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RTC2200 user reviews

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PostLink    Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 3:47 pm    Post subject: RTC2200 user reviews Reply with quote

Hi everyone!

Please post your reviews of the RTC2200 Component to VGA transcoder with Gamma Adjustment here!

A note to prospective buyers: Reviews will *not* be moderated or edited. What you read here is REAL WORLD reviews!

Here are some previous comments from users:

"Got the RTC2200 installed today, and it made a definite improvement in the 720P viewing on my Sony VPH -1272 CRT Projector. The blacks are noticeably improved, and so is the image clarity compared to the Lumagen Vision it replaced. Kim packed it well, provided very good communication, and charges a more than reasonable price. What's not to like? I opted for his product, in part, from the positive comments on the forum about his units, and very positive comments about his customer focus. My hat is off to Kim. I judge suppliers not just by their product, or by the problems that might pop up, but by their willingness to listen to the customer and to focus on solutions. Kim does just that." - PJMoore

"Many people (myself included) cannot live without some sort of gamma boost to get out of black faster (ie: pulling out low light details without affecting the black level). All CRT projectors can really benefit from this. How much you like it yourself or how critical you find it to be is somewhat a matter of taste, though I don't know anyone that, given the option, would not use it. I use it on my HTPC for DVD playback and the difference (to me) is fantastic. I use the RTC2200 transcoder/gamma boost for HDTV and my PS3 feeding through an HDMI converter. The results are fantastic!" - Kal (webmaster)

"I finally received the transcoder last night. Kim shipped this very quickly ... here are my initial impressions of the RTC2200 unit with gamma correction. Right away I was surprised at the size of the unit. I guess I was expecting something about the size of my Key Digital unit but this thing was about three times that big! I'm not complaining, I think that's a good thing as it probably has more goodies packed inside than lesser units. It looks more like an actual component that can go on the stack rather than just a matchbox connected between cables. The case was simple but well put together and sturdy. So, I disconnected my Key Digital unit and hooked up the Crescendo transcoder. I have some HD video saved on my HD DVR that I view regularly to make comparisons when I change settings and what not. The difference was not immediately noticeable but keep in mind that at this point I have not touched any of the pots on the unit. I made sure my projector was warmed up and ready to go and then I found a little eyeglass screwdriver and started turning the pot labeled "BLK LVL" (Gamma Adjustment). Wow! Within just a few turns I saw a difference right away. I had paused my HD DVR on a closeup scene from Bikini Destinations where the model was coming up out of the water with darkness in the background and lots of shadows on her face. Turning the gamma adjustment back and forth I began to see and understand how the control works. It was as if I had just replaced my screen with a high power, high gain material! Even better, increasing the gamma not only gave me a bump in overall brightness but it preserved the blacks as well! After some further tweaking I found that I was able to turn down my projectors brightness and contrast controls by 4 to 5 clicks each right away and the gamma adjustment in the Crescendo unit compensated for this while also making the blacks look even blacker! I only had a few hours with this last night but the improvement I am seeing is by far the best I have achieved to date with this projector (NEC XG-110). If you have a cheap transcoder and/or your CRT projector appears dim and washed out or suffers from "gray" blacks, you really should check out Kim's transcoder with the gamma adjustment. This was worth every penny and I should have bought one a long time ago. Thanks Kim" - Dropzone7


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