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CRT Referral List


Below is a list of fellow CRT projector owners from around the globe, ranging from amateur DIY home theater installs to pro Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) members that are willing to show new CRT projector owners a good working system and/or assist others in set up and greyscale adjustments.



      >> Alberta

Name:  Wayne Taylor
Location:  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  17 CRT installations throughout Edmonton and Calgary using projectors purchased from Curt. Home made mounting brackets and custom made screens using a unique screen paint formula. I can also setup computer systems with multi-zone audio completely controlled by your PDA. PDA control is the most unique and impressive way to control your audio and video equipment.

      >> British Columbia

Name:  Richard Alan Stokes
Finely Tuned - Audio Video Services
Location:  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Contact:  Email:, Phone: 604-619-3323
Qualifications:  ISF Calibrations using Sencore Colour Analyser and Sencore HD Pattern Generator. Specialist in Sony CRT Projectors with 30 years hands on technical experience in consumer and professional video technologies.

Name:  Paul Thorsen
Location:  Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Contact:  Email:, Phone: 604-436-0771, Website:
Qualifications:  Qualifications: ISF calibrator, HAA level II Audio Guru Calibrator, THX certified professional 2, Field Safety Rep Low Energy Systems Prov. of British Columbia
Services: ISF video calibration, HAA Audio Calibration, Home Theatre Design and installations.

      >> Manitoba

Name:  Steve Marsh
Location:  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  I've done approximately 20 CRT installs from the ground up. My experience extends to Electrohome ECP and Marquee models, Barco 800 and 808 models, and NEC XG and XGLC models. Replaced tubes in NEC XGLCs and done troubleshooting of all the above listed models. I've yet to find a problem that I could not solve myself or with some phone support from Curt. I"ll help anyone in my area as a favor to Curt and to help repay him for the excellent support he has lent me over the years. My preference is the mech and electronic setup of the units but I can also offer advice on hushboxes, ceiling mount methods and screen selection. Unfortunately carpentry is not my strong point so I prefer not to drill holes in peoples houses for ceiling mounts etc. I will however offer advice on placement etc. Unfortunately I'm not ISF certified and don't own a color analyzer but have plenty of "eyeball experience" using test patterns and Avia setup disks. If you need help or have a problem just e-mail me.

      >> New Brunswick

Name:  Dwight Spencer
Location:  Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  I don't have a crt projector, but I do run a nec lt150 dlp projector for those that may want to do a comparison between technologies other than CRT. Compared to my friend's NEC XG, CRT, while more difficult to configure, adjust, etc, provides a nicer image than mine. For people who want to see the difference, this might be nice to see. I've also got a small DIY ht (11'x14') that some people might like to compare as well.

Name:  Jake van der Laan
Location:  Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada
Contact:  Email:, Web:
Qualifications:  Have owned a Sony 1031 for about 5 years and have tweaked it to perfection (see my website). I can help someone set up one of these units, converge it, flip the screen and offer general commentary on its proper operation.

Name:  Horace Williams, Jr.
Location:  Fredericton New Brunswick and Starksboro Vermont
Contact:  Email:, Phone: (800) 294-7250, Website:
Qualifications:  I've successfully set up and repaired Sony 1031Q, Sony 1271Q, and Barco 1209s projectors. I can help you get through the learning curve if you're new, and/or do the setup for you. People interested in seeing a crt in action are welcome to come and experience my 1209s at work at my video and film editing suite at Little Castle Studio.

      >> Nova Scotia

Name:  William Wells
Location:  Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  Demos, Sales & Installations, ISF Calibrations, Advice: I've had a Sim2 CRT projector set up in my living room for the past 2 months driving an 84" screen (6' wide). Just bought a Barco 800 from Curt. Also have a Sony Wega conventional CRT set. Would love to show the system to potential devotees. The "Dark Side" will show you the true nature of Home Theatre. All displays are ISF calibrated.

      >> Ontario

Name:  Barry Beadman
Location:  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Contact:  User "Joust" on the forum,  email:
Qualifications:  I'm a certified Electronics Technologist. I know CRT and all other electronics. I do it all.

Name:  Yvon Mayo
Location:  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  I have a Sony HDIH-1200 high definition CRT (9" EMF) projector and am in the process of installing and troubleshooting.

Name:  James Bergeron
Location:  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  Have owned  a Electrohome Marquee 8000 and currently own NEC 6PG.  Willing to help out or show newbies, but not an expert.

Name:  Don Cocca
Location:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  Currently own a Barco Graphics 808 and willing to open my home to those in the Toronto area that would like to view a CRT in action.

Name:  Roy Fata
Location:  Toronto (Markham), Ontario, Canada
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  I have owned a NEC PG and XG for over 5 years and have learned to setup, focus and converge. Am willing to assist in the GTA Toronto area for a fee.

      >> Quebec

Name:  Ken Ormsby
Location:  Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  Have had PJ's for 5 years, both Digital & CRT. My current model is an NEC XG-110, which I have spent many hours setting up, and am happy to demonstrate to those interested in CRTs. Also, I have had/have an ECP 3501, Marquee 8000 and a Sony 1030Q. I'm no expert but with the help of Curt & others out there, now know my way around my NEC almost! Willing to help newbies with CRT projectors.

Name:  Danny Trottier
Location:  St-Bruno, Quebec, Canada
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  I’m a Technical Director in a Montreal based A/V company for quite a few years now, doing CRT projection since the 80’s, I’ve seen and tuned pretty much all kinds and brands of CRTs and LCDs/DLPs up the big Christie 25k. I’ve worked with the GE Talaria, Barco, Sony, Panasonic, Zenith, Electrohome, NEC and others. I always have a few CRTs set-up (usually 5 to 10) of different brands/categories at my place, and those who would like to see CRTs in actions before buying are always welcome. I can certainly help setting up PJs, install parts, tubes or boards fixed or sold by Curt, or help troubleshooting your system. Please contact Curt’s team directly for all your parts and mods needs, as he is THE trusted supplier for CRT parts and service. Feel free to contact me for any help.

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