call if outside this area
Contact:  Email:, Web:,  Phone: (205) 945-9400,  FAX: (205) 945-9480
Qualifications:  ISF-trained dealer. We have 3 on our staff with over 20 years experience in the design, integration, and sales of theaters and conference rooms. I have over 35 years experience in the design, installation, calibration, & repair of high-end consumer & commercial audio and video systems, including: CRT, DLP, LCD, & LCOS front & rear projection, plasma & LCD panels, direct-view TVs & computer monitors - ALL BRANDS. We also do sound, automation, lighting systems, consulting, and programming for clients and other A/V retailers. We will install ANY projector Curt sells and will assist in the repair of any set sold by Curt. Equipment: Sencore VP-403 Sencore ColorPro CP5000 with ACP 6500 software, Sencore CR7000, Audio Control 33 band RTA with calibrated mic, AVIA, AVE discs. Certifications and Training: ISF certification: Sept 1998 , CET, THX, CEDIA level II, repair certification classes from Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, Loewe, Pioneer, Mitsubishi, LightTouch, and others. Member I.E.E.E. since 1978. Accepted Forms of Payment: cash, personal check with ID, business check, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX Hours are:10-7, Mon-Sat.

      >> Arizona

Name:  AVDomotics, Andy and Charlie White
Location:  Sedona, AZ, USA
Contact:  Email:, Web:, Phone: 800-675-1315
Qualifications:  We provide service and installation of theater equipment as part of our full service home automation solutions.

Name:  Tim Martin
Location:  Phoenix, AZ, USA
Contact:  Email:, Web:
Qualifications:  Full support of all things Marquee, demos by appointment.

Name:  Emersive Audio/Video llc
Location:  Phoenix, AZ, USA
Contact:  Web:, Phone: 602-740-1072, FAX: 602-482-0948
Qualifications:  AV Systems installer, troubleshooting and full AV dealer. We Do Retrofits and remodels! Programming of URC Remote Controls and systems.

Name:  Mark McGranahan
Location:  Tucson, AZ, USA
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  I have owned and setup a Sony G70, Ampro 4300, 4200, 3600, Marquee 8111, 8500, 9500, I can do setup, many mods for the Marquee line, tweaking, trouble shooting and some basic repairs.

Name:  Andrew Smiley
Location:  Peoria, AZ, USA
Contact:  Email:, Phone: 602-405-3843
Qualifications:  I am a master at troubleshooting, retubing or rebuilding the Barco series projectors.

      >> California

Name:  Doug Baisey
Location:  Diamond Bar, CA, USA
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  NEC CRT specialist. NEC factory trained / certified warranty for 16 years. Professional set up, calibration, parts and repairs, by appointment.

Name:  Robert Busch
Location:  Santa Rosa, CA, USA
Contact:  Phone (707) 573-9170, Cell (707) 888-6630, Email:, Web:
Qualifications:  Busch Home Theater has all of the needed equipment (Optical comparator, Color analyzer, Spectral Radiometer, HD waveform monitor, HD test pattern generator, Sencore color pro for ISFccc adjustments) and over 20 years of technical experience. Robert Busch was one of the first to be trained as an ISF certified Technician. Robert is currently retained by the ISF for training and setup of display systems at ISF seminars. If you would like to setup an appointment for calibration please contact us.

Name:  Glen Carter
Home Theater Calibration
Location:  Whittier, CA, USA (serving most of Southern California)
Contact:  Phone (562) 693-6983, Cell (562) 754-0996, Email:, Web:
Qualifications:  ISF-trained dealer, specializing in Home Theater video display calibration services in the Los Angeles and surrounding Southern California area. Calibrations performed with the Sencore ColorPro-5000 color analyzer, VP403 HDTV signal generator and Auto CalPro 6500 software. Along with performing ISF calibrations on all types of displays, including front projection, I do CRT replacements, maintenance, set-ups, geometry and some repairs. Modifications are available for the Marquee. I have tooling to make A/V cables with Canare crimp connectors using Canare and Belden Cable. I have experience with my own Marquee 9500LC complete rebuild, and the setup and repairs on my Barco 1208s.

Name:  Mr. Bob, aka Robert P. Jones
Location:  San Lorenzo/East Bay, San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
Contact:  Phone: 510-278-4247, Email:, Web:
Qualifications:  I'm based in the SF Bay Area, but will also travel anywhere. So far this has included New Jersey, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington, and both No. and So. CA, though I have had inquiries from as far away as Iceland, Puerto Rico and the Philipines. I have attended the Ampro, Runco, Sencore, Toshiba and Tektronix schools, plus studied electronics theory and repair at Lane Community College in Springfield, Oregon. Plus the ISF Course – plus both of the special ISF courses offered after the actual training days of the ISF training - from Jim Burns: on aiming OTA HD antennas in difficult situations – and Jim Doolittle: on the finer points of doing ceiling projectors. In the last 20 years I have done Sony, Philips, Marantz, RCA, Hitachi, Panasonic, Zenith and NEC RPTVs, plus Sony, Mitsubishi, Electrohome, Runco, Ampro, Barco, NEC, Dwin, Seleco, Vidikron, Kloss and Advent front projectors. My calibrations are not just the typical ISF calibration of simply greyscale and user centers; they are complete stem to stern calibrations, covering both optical and electrostatic focussing (including precision blue defocussing and how it relates to the white balance section of greyscale), professional optics cleaning, geometry (precision picture shaping and placement), convergence, greyscale, recalibration of user centers, and ardent effectiveness in dealing with red push issues - universally prevalent in Mitsubishis, but also present in many other brands. Unfortunately, this has to be tempered by the ability of any set to actually allow for linear color decoding response, and/or be re-aligned for achieving it. When necessary, they also involve scheimpflug and astigmatism re-alignments - fine-point ops that are not commonly known about.

Name:  Mark Melvin
Location:  East San Francisco Bay, CA, USA
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  Novice CRT Enthusiast.  I have experience setting up several projectors in my own home.  I can help anyone who is new to CRT or would like to experience CRT projection in person.  I also would like to meet other local CRT folks!

Name:  Tri Star Home Theater Installations
Location:  Newport Beach, CA, USA
Contact:  Chuck Woods (949) 878-0531 cell, (800) 374-3307 office, Email: Web:
Qualifications:  State of California Lic# 83072, Commercial and residential projector installations, Bars, Restaurants, Conference Rooms, Class Rooms, Home Theaters Systems.

      >> Colorado

Name:  Gary Fritz
Location:  Fort Collins, CO, USA
Contact:  Email:, Username 'garyfritz' on the CRT Forum.
Qualifications:  I'm no expert but I might be able to help someone with an NEC. I've done pretty major calibration work on my XG852. Willing to demo.

Name:  Dragan Mejic
Location:  Denver area, CO, USA
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  Happy to demo my Mike Parker modded 8500 for anyone curious about CRT front projection or unhappy with the pic from a bulb-machine. I can also re-tube, install, set-up, repair the Marquee line of Electrohomes.

      >> Connecticut

Name:  Andy Kerchoff
Location:  Ridgefield, CT USA
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  Currently own a mint Barco Data 808s CRT. Experience setting up Barco. HTPC expert! Willing to do a demo or help others with set-up!

Name:  Paul Stansel
Location:  Vernon, CT USA
Contact:  Email:, Username 'madpoet' on the CRT Forum.
Qualifications:  I can demo my Electrohome Marquee 9500 and provide some basic advice. Nothing fancy though!

      >> Georgia

Name:  Terry Ferentinos
Location:  Atlanta, GA USA and surrounding area. Anywhere East of Mississippi if multiple setups can be organized
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  Set-up's of NEC XG & PG, all Sony, all Marquee, all Barco. Mods to G90's and Marquees. Install available. HTPC and servers. Lumagen dealer. Custom RGB cables and Barco port 3 cables.

      >> Florida

Name:  Jeff Homan
Location:  Clermont, FL, USA
Contact:, Web:
Qualifications:  Experience the best in CRT quality! Located near Orlando, FL and able to travel throughout the state and the US on request. Experienced with Electrohome, Sony, Barco, NEC, Zenith, Madrigal, and Vidikron projectors. Our CRT services include Install and Setup, ISF Calibration, Convergence, and Servicing. We now also offer certified AMX Programming.

Name:  Christopher Johnson
Location:  Satellite Beach, FL, USA
Qualifications:  Long-time hobbyist, with a strong background in the Electrohome Marquee chassis. I've learned the Marquee inside and out from experience and trial and error. I've torn down several to a bare chassis and totally rebuilt them as a learning experience and to assure reliability. I offer board exchange services for most boards most of the time, at very fair prices. I do limited component level repair and rework and mods per the VDC service bulletins, and my workmanship is guaranteed first rate and highly reliable. I do essential modifications to Marquee chassis and can arrange to have other mods done for you. I've upgraded 8000/8500s to 9501LCs and know what it takes to do it right the first time. I can assist a Marquee owner or potential owner with almost any phase of acquisition, installation,  and setup in a home theater or smaller commercial installation. I do limited calibration as well, the limitation being the performance of my colorimeter.

Name:  Erik Johnson
Location:  Orlando Area, FL, USA
Contact:  Username 'erikjohn' on the CRT Forum (PM me).
Qualifications:  I have a modded 9500LC. I can assist newbs in setup or if someone just wants to demo a 9" machine. I dabble in everything Home Theater. I also have a full 6.1 HT setup using Klipsch Heritage(Khorns, LaScala's, Cornwalls, Hereseys) and SVS subs.

Name:  James MacDonald
Location:  Redland, FL, USA
Contact:, 786-897-1427
Qualifications:  I have a lot of experience with Electrohome projectors and can install and set them up. I design home theatres and also am very experienced in audio. If someone wants to see a real home theater and world class audio contact me.

      >> Illinois

Name:  Erie Patsellis
Location:  Shelbyville, IL, USA
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  Available for demos, assistance with Ampro issues, and setup.

Name:  Tim Wilkins
Location:  Shirley, IL, USA
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  ISF certified for own self. Have the Philips PM5639 calibrator and TVS Pro. Own NEC XG110 and Sony 1271Q projectors. Have changed out CRT's in the Sony. Done my own set up and calibration. Have done repair work to replace CRT coolant fluid on Magnavox rear projection TV.

      >> Indiana

Name:  Rick Funk
Location:  Richmond, IN, USA
Contact:  Email:, 765-966-1993
Qualifications:  Calibrations, setups, and troubleshooting.

Name:  Stan Rasmussen
Location:  Cicero, IN, USA
Contact:  Email:, Username 'raz' on the Forum.
Qualifications:  Share home theater knowledge based on owning and amateur tweaking of components, Runco 770 and Runco DTV930, Yamaha, B&W, ACI, and Onkyo system parts, other Home Theater electronics. Talk the topics with any and all level persons sharing an interest in Home Theater and related technology.

      >> Kansas

Name:  Keith Ebel
Location:  Lenexa, Kansas
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  I am a BSEE and used to design and build R.F. & Microwave circuitry for communication and navigation radios in the aerospace industry. Now I own Proximity Wireless and have a home theater hobby. I designed and built my theater and might be able to assist or show my theater to someone who's interested. I am more knowledgable in the areas of sound vs. video.

      >> Massachusetts

Name:  Dave Crowe
Location:  Amherst MA, USA (willing to help in MA and CT)
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  Sony 1292 on 96" (wide) perlbright torus screen and 1. panasonic ae900 on a 139" (wide) dalite HP screen. I can assist on setup for sony crt projectors and torus screen construction.

      >> Michigan

Name:  John J. Gannon ("Gannon" on every on-line forum I participate in)
Location:  Detroit, Michigan (will travel anywhere in the main 48 states, some more willingly than others)
Contact:  Email:, also on Facebook and MySpace, just search on Gannon Detroit
(313) 820-4184 (if voice mail is full, please send e-mail)
Qualifications:  NEC, Dwin, Sony, Electrohome, Barco, Zenith, Ampro...I've NEVER met one I couldn't tweak to its finest performance...but always very conservatively so they last a good, long time. I can squeeze the last ounce of clarity out of the cool cheaper units like the Dwin or NEC or Zenith, learning all of their oddities over time, but revel in thoroughly working the 9"EM units, the G90 and Barco 9-series being favorites. I prefer to let folks like Curt work out repairs, but can measure basic board voltages and do some circuit-level diagnoses when necessary. I no longer fly for calibrations, though, since Murphy always gets in the way when I have to pare down my toolkit to fit the airlines' ever-lessening weight restrictions, and it cost too much to alter return flights if there are any problems with the installation. My travel expenses are reasonable, although I am always happier sharing them with others in the same area. Training includes being one of the earliest ISF members, regular time at the Runco factory back when they were something, considerable time with Joe Kane when I lived in Los Angeles...then all of the hard knocks of being on the road encountering SO many projectors over the past thirteen years.

Name:  Mike Leslie
Location:  Muskegon, MI, USA
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  Setup/calibration of all things Barco, NEC and Electrohome. HTPC specialist. Spyder color calibration. Just for fun, I work for food and beer!

      >> Missouri

Name:  Clinton Smoyer
Home Theater Concepts
Location:  Kansas City, MO, USA
Contact:  Email:, Phone: 816-210-8066
Qualifications:  Have experience working on Sony VPH-104x and Barco Data 500/800 units.  I have owned multiple units over the last 10yrs and am relatively familiar with the "ins" and "outs" of the above mentioned units.  I would be more than willing to assist/show my setup (Barco Data 500) and field any questions that you might have.

      >> New Hampshire

Name:  Brian Hampton
Location:  New Hampshire, USA
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  Lots of time with Sony 12xx and G70 projectors. Willing to demo fully DIY dedicated basement HT with ceiling mounted G70, Blu-Ray, and DVD. Also willing to help local would be CRT users with delivery and DIY setup (can help carry into house and lift to ceiling.)

      >> Nevada

Name:  Bob Anthony
Location:  Reno, NV, USA
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  No commercial services provided, but will share information and experience on theater construction/acoustics (trap construction).

      >> New Jersey

Name:  Mark Thieling
Location:  Hackettstown, NJ, USA
Contact:  Email:, Phone: 973-347-8831
Qualifications:  I have many years experience servicing, installing, and calibrating CRT projectors. I have Sencore VP300, Philips Color Analyzer, TVS Pro Optical Comparator, laptop PC for programming/firmware up-grades. I am authorized service for all RUNCO products and have been referred by others as well in both commercial and residential. This includes DLP, Plasma, etc. Primarily on-site work. I have done work before with DIY customers and I am flexible to handle any segment of the job you prefer. I have done systems re-build and rewire, add racks, integrate HD, add remote control system etc. I primarily cover the NE tri-state area but would consider any travel.

      >> New York

Name:  Kurt Bzdyk
Location:  Long Island, NY, USA
Contact:  Email:, Phone: 917-572-7634, Website:
Qualifications:  I'm ISF trained, I own a Sencore VP-403 signal generator and CP 5000 & ColorFacts 7.0 colorimetry software and pickups. I used my eyes before that (training by Jim Davies, Rob Sieman) with lots of test media. I have extensive experience with 8 & 9" Ampro (including replacing CRTs), factory training on the Sony G90, Vidikron VPF50HD. I'm familiar with the entire Sony family, Barco, Zenith, Mitsubishi, NEC, Kloss. Capable of performing Scheimpflug, static & dynamic focus, astigmatism adjustment etc. I also have a Sencore SA-1454 RF analyzer and can troubleshoot CATV distribution problems, etc. A qualified & insured installer and Stewart Filmscreen dealer, most of my clients are within 100 miles of NYC but I'll travel if you need me. I'm also trained in the setup of listening systems and acoustic treatment.

Name:  Kris Berger
Location:  Deer Park, NY, USA
Contact:  Email:, Phone: 631-243-1598, Username on various HD/Home Theater Forums: k.berger
Qualifications:  Currently I own partially modded Electrohome Marquee 8000, installed in Media Room/HT (still in process of being finished), used to own Sony 1271. Fairly experienced and knowledgeable (having been pro photographer, videographer, audio engineer/musician, and being currently computer consultant). I am willing to demo my systems, share experiences and help in installations, set-ups etc.

Name:  Dave Hancock, Handcock Technologies
Location:  Fairport, NY (near Rochester), serving Western New York
Contact:  Email:, Phone: (585) 223-6396
Qualifications:  isf Calibrations - including complete optical set-up (cleaning, focus, scheimpflug, electrical focus, astigmatism). Sorry, but I do not hang projectors, etc. I am a retired engineering manager from Eastman Kodak who has had a life long obsession with home theater. My 39 years experience at Kodak included projects in the color management and color proofing areas, so I have a sound understanding of color and how to accurately reproduce it. I completed my isf training in early 2002 with additional training in CRT front projectors. My equipment includes the Sencore CP5000 Colorimeter System, isf Optical Comparator, Accupel HDG-3000 High Definition Signal Generator, plus various Set-Up DVDs (Avia, Video Essentials, etc.).

Name:  Erik Fellenz
Location:  Phelps, NY, USA
Contact:  Email:, forum member Zebu Fellenz, AVS forum member Fellenz
Qualifications:  I have owned a Barco 801s, Marquee 8000, and Sony G70. I am not a tech but would be happy to discuss my setup with anyone who is interested.

      >> New Mexico

Name:  Richard Hanna
Location:  Albuquerque, NM, USA
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  I'm an amateur D-I-Y with a Barco Graphics 800 and a HTPC running it. I can help some and work with you to set up or answer questions.

      >> Ohio

Name:  Chad Billheimer
Location:  Touring calibrator based in Ohio, servicing East Coast to Mid Western states.
Contact:  Email:, website:
Qualifications:  CRT PJ owner and ISF calibrator. Complete, full service calibration of all displays, including CRT PJ.

      >> Pennsylvania

Name:  Heath Lawrence
Location:  Beadford, PA, USA
Contact: sp; Email:, Phone: 814-521-9120, Username 'Sonynut' on the CRT Forum
Qualifications:  I am willing to help people new to the CRT scene with advice, installation and setup. Most of my experience is with the Sony 125x and 127x series, but I have enough general knowledge to be able to help with other brands as well. I am also able to help with tweaking your machine to get the best out of it without having an ISF technician come in. I am willing to travel within a 300 or so mile radius of my home to help in any way I can. I also have dealt with many of the problems with the Sony 125x and 127x line, so if you have a problem with these, feel free to give me a call or email me. I have always been an electronics/computer nut, and the CRT hobby grew on me really fast. I have owned one CRT or another since 2002, and currently have a decent setup with a tweaked Sony VPH 1272Q coupled with a PC and 1000 Watt HT system. I am willing to demo my system to show how nice a home theater can be without having tons of money to spend. I look forward to helping anyone who is ready to enjoy the satisfaction of CRT home theater.

      >> South Carolina

Name:  Paul Gerald
Location:  Longs (near Myrtle Beach), SC, USA
Contact:  Email:, Phone: 843-457-0752, Username 'Papalek' on the CRT Forum.
Qualifications:  I have a pretty well set up Ampro 4600 and Ampro 2000 plus a Barco 801s Retro (all of these are always set up). I will demo the CRT's that I have set up. I can help someone with their installation. I can do some trouble shooting as well as tube and board swapping.

      >> Tennessee

Name:  Steve
Location:  Johnson City, TN, USA
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  I have a Sony G90 with HDP now but grew up with a Barco 808 and 1209 so I may be able to help others with easy questions/problems.

Name:  Patrick Moore
Location:  Chattanooga, TN, USA
Contact:  Email:, Username 'PJMoore' on the CRT Forum.
Qualifications:  I am a retired engineer living in Chattanooga TN, and have been a CRT Home theater user since 2002. I use a floor mounted Marquee 8500 in a custom built coffee table to a 100 inch 4:3 DIY screen. We have Comcast HD cable and up converting DVD via a Lumagen HDP Pro at 960P. The audio system is 5.1 with Bohlender Graebener ribbons and a DIY sub. My theater doubles as our living room. High WAF. This is my seventh CRT projector, the predecessors being the Sony 1031, 1251, 1271, and 1272. Most recently I obtained a Pany digital for the den. I am learning about gray scale calibration using a Spyder2 and CalMAN. I am glad to share my experiences, or to merely offer my condolences to others bitten by this bug.

      >> Texas

Name:  Dave
Location:  Flower Mound, TX, USA  (Dallas/Denton area)
Contact:  Private message to 'Person99' on the CRT Forum.
Qualifications:  None. An enthusiast with experience on the Barco 800, 808, and 120x series PJs and solid HT knowledge. Happy to show my own setup (Zenith Pro 1200 X [aka Barco Cine 8 Onyx]) to those interested. Also willing to assist others with system configuration including connection options as well as set up as my limited time allows.

Name:  Brad Holman
Location:  Oak Point, TX, USA  (Dallas/Denton area)
Contact:  Private message to 'BradTheAggie' on the CRT Forum.
Qualifications:  Have a Marquee 8000, can help others who may have a Marquee and want pointers on setup. I'm not a projector guru, but I can help someone with initial setup of a Marquee.

      >> Vermont

Name:  Horace Williams, Jr.
Location:  Starksboro Vermont and Fredericton New Brunswick
Contact:  Email:, Phone: (800) 294-7250, Website:
Qualifications:  I've successfully set up and repaired Sony 1031Q, Sony 1271Q, and Barco 1209s projectors. I can help you get through the learning curve if you're new, and/or do the setup for you. People interested in seeing a crt in action are welcome to come and experience my 1209s at work at my video and film editing suite at Little Castle Studio.

      >> Washington State

Name:  Doug Baisey
Location:  Seattle/Tacoma area, WA, USA
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  NEC CRT specialist. NEC factory trained / certified warranty for 16 years. Professional set up, calibration, parts and repairs, by appointment.

Name:  Steve Leonard
Location:  Bellevue, WA, USA
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  Sony 1252 experience: Mechanical setup, Electronic setup (not grey scale), Tube change.
NEC XG-110LC experience: Mechanical setup, Electronic setup (not grey scale), Tube change but not able to scope the voltages. Will also demonstrate the NEC projector for people.

Name:  Chris Zweigle
Location:  Seattle, WA, USA (and surrounding area)
Contact:  Private message to 'ChrisWiggles' on, email also available via AVS
Qualifications:  CRT setup experience on Marquee series, and Barco 808. I'm an enthusiast with a good amount of knowledge and a picky eye and willing to help achieve an excellent setup for newbies. This is for fun and not a business, so my availability varies. I am also happy to show my own setup (currently a BG808) to those interested.

Name:  Albert Yuen
Location:  Mukilteo (near Seattle), WA, USA
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  HT enthusiast.  Current setup with Barco 1200, previously Cinevision, Vidikron.  Open to showing setup to anyone in the area who's interested.  Need some help on motorized screen repair and quieting the Barco fans.  Fairly good at tweaking parameters, but no expert.

     >> Wisconsin

Name:  Steve Keen
Location:  Wausau, WI, USA
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  CRT quality, only the best! Located in Wisconsin and able to travel throughout the state and the US on request. Experienced with Electrohome, Sony, Barco, and NEC projectors. Our CRT services include Installation and Setup, ISF Calibration, Convergence, and Servicing/Repairs.

Name:  Dave Bohn
Location:  Wisconsin Rapids, WI, USA
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  I'm a novice CRT user with a Marquee 8500 running in a temporary location in a finished basement. I would be more than willing to show someone who lives in the Central Wisconsin.

Name:  Bill Misek
Location:  Neenah, WI, USA
Contact:  Email: , Web:
Qualifications:  I have a Marquee 8500 that i'd be willing to demo. Reasonably know my way around the set and could help someone with a basic setup.
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