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Price drops on calibration software and packages

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PostLink    Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2013 12:56 am    Post subject: Price drops on calibration software and packages Reply with quote

Price drops on calibration software and packages
September 5, 2013

Looking at getting the most out of your TV or projector? Calibrate it for the best results! We've dropped our prices on our ChromaPure video calibration software and bundles including the highly popular Display 3 PRO packages, making DIY professional quality calibration less expensive than ever before!

Pair a meter with ChromaPure and you have an intuitive, very easy to use calibration package that walks you through the calibration process. Doesn't matter if you're new to calibration or a seasoned professional, ChromaPure provides all the features you need, including advanced features not found in any free software.

Don't want to do the work yourself? Completely automated calibration is available using ChromaPure Auto-Calibrate with a Lumagen Radiance or DVDO Duo video processor. Anyone with little or no training can now calibrate their display to professional standards in just minutes. Just click a few buttons and walk away. Automatic calibration of PC and Mac monitors is also possible using the retail (boxed) version of the Display 3 meter (aka i1 Display Pro III), now available for order bundled with ChromaPure.

Support for life is included in all packages. There are no yearly maintenance or support fees. Unlike some other calibration packages, none of our meters are locked to only work with the software it was sold with.

To order, see:


"I don't want to sound like a cheerleader for ChromaPure but in my opinion realistically, even using it manually, the ChromaPure software is much easier to use and is more flexible than [other commercial calibration software], hence, in the end faster with better and more consistent results." - Ron W

"Last night I had my first opportunity to use ChromaPure on the famed JVC D-ILA 750HD Front Projector. Calibrating the Color Management System (CMS) with the Color Management Module on ChromaPure was, dare I say?...a "BREEZE". Yes...CMS is a breeze with this software! I can't overstate my wholehearted endorsement of ChromaPure and Tom Huffman, the man who "wrote the book" on Color Management. In fact, I traded my [other commercial calibration] software in to get the ChromaPure System specifically for new generation displays with Color Management Systems, as well as LED illuminated displays." - Bill Hergonson, Owner, Coast Calibration, Carlsbad, CA. ISF/HAA Level II Certified

"I asked Tom what his key goals were when he set off to develop ChromaPure. He said that he wanted to offer a calibration program that incorporated the features that he wanted to use, along with a well thought out workflow. Iím pleased to report that ChromaPure has delivered on those goals and more. ChromaPure is an excellent calibration program that is well worth the very reasonable purchase price. The software is easy to use, well thought out and is very stable. The CMS support is a standout feature that is not available in competing products and by itself is worth the price of the software. When combined with all of the other features like multiple colorspace support and multiple color difference model support, the program is a compelling bargain. I found that the program yielded excellent results while significantly speeding up my calibration times. After using the program, Iíve decided to use ChromaPure for all of my display calibration needs. Future display reviews on this blog will be done using ChromaPure, so expect the graphs from ChromaPure to show up often." - Mark Petersen of

"ChromaPure is very straight forward in it's process ... for the home user that simply wants to calibrate their display quickly and easily, it's very easy to get going and get fantastic results in a single evening, with no steep learning curve. I really loved using ChromaPure. It was simple, powerful, and fast. With the integrated pattern generation features, it sped up my calibrations by a ton, so that I could do one in under an hour without a problem. Tom Huffman was also very responsive, answering all of the questions that I had, and taking all of my suggestions to heart... If I was starting with nothing, and wanted to calibrate my own displays, I would purchase the i1 Display with ChromaPure package, as it's an easy way to get started and get great results if your display gives you access to a full CMS." - Chris Heinonen and Mark Vignola of

"For the home user like me, I don't want to spend hours trying to sort through the interface. I want to spend that time on the actual calibration. If its software you use only a few times a year, I think it is important that it be very intuitive and user-friendly... and I guess that is the main reason I like the looks of Tom's solution. ... I think most home users will find ChromaPure's easy-to-navigate interface a real advantage." - Stash64

"I have just received my copy of ChromaPure and it simply can do everything I want or need to easily and completely do an accurate run. My opinion is from beginner to long time pro, ChromaPure is now at the top of my list for calibration software whether it is expensive or free." - JimmyR

"ChromaPure is designed with the home user in mind and I believe does a better job of stepping the beginner through the whole process and in the correct order." - Sean

"I can give a Novice's testimony that ChromaPure is a DELIGHT to use! Congrats to Tom for a beautiful product, and thanks to him for taking the effort to bring it out. (And he has been enormously responsive in 'hand holding' me through my endless, probably trivial, questions!). I've only been through the process once, using a Display LT (that I've had for over a year), and the result is outstanding. UMR (Jeff Meier) did a calibration of my RS20 almost a year ago, but I'm now on my second lamp, in fact already with a 1000 hrs on it! So the original calibration was quite out of date; even my first attempt has produced a more striking pic, more depth, and rich natural colors. This weekend I'm looking forward to using an EyeOne Pro to 'train' the Display LT, and then go through the process again. Great fun, and even better when it works!" - Millerwill

Confused about meters? See our FAQ: Which meter is right for me?
Questions? Email us at:



Support our site by using our affiliate links. We thank you!
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