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how to play 3D on Sony G70

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PostLink    Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 4:31 pm    Post subject: how to play 3D on Sony G70 Reply with quote

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I want to play 3D content on my Sony G70, and my research leaves me with more questions than answers.
1) I gather I will need to add a "Sony IFB-FULLHD v3 HDMI 1.4 Input Card with 3D & remote" which will effectively upgrade my G70 to play 1080p as well as 3D. I am assuming that besides this Moome board there is no other way to play 3D on the G70.
2) I am not really sure what the Moome circuit board actually does, but I gather it tells the G70 how to play 1080p content and also recognizes 3D content and when it does that it sends a signal to a 3D emitter?
3) I gather further that simply sending 3D content to any projector or TV is not enough as the device must have a processor to tell the device how to display the content. Most devices I assume have the processor built into it (such as a 3D TV), some devices have an optional processor one can purchase (such as a "3D ready TV"), and while the G70 is not "3D ready" a Radiance Video Processor will do the trick. The Moome card does not include a processor and sending 3D content to the G70 with or without the Moome card is no more going to work than it would if we sent 3D content to a non-3D TV. The Radiance Video Processor I gather will work with any CRT projector that is 3D ready, and basically the Moome card makes the G70 3D ready.
3) While I obviously need some active 3D glasses I gather that I also need an emitter to control the glasses as the Moome card does not do that function. Presumably you somehow connect the emitter to the Moome card.
4) Most of my content will come from a computer which I also need to buy. I want the ability to play 3D games as well as watching movies. Does that mean I need a 3D graphics card, such as the Nvidia?

Any help someone can offer would be very much appreciated.
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PostLink    Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Take a look at the hdmi card order page here:

Specifically the section 'how does the 3D work?'. It should answer most of your questions. Good luck!



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