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FAQ: HDMI-CAT6 Cable Extender

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PostLink    Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2011 9:42 pm    Post subject: FAQ: HDMI-CAT6 Cable Extender Reply with quote

HDMI-CAT6 Cable Extender

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The HDMI-CAT6 is ideal for distances of up to 230 feet (70 meters).

The Lumagen HDMI 1.4 CAT-cable extender is designed to allow more reliable real-world performance with longer cable lengths than competing products.

Key Features

  • Maximum pixel clock rate up to 300 MHz (3 Gbps per channel).
  • Active signal buffering for video and control (DDC) signals, at both the transmitter and receiver, maximizes video, EDID, and HDCP-encryption-key, signal integrity.
  • Programmable cable equalization at both transmitter and receiver provides lower cable jitter, and therefore longer cable lengths, than dynamic-cable-equalization solutions.
  • Power supplies at both transmitter and receiver eliminate powersupply-current induced cable voltage-drop. This improves signal integrity.
  • Using CAT6 FTP or STP, with 24 AWG HDMI, cables supports 1080p60 for a total distance of over 60 meters, with up to 30 meters of HDMI 1.3 22 AWG HDMI cable plus up to 30 meters of CAT6 STP cable, under nominal conditions.
  • Supports all HDMI 1.4 3D formats and the HDMI 1.4 Audio-Return-Channel (ARC).
The Lumagen HDMI-CAT6 cable extender uses a HDMI repeater chip in both the transmitter and receiver. Typically other products do not have a repeater chip in the “transmitter.” Solutions lacking an active video buffer in the transmitter cause discontinuities in the impedance of the transmission line, reducing maximum cable length.

Both transmitter and receiver support long input cables. For example, a system could have a 30-meter 22-AWG HDMI 1.3 cable driving the transmitter, a 30-meter CAT6 FTP cable-pair to the receiver, and a 3-meter HDMI cable from the receiver to the display/projector.

The transmitter and receiver have “static” input cable equalization (Input-EQ). The Input-EQ for each is selected manually using an 8-position rotary switch, based on its input cable length. Static cable-EQ has less signal jitter than dynamic-cable-EQ solutions. This translates into the ability to support longer cable lengths.

NOTICE: Use of shielded CAT5e FTP or CAT6 FTP cable, or better, is required to conform to electromagnetic interference regulations.


What is included

HDMI-CAT6 transmitter
HDMI-CAT6 receiver
2 power supplies
Limited 1 year warranty

Questions, comments or feedback should be directed to:

Click HERE to order today at an exclusive reduced price!


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