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Sony G70 (LC) Tube Swap

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G70 C block PCB update to use P16LJE07/06 tubes

Okay, here is the optional last part of the job: A C block PCB update in case you want to use Panasonic P16LJE07 or P16LJE06 tubes instead of the original Sony provided P16LJE08 tubes.

It’s true that it can be easier (and cheaper) to find P16LJE07 or P16LJE06 tubes rather than ’08. With a small C-Block Sony PCB update, the G70 can use these new tubes with great success!

- First part of this update is to relocate the G1 pin connection on the PCB
- Second part is KH grid connection to ground to be done through 4.7Mohms 1/2W resistance

Thanks to Azzad, Terry and Mark for their help on this part.

1. After disconnecting all the relevant C block incoming cables, take the C block out of the G70 unit. Unscrew its heatsink top screw and gently slide up the back PCB shield/cover:

2. Locate the G1 pad and cut the incoming PCB track using a sharp cutter/blade. Do not damage the circular G1 PCB pad:

3. Using a small length insulated wire, connect it to both locations using solder:

4. Remove a 2x2mm area of copper varnish on the ground copper area track location using a sharp cutter/blade:

5. Solder two 10Mohms 1/4W resistors leads this way on ground track end. Clean the old G1/NC pads from solder (yellow arrows):

6. Bend the two 10Mohms 1/4W resistors other ends together around the old G1/NC socket pins:

7. Solder the two 10Mohms 1/4W resistor ends together around the old G1/NC socket pins:

Important : Clean the PCB surface from solder flux/resin since there is HV potentials applied to these pins!

It’s done, now the C block is compatible with P16LJE07 or P16LJE06 tubes!

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