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Fiberglass Bass trap (column construction)
Title: Fiberglass Bass trap (column construction)
Description: The columns are acoustical base traps. I tried to position them at acoustical reflection points but overall ascetics dictated some of the locations. You can buy these online for several thousand dollars (I think it would have cost about $6,000 for the columns in this theater (4x12" and 2x18"). The other problem with the ones you can purchase online is the design. For shipping reasons the longest length you can get is 3'. The mnfgr shows them simply stacked up. To me they looked like a stack of bowling pins. So, I made my own. The key is to make sure each section is liberally glued shut like a drum. Resonant frequencies go in and can't get out. The energy of the audio goes in, resonates, and dissipates. At least that's the theory I read!

I have lost the datasheet for the insulation. The actual thickness varies from about 1 1/2" to about 2". You can buy it at some insulation supply places. Knauf is the name brand I believe.

Overall acoustical treatment comments: Each of the various treatments will resonate at a certain frequency depending upon
the width of the cavity or thickness of the material. So, in your plans try to install a variety of materials, and thicknesses...within the limits of good looks of course.

Note: the fiberglass insulation brand is Knauf with one "f".
Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 4:13 am
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