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CRT Referral List


Below is a list of fellow CRT projector owners from around the globe, ranging from amateur DIY home theater installs to pro Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) members that are willing to show new CRT projector owners a good working system and/or assist others in set up and greyscale adjustments.



      >> Israel

Name:  Yuval Ben-Sheva
Location:  Givatayim, Israel
Contact:  972-3-6725942
Qualifications:  Can offer repair-rebuild service for NEC PG series projectors, Factory color calibration, Full mechanical and convergence setup for maximum picture fidelity and stability.

      >> Japan

Name:  Sui May (AME)
Location:  Fukui, Japan
Contact:  Email:, Web:
Qualifications:  We have self-rebuilt two Barco Graphics 1209/2 and two Electrohome Marquee 9000LC's. The replacement of CRT and the exchange of the cooling liquids are also possible. An our adjustment of internal pods will bring projectors accurate picture that you have never been seen anywhere else.  Calibrations of Grayscale using a Color Analyzer and Calibrated Pattern Generator. We have learned to setup, focus and converge. BG1209/2 installed in our theater with Laser line leveler. We are able to measure acoustics and sounds for Home Theater system.

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