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Picture of the poster frames
Title: Picture of the poster frames
Description: Movie poster frames: Bought posters off the internet. Glued them to dry mount foam board. Used 3M Super 77 spray adhesive (I tried the type of spray glue that lets you reposition the piece and even remove it later but that type of glue doesn't stick worth a darn). You don't get a second chance with the 3M glue but if your careful you don't need it. Just make sure the foam board is quite a bit bigger than the poster. Put the foam board on newspaper, roll up the poster backwards, have someone hold it, spray on the glue, work fast, get the sticky newsprint out of your way, unroll the poster onto the gluey foam board. Carefully press down trying not to scratch it or touch the exposed gluey foam board. Trim with a straight edge and an Exacto.

On the back of the foam board are strips of Velcro. The mounting panel is 1/8" Masonite board turned shiny side back. On the front is a small medallion and small trim. All of it was spray painted gold. The rough finish of the back of the Masonite board sprayed gold gives a nice effect. Using paneling adhesive glue some tight pile commercial grade carpeting to the panel (the best for Velcro is the piped or beaded type pile). Hang your posters! If you have special parties you can change them out easily. I saw this at a dinner theater in Abington, VA and thought it was cool!
Posted: Sat Feb 17, 2007 10:27 pm
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Poster: gehammack @ Wed Jul 09, 2008 5:27 pm
Whats really great is you actually told us HOW TO. So many times
guys just put it there and say I did it. What was done here was simple yet very effective and "redoable" by just about anyone with
decent skills. Beautiful job on a hansom install!!!

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