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JETI Spectraval VIS Spectroradiometers Announced

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PostLink    Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2015 12:26 pm    Post subject: JETI Spectraval VIS Spectroradiometers Announced Reply with quote

JETI has announced the addition of 2 new Spectroradiometers to the JETI probes family.

These meters has been demonstrated already at Laser World of Photonics exhibition @ Munich (22-25 Jun 2015) and they they will be available @ IBC 2015, The World's Premier Broadcast Technology Event @ Amsterdam (11-15 September 2015). I will update this thread about any further news once they will be available.

JETI's Spectraval is a compact spectroradiometer for the visible spectral range.

It is available in a version without display (1501) and one with display (1511).

Both can be used for spectral Radiance measurement with a measuring angle of 2.

The actual measuring area is marked by a red circle.


Compact solutions
Fast measurement
Precise results due to high quality
spectrograph and NIST traceable calibration
Comfortable handling due to Bluetooth connection

Examples for applications:

Calibration of broadcast monitors
Color adjustment of digital projectors
Measurement of LED displays

Spectraval 1511 can be operated in stand alone mode or in connection with a computer.

Spectraval 1511 displays the following values:

Luminance, Radiance
xy and uv coordinates, RGB values
Dominate wavelength, color purity
Correlated Color Temperature
Color Rendering Index
Radiometric spectrum

Spectraval 1501 always needs a computer, but can be used with several special programs, e.g. for monitor calibration.


Optical parameters

Spectral range: 380 ... 780 nm
Optical bandwidth: 4.5 nm
Wavelength resolution: 1 nm
Digital electronic resolution: 16 bit ADC
Viewing angle: 1,8
Measuring distance/diameter: 20 cm - 6 mm; 100 cm - 31 mm

Measuring values Spectral Radiance

Total luminance / total Radiance
Chromaticity coordinates x,y; u,v
Correlated Color Temperature, color purity
Color Rendering Index, RGB and other

Measuring ranges and accuracies

Measuring range luminance: 0.1 ... 150 000 cd/m2 (Ill. A) / 0.1 100 000 cd/ m2 (typical white LED)
Luminance accuracy: 2 % (@ 100 cd/m2 and Ill. A)
Luminance repeatability: 1 %
Chromaticity accuracy: 0.002 x, y (Ill.A)
Color repeatability: 0.0005 x, y (Ill.A)
CCT repeatability: 20 K (Ill.A)
Wavelength accuracy: 0.5 nm

Other technical data

Dispersive element: Imaging grating (flat field)
Light receiving element: CCD line array 2048 pixels (binned)
Power supply: Battery and USB powered
Interface: USB 2.0 fullspeed, specbos 1501 optional with LAN
Dimensions: spectraval 1501 140 mm x80 mm x 70 mm / spectraval 1511 140 mm x115 mm x 70 mm
Weight: spectraval 1501 400 g / spectraval 1511 500 g
Operating conditions Temperature: 10 ... 40 C
Humidity: < 85 % relative humidity at 35 C
Accessories (included): PC software JETI LiVal for Windows 7/ 8/ XP/ Vista, DLLs, USB cable and trigger connector, Calibration certificate, operation instructions, Tripod, transport box, Calibration NIST traceable
Recommended interval: 1 year

Ted's LightSpace CMS Calibration Disk

S/W: LightSpace CMS, SpaceMan ICC, SpaceMatch DCM, CalMAN 5, CalMAN RGB, ChromaPure, ControlCAL
Meters: JETI Specbos 1211, Klein K-10A, i1PRO2, i1PRO, SpectraCAL C6, i1Display PRO, Chroma 5 PRO
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