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JVC DILA G11U and 150CL signal color weirdness. Hallowe'en

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PostLink    Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 12:55 am    Post subject: JVC DILA G11U and 150CL signal color weirdness. Hallowe'en Reply with quote

Read my other thread to catch up:

Now. Last scaler I tried was an iScan HD, set to 1366x1024, initialy I had an OK picture but the G11U refused to go full width no matter what the settings were. That was via the RGBHV BNC inputs on the G11U. Then the picture turned green and purple. Cool 70's color combo but not so nice to watch. At that point it was so late it was getting early. SO I packed it in and went to bed.

Next time I fired it up I watched a couple of things via S-Video. Looked OK. Color was good.

Today I spent 7 hours tweaking and setting up my 1272, 2 x 1040's, G11U and 150CL. We're getting ready for Hallowe'en.

At my friends place there is a RUNCO 2.5'er scaler 800x600. Looks nice on the 1272 with a 4:3 screen for the Hallowe'en projection. I decided to try that scaler on the G11U. Green and purple again!

OK, this G11U has been through hell ( aka FedEx ) and back. Just had it completely apart and put it back together. It's F'ed right? Hold I try the 480i component input from the DVD player. Also green and purple with blown out highlights.
Fine I know S-video works I'll try that. Black and white! Great...just what I needed. SO I thought it may be the cable. Tried 3. Then it could be the DVD player, tried 3. Fine, no RGBHV, NO Component, no S-video. COMPOSITE! It works. Yeaaa! Great. Full color, correct colors. Wierdness.

So I try the 800x600 on the JCD 150CL, also green and purple! WTH? I ran S-video into that one. OK picture. I put it aside.

Back to the G11U. Pull out my netbook and a VGA to RGBHV cable. Couldn't get it to sync to the nebooks default external display resolution of 800x600 BUT....the colors were right! Encouraging. So being as the net book has XP on it I was actually able to change the external resolution ( unlike Winbloze 7 but that's another story ) I set the output to the projector at 1280x 1024 SYNC! COLOR! Excellent!! Now hold on a second here. Why is it this damnedable JVC will take the Net Book via RGBHV and not a scaler or tripler? Especially the iScan HD set to 1365x1024? Why did the 150CL go green and purple?

Why did the 1272 refuse to power up after I moved it 3 feet from where I ran it for 2 hours? Laughing

Issues. Glad I didn't wait 'till Hallowe'en to test all this out. Shocked

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