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Recessed equipment rack
Title: Recessed equipment rack
Description: The equipment that makes it all work (from top to bottom):

Panamax MAX 1000+ surge surpressor/conditioner
Acurus A200x3 amp for front speakers
Acurus A100x2 amp for rear speakers
Acurus ACT-3 pre/pro for processing Dolby Digital/DTS
Bell ExpressVu 9200 HD-PVR receiver
Playstation 3 for DVD and Blu-ray playback
HTPC (no longer used)

Not seen: HDMI and component converters, sub-woofer crossover/control box

The rack was built from Home Depot Shelfboard cut to the right widths and then framed by more shelfboard screwed to 2x4's. Equipment feet were removed and weatherstripping was used around some of the equipment to minimize sound leakage from the (somewhat noisy) furnace room behind the equipment. This makes the fronts of the equipment more or less airtight from the backroom but there's ample room behind for cooling (note the empty space above the 200x3 amp).

I used to have everything underneath the screen which I found created a cluttered and busy look. Racking everything into the wall made it easier to build and install the acoustic tiles and gave the speakers more room to 'breath'. It also let me remove all the little pieces of black eletrical tape I had covering all the LED's (I found the abundance of blinking lights very distracting when watching movies).
Posted: Sun Sep 07, 2008 1:35 am
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