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My CES 2006 Summary  (Page 6)  


Are you tired of round speakers? Now, introducing the square speakers. They naturally turn sine waves into square. (kidd

Are black cones not your style? What color are you looking for?


And the piece de resistance: The MTX subwoofer. It’s called the Jackhammer, and with good reason. If 1600 watts of power handling doesn’t grab you, how about when you drop this 365 lb monster on your toes while installing it? $7500.00 USD list.  7-8" throw on the cone!

Click on the link below for a video of it in action (requires Windows Media Player or AVI capable player):

MTX Jackhammer Video   (16.5mb, 640x480 resolution, 21 seconds)

And finally the Pioneer concept car. “Officer, I didn’t see the other car, I was watching my big screen…”

Well that’s it for this year. I’ll be more diligent next year with the reporting and picture taking.

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