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Moome user reviews

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PostLink    Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2007 2:57 pm    Post subject: Moome user reviews Reply with quote

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Hi everyone!

Please post your reviews of Moome's products here!

A note to prospective buyers: Reviews will *not* be moderated or edited. If someone says something negative it will be left in.

Here are some previous comments from users:


"The HD-DVD player looks FANTASTIC! It looked blah through component and I was beginning to wonder what all the HD fuss was about. NOT ANYMORE! HDMI made a world of difference. LOVE IT!"  - Wipron (Sony IFB-HD user)


"I just got my new high-end IFB-HD yesterday evening (Aug 28 '07) and got it installed today. I previously had a Moome IFB DVI card (got it in March ’06) and used it in my Sony G70. The upgrade is immediate and noticeable on several fronts:
- Shadow detail! There is now shadow detail in HD content,
- Quicker HDCP handshakes with finicky players like my Toshiba HD-A1,
- Even component looks a ton better. Gamma has a bit to do with it, but also signal looks ‘cleaner’,
- IR Control of inputs and minor gamma tuning is handy
- Gamma correction, I can actually see all the gradations in DVE-HD now.
Installing was straight forward, and worked right off the bat. Very happy with it. Even though it took a long time to receive, it was worth the wait. Thanks Moome, great work."
- JonFo (Sony IFB-HD user)


"This thing Rocks, Thanks Moome!!! I am seeing a much broader pallet of colors I have not seen before and the detail and sharpness are there. I love to look for the background detail in images and it is all there with this card and gives it that 3D look. Oh, but the colors. man! "  - DB Cooper (Marquee VIM-HD user)


"Ok, I got to be the lucky guinea pig/beta tester for Moome's latest Marquee card and I've tried to give it a thorough workout. If there are specific areas I missed that you would like to get more details on, please let me know. Here is my unbiased review.

EHome 9500LC (unmod'd for the purposes of these tests)
Moome HDMI card with gamma option
Panasonic BD10
Samsung BD1000
Toshiba XA2
Toshiba A2
Toshiba XA1
HTPC (GeForce 8800GTX)
Denon 3806

Monoprice 15' 24awg HDMI cable
Some long (20' I believe) component cables that I had lying around, probably from Pacific Custom Cable

Resolutions tested with HDMI:
480i, 1080p@48hz, 1080p@60hz, 1080p@72hz just for fun

Resolutions tested with Component:
480i, 1080p@60hz


First things first... I did not test EVERY piece of equipment listed at EVERY resolution. It was just getting to be too much. But I certainly gave it a thorough workout. For HDMI connections, all equipment was initially routed through the VP50 and then through the Denon 3806, then out to the 9500. This allowed me to play around with different refresh rates, etc; My 9500 was at this point still unmod'd, and running stock parts on older 1st gen VDC rebuilt tubes. Did have an 03 VIM though. Additionally, it hasn't been fully calibrated for spot on greyscale, etc; because I'm mostly waiting for my mods to get in. My ability to cleanly resolve 1080p is a little hampered because of that, but just a little.

Moome's device had no issues syncing with any of the supplied resolutions or devices routed through the VP50 via HDMI. It cleanly made the handshake for them all, and did not suffer any EDID issues. When my reciever pulls up the OSD it drops to 480i over HDMI, and the card still handled it fine. I watched some "Casino Royale" on BD, followed by "Aeon Flux" on HD DVD. I really like the gamma curve as is for the Marquee card. I pulled up DVE HD DVD, and was able to tweak my setup to provide BTB. So if there is crush I did not find it. Colors were well saturated, and other than the softness from my set not being 100% up to speed everything looked fabulous. Just to be sure, I directly attached the BD10 and XA2 via HDMi without the VP50 and had no issues with either at 1080p@60hz.

My component testing was more brief. I realize a lot of you still use component so I didn't want to skip it entirely, but to my mind the HDMI is the real value here Smile. I played the same scenes back from both HD DVD and BD via component. It was, to my eyes, a tiny bit softer. I would expect that however. And since i had no direct A/B comparison, it could have just been a trick of the brain.

On the HTPC side, for fun I fired up 1080p@72hz. My projector is nowhere near set up right to resolve it, but what the heck Smile. The card did actually take it, even though as Moome said it's out of the HDMI spec. SO good news there for those with hotrodded machines.

Again, let me know what other info I can give. My projector's semi-dissassembled right now, but I'll see what I can do. Thanks to Moome for an excellent device!
- Paul (madpoet)




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PostLink    Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 7:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

First of all, I'd like to comment on the delivery time:

I ordered my Moome VIM-HD Deluxe (Marquee version) on August 27th and received it this past Monday (September 10th) exactly 2 weeks later - not bad at all I thought.

I didn't have time to install it until this evening. I had a version 2 (non-gamma) Moome card already, so I was anxious to see the difference in this newest and greatest version. I first watched a variety of HD-TV and HD-DVD with the "old" card installed, just to refresh my eyes and brain as to the excellent quality of those images. In the meantime, I ran my new "Series-F" HDMI cable from from my equipment rack to my PJ. Then I installed the new card in my Marquee and settled down with a frosty adult beverage to view. First, let me reiterate that I always have been impressed by the quality of the picture I got with the previous Moome card, both on cable HD-TV and from my Toshiba HD-A1 DVD player. I was a little apprehensive that I spent the $435 on a card that would simply be a replacement for what I already had. Well, I am happy to report that the picture is even better than before!!!! Very Happy It is more than subtle that the colors and black levels are still there while the details in both dark and light scenes are more pronounced. I also see an increase in sharpness, which I was already more than happy with from the "old" card.

I have more work to do in dialing in the gamma boost, but I wanted to let others know that this card is well worth the price and that they should place their order(s) for the upcoming batch of cards before they are sold out.


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PostLink    Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 7:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am not by any stretch as critical a watcher as many here are, quoting numbers and percentages, just not in my bag of tricks yet. With that disclaimer I honestly can say I can no longer imagine my theater without a Moome card. ZERO installation issues. Zero hand shake issues and Absolutely stunning on screen images. I am a relative newbie to HT, my first was a well used D50 which to me opened my eyes to CRT and whetted my appetite for more. Now with my G70, 106" wide screen, Samsung BD-P1200, Toshiba HD-A2, Denon1600 SDI, DVDO iScan HD+, Monoprice switcher, Monoprice DVI to HDMI from iScan to Moome v 1.32 IFB-HDMI with Gamma, simply UNBELIEVABLE! Never a single hiccup. Well done Mr Moome. A great big thanks to you. Thumbs Up

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PostLink    Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 11:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have had my Sony D50 for about 15 years, fed by a HD Fury until I got the Moome card.

It was so easy to install and works well with my Monoprice HDMI splitter and my Sony STR-DH550 surround sound/switcher.

Now there are not troubles switching between my TiVos , my Dish H3 box and my Blu-Ray player.

It was well worth the price.

Thank you,
Jim Smith

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