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Practical Guide to Home Theater Sound Isolation

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PostLink    Posted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 9:46 pm    Post subject: Practical Guide to Home Theater Sound Isolation Reply with quote

Order today! GO

A practical guide to home theater sound isolation, written for the everyday home theater enthusiast.

Proper sound isolation (not to be confused with acoustics) helps ensure that other noises in the house are not heard in the home theater, and that the home theater is not heard in the rest of the house.

This guide will show you how to:
  • Not have have to keep turning the volume up because you can hear the furnace, dishwasher, footsteps above, or people talking outside the theater.
  • Keep home theater noise out of the rest of the house, allowing you to play movies without disturbing others (like sleeping kids) and without having to turn the volume up and down constantly.
Proper sound isolution is often overlooked in the construction of home theaters.

This comprehensive 94 page answers questions such as:
  • Does the kind of door you have matter?
  • Do ceilings and flooring above (or below) your theater impact sound isolation?
  • How do I stagger studs?
  • How do I dampen the room?
  • How does decoupling impact sound isolation?
  • What is the most important element of sound isolation?
  • What are the most cost effective treatments?
  • How do I build a basement home theater and isolate it from the floors above?
  • How do I build a home theater on the second floor and isolate it from the floors below?
  • How do I remove furnace and air conditioning noise from the home theater?
All of the critical topics of sound isolation are covered, written in a conversational tone without any complex math. Here is the lesson list, from the Table of Contents:

Lesson One: The Fundamentals of Sound
Lesson Two: Sound Isolation Fundamentals
Lesson Three: The Core Six Techniques
Lesson Four: Construction Techniques
Lesson Five: Suggested Implementations
Lesson Six: Sound Isolation Gallery

Free bonus: Two Part Audio Interview with Ted White, founder of Soundproofing Company Inc.


Is sound isolation not already covered in The Home Theater Course?
The Home Theater Course has a 17 page overview of sound isolation but does not give you the level of detail that this 94 page guide does. Think of this guide as an add-on.

Is this guide filled with math?
No. The goal was to discuss these issues with as little math and physics as possible. There are plenty of well-researched and extensive sources for the science, the physics, and the math of sound isolation.

If I'm a Sound Isolation Pro will I like this guide?
Probably not. This guide is not written like a textbook and it is not filled with science. It is written for the everyday home theater enthusiast, it is not written for a Sound Isolation or industry pro.

Will I get my download right away?
Yes, the system is automated, so 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you can order and login to download.

Will anything be shipped to me?
No, this is an all digital offering, there will be no physical product shipped.

Can I print this out at home?
Yes, if you prefer to have something printed, feel free to do so.

Order today! GO


Support our site by using our affiliate links. We thank you!
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