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Checkerboard input required for Sammy HL67A750

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PostLink    Posted: Sat Feb 01, 2014 9:24 pm    Post subject: Checkerboard input required for Sammy HL67A750 Reply with quote

At the risk of trying to wake up an already beat to death horse..... (Apologies if this was addessed already. A forum search didn't have any relevant hits...)

I picked up a partially functioning Sammy HL67A750 DLP LED a year ago for $100 and fixed it and for HD it performs flawlessly (other than needing some service menu adjustments. Thumbs Up) Recently I decided to play with the 3D features it offers but it turns out it uses a very early pre-standards schema of checkerboard input. Apparently Samsung and Mitsubishi left consumers hanging out to dry on this as they still currently haven't adequately addressed an affordable way to use the 3D capabilities of the affected models and logically won't, since these sets are 'old'.

K....There are commercially available solutions to address this but require the addition of multiple components to the chain, at insane prices...and I ain't gonna throw a boatload of $$ at a $100 TV.

So umma looking at the 3D-Theater and it's specs here and have a couple questions:

1) It isn't stated but can the 3D-Theater convert to checkerboard output via the Sync output that matches the 3D Sync input of the TV? (round 4/5 pin)
(Excerpt from product page----
"The 3D-Theatre supports every 3D signal type in existence today including, frame-packing, side-by-side, top-bottom. It is firmware updatable so that new features can be added in the future as needed.") I realize checkerboard probably isn't even considered given it was almost immediately discarded in favor if the big three being used today, hence my questions.

2) Will I have to add a BD/3D player that offers checkerboard output capabilities to pass on upstream of the 3D-Theater? (Panasonic DMP-BDT350 for ex.) and...

3) Will the 3D-Theater support a checkerboard formatted stream or will it not know what to do with it?

I'd definately like to use my PS3 and PS4 for 3D movies and gaming also so...... I realize I may be asking too much of the 3D-Theater.

Ideally I'd simply like to feed the 3D-Theater directly from an HDMI 3D source (until I can afford a compatible multiple HDMI 1.4 ported receiver) and use the 4/5 pin Sync connector to the input on the TV.

I'd sell the TV and get something more 3D friendly but dang I love the set other than it's lame 3D support.

Thanks guys!


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