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Save $500+ on auto-calibration with the Radiance Pro

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PostLink    Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:28 pm    Post subject: Save $500+ on auto-calibration with the Radiance Pro Reply with quote

Save $500+ on our advanced auto-calibration package with the purchase of a Radiance PRO

Effective immediately, purchase a Radiance Pro video processor to get our advanced auto-calibration package for only $280. That's more than a $500 savings! This is our most popular automatic calibration package and includes ChromaPure Standard, Advanced Auto-Calibrate, and a Display 3 PRO meter. Discount available for a limited time only! We ship worldwide.

What is automatic calibration?

Automatic calibration allows anyone with little or no training to fully calibrate their display with almost no user input. It adjusts the display's grayscale, gamma, and colours to levels of accuracy that are simply not achievable by manual methods. Just setup a few simple options in ChromaPure software, click "Auto-Calibrate", and then go have a cup of coffee while the process completes, usually in a few minutes. There is no need for the user to understand how calibration works. Suitable for all display types.

Why use automatic calibration?

Previously, calibration required the user to adjust their display manually while ChromaPure software read the results using a meter. The user would loop through displaying test patterns, reading the results, and making adjustments, until the results were as close to accurate as possible. These calibration steps are outlined in our free step by step guide.

Manual calibration has many drawbacks:
  • Requires the user to have access to typically hidden (service menu) controls in the display.
  • Displays often have limited adjustments that do not work correctly, or are cryptic.
  • Displays often have only 1 gamma adjustment, if any at all (compared to up to 21 points with auto-cal).
  • Displays often only have only 2 greyscale adjustments, if any at all (compared to up to 21 points with auto-cal).
  • Manual calibration of colour (gamut) is typically only done at 6 points, if the adjustments are even available (compared to up to 4913 points with auto-cal).
  • Time consuming. Manual calibration requires the user to interpret the meter readings and make the necessary changes in the display. Our free step by step guide is a step in the right direction, but the process is still manually driven and can take hours, especially for someone new to the process.
All of these can result in a less than perfect calibration. Only automatic calibration, done outside of the display, can compensate for these issues.

How does automatic calibration work?

Automatic calibration is an optional add-on to ChromaPure software, and it works in conjunction with a Lumagen Radiance external video processor. The processor acts as both a test pattern signal generator and calibration device. ChromaPure tells the video processor to display test patterns, measures the results with a meter, and then tells the video processor how to adjust the signal to compensate for display errors. This cycle repeats (often for thousands of test points) until the measured results are as close to perfect as possible.

Once completed, the video processor stays in the signal chain permanently, constantly adjusting the signal in real time to keep the display perfectly calibrated. ChromaPure evens generate a before and after calibration report for you.

Why does the number of calibration points matter?

When using a Radiance video processor, calibration of up to 4913 colour points can be done achieving unparalleled colour accuracy. Instead of manually colour calibrating to only the 6 primary/secondary colours that make up the boundary of all known colours (called the gamut), we can calibrate throughout the entire colour space by measuring and correcting up to 4913 colours. Only calibrating at the boundries (as is done with manual calibration) can still leave many inaccuracies (see real life example).

This revolutionary level of calibration accuracy has only been made possible by recent advancements in processing power found in the Radiance family of video processors. Manual calibration at thousands of points is simply not possible because displays do not have look up tables (LUTs) in which to store the correction information. Even if they did, manually calibrating to thousands of points would quite litterally take the user weeks to perform.

Which Radiance Pro is right for me?

Radiance Pro units all offer the same world class image processing. They mostly differ by the number of inputs and outputs. For complete details see our Radiance feature comparison table.

The Radiance Pro is regarded as the world's best video processor/scaler, with advanced Greyscale & Gamma correction, and a powerful Colour Management System (CMS). A requirement if absolute picture perfection is to be achieved. All units support 4K UltraHD, HDR, optional 18Ghz inputs, and HDMI 2.0 / HDCP 2.2.

US/Canada shipping with tracking and insurance is included in all our Radiance orders. International shipping available too with a surcharge at checkout. We ship worldwide.

Order today at our discounted price:

Questions? Email us at:



Support our site by using our affiliate links. We thank you!
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