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CRT Referral List


Below is a list of fellow CRT projector owners from around the globe, ranging from amateur DIY home theater installs to pro Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) members that are willing to show new CRT projector owners a good working system and/or assist others in set up and greyscale adjustments.



      >> Belgium

Name:  Jan (aka arbey)
Location:  Antwerp, Belgium
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  Demo, repair and sale of Barco CRT projectors from older 600 to newer 909 types.

      >> England

Name:  James Hirst
Location:  Huddersfield, England
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  I know my way pretty/very well around the insides of a Sony 1031QM, ECP4000 and Barco 808, I have plenty of photos that I can forward to newbies, powerstrip settings/timings etc for HTPC, I always have a projector set up in my home to demonstrate (currently Barco 701) and would have no problem letting enthusiasts into my home for a demo, brew and a chat. I also have a mate who has an ISF calibrated 808 that I'm sure would let someone interested into his house.

      >> Finland

Name:  Jani Hyvönen
Location:  Jyväskylä, Finland
Contact:  Email:, or PM JaniH at or
Qualifications:  Currently using a digital solution, but I can perform basic and also a little more advanced calibration to most Barco, Sony and Panasonic PT-M series projectors. I can also supply information and email support regarding these projectors.

Name:  Jorma Kokkonen
Location:  Jyväskylä, Finland
Contact:  Email:, or PM Yorcci at
Qualifications:  Have owned Seleco SVP-350, Barco Graphics 500 and Barco Graphics 800. Now I've got Barco Data 808s hanging on the ceiling. Willing to demonstrate BD 808s with Lumagen VisionPro scaler to anyone interested in seeing CRT in action. Pretty familiar with Barco setup.

Name:  Tero Nikmo
Location:  Jyväskylä, Finland
Contact:  Email:, or PM TNR at or
Qualifications:  I own an Electrohome Marquee 7500 (8110) projector and know my way around it adequately enough to perform basic calibrations. I'd be glad to demonstrate the Marquee's capabilities to a CRT enthusiast. Maybe even enjoy a movie and cold beer.

Name:  Sami Viljanen
Location:  Jyväskylä, Finland
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  I own Barco Data 800 and am ready to demonstrate Barco 800 capabilities to anyone interested as well as give some basic hints about installation and setup. Advanced setup help also possible through friends living in same area.

Name:  Timo Sipari
Location:  Lappeenranta, Finland
Contact:  Email:, or PM RBV at, Web:
Qualifications:  I currently have an Electrohome Marquee 7500 (8110 in North America), and a really big Torus screen: 402cm x 218cm. I'm willing to demonstrate my configuration with Lumagen VisionPro HDP scaler. Also, I'm able to assist setting up a CRT projector, with all basic calibrations, if anyone needs any help and/or advice in nearby regions.

Name:  Niko Syrjälä
Location:  Tampere, Finland
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  I own a Sony vph 1272qm. I can demonstrate here and give you some good hints in CRT world. I have also an old Barco as a toy and I have owned Electrohome ECP-1000 but I'm still newbie. There's so much interesting things and I'm studying all the time.

      >> Germany

Name:  Xenofon Nastos
Location:  Stuttgart, Germany
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  I own two SONY 1271 projectors both installed in my home theatre (run with 1080i, video source blu-ray). I can support performing or perform myself all necessary setups and calibrations (mechanical installation, focus, astigmatism, greyscale, etc.) needed to get a good crisp picture in nearby regions. I can also give advise and/or help building the own home theatre (interior design, sound design, projector screen, etc.) including electronics for home theatre control. Of course I am willing to show my configurations to CRT-enthusiasts and to those who want to get one. :)

      >> Hungary

Name:  Gábor Jáky, aka gjaky
Location:  Budapest, Gungary
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  am an expectant electro-engineer and I currently have a NEC 6PG xtra (had a 9PG xtra and a Marquee 8110). Basic electronic knowledge over the marquee line, and advanced electronic knowledge over the NEC PG line, this also implies for setup procedures.

      >> Netherlands

Name:  Reinier Bauer
Location:  Utrecht, The Netherlands
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  Repair, install and complete setup CRT-projectors. Color filtering of certain models. Grayscale color calibration using a color analyzer (colorfacts + spectrofotometer). BG1209s installed in my theater. I installed brand new CRT’s in it and it is also colorfiltered and 6500K grayscale calibrated. Sources includes DVD, HDTV form JVC D-Theater and HTPC. Looks really cool.

      >> Portugal

Name:  Pedro Belo
Location:  Lisbon, Portugal, Europe
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  Demo to people who love CRT , own a Barco Cine 9 with screen size 270 x 152 for ONLY HD sources SAT + BLU RAY + HDD.

      >> Spain

Name:  Fernando Armada 
Location:  Madrid, Spain
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  General CRT Support (installation, calibration, etc). Also interested in keeping in touch with fellow CRTs owners in my area. Currently I own a Sony D50 (mint) tweaked to the max , and I am in touch with 4 other people, with G70's (toasted).

      >> Sweden

Name:  Conny Johansson 
Location:  Göteborg, Sweden
Contact:  Email:, Web:,  Phone: +46738130798
Qualifications:  I am very familiar with all Barco and Electrohome models, I do installs, setup and calibration, tube swaps, conditioning of tubes, trouble shooting, service, repairs, 8" to 9" conversions. I have a very large supply of spare parts for particularly Barco models. Have worked with most CRT-models and can demo pretty much any model with a few days notice.

Name:  Jan Söderlund 
Location:  Umeå, Sweden
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  I live in Umeå and often travel to Skellefteå. So if anyone who is new to CRTs want to have help with their first set-up or just a touch-up I can help! The only PJs I have worked on are: Barco Data 600, Ampro 4000D and a SELECO 500+ (I have changed fluid, HVPS and done some minor things to my Ampro, so I can also help with smaller repairs.) And if anyone want to se my Ampro 4000D in action in Umeå they are welcome! (Bring popcorn and beer!) ;)

Name:  John Twotee
Location:  Stockholm, Sweden
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  I could help out if there's a poor soul within Stockholm (Sweden) needing help with Marquees. I can do pretty much the whole job including greyscale settings using Colorfacts. Own a super 9500LC (soon to be Ultra) myself.
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