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ChromaPure Standard + X-Rite Display 2 + iScan Duo VP

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PostLink    Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2010 5:36 am    Post subject: ChromaPure Standard + X-Rite Display 2 + iScan Duo VP Reply with quote

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Hi All,

Brand new to this Forum Smile .

I'm about to hit the GO button on buying the DVDO iScan Duo and the ChromaPure Standard software package ( I already have a Display 2 and currently use a DVDO VP50 as my VP). However, I've never done a screen calibration on my TV - only on my PC monitor.

I'm just wondering here how the iScan and the SW interact/work together. As the iScan is also a signal generator (via it's test patterns I imagine), how does the SW program tell the iScan to select the appropriate test patterns? Is it via a USB or Serial link, or is it just done manually by the user? If via a cable link, then I would imagine that the whole calibration process could be fully automated without any user intervention. The description in the Duo ad seems to imply this. However it may be that this just implies auto selection of the appropriate test pattern and not Auto- Calibration.

"Anyone purchasing ChromaPure now will automatically be entitled to a free upgrade to ChromaPure v2, which will offer tight integration with the Duo and other enhanced colour management features. Using ChromaPure today with the Duo is easily done with the provided remote control. With ChromaPure v2 the Duo will automatically provide the test pattern that is needed for the function you use in ChromaPure without any additional user intervention. Even easier! Purchase now and get a free upgrade when ChromaPure v2 is ready!"

Perhaps this is the product that does that - ChromaPure Professional.

"Licensing for Duo/Radiance auto-calibrate when available in Fall 2010 (will also be available in the Standard version as an optional add-on). Auto-calibrate lets Duo and Radiance owners click a button in ChromaPure and have their display be calibrated completely automatically. It's really that simple!"

I think I've finally figured it all out.......

Anyways, enough of my musings. Hope someone can shed some more light/confirm on all of this.

Edit. Btw, the link to the Accupel Signal Generator is broken. I thought I might have been able to get some answers there Confused .

Using an Accupel Video Signal Generator: ChromaPure includes support for automation in your calibrations. You can use an Accupel signal generator or output from the PC's video card
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PostLink    Posted: Tue Nov 16, 2010 6:50 pm    Post subject: Duo Reply with quote


The Duo connects to the PC via serial cable. Since most modern PCs don't have a serial port, you'll probably need a USB-serial converter. Once you setup the Duo in ChromaPure, the Duo will automatically generate the needed test patterns when you take measurements with no additional user intervention.

Full automation is something we are working on now, but won't be ready for a while yet.

The software is a download. I quote the replacement cost on the package, so it is considerably less than $910.

- Tom Huffman

ChromaPure calibration software & meter packages at discounted prices!
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