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CRT Referral List


Below is a list of fellow CRT projector owners from around the globe, ranging from amateur DIY home theater installs to pro Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) members that are willing to show new CRT projector owners a good working system and/or assist others in set up and greyscale adjustments.


Australia/New Zealand

      >> Australia

Name:  Daniel McDonald
Location:  Bunbury, Western Australia
Contact:  Email:, Username 'NewbieDan' on the CRT Forum.
Qualifications:  Well none formally, but am an obsessed Sony G70 nut, have experience in tube swaps, setups etc. Also have owned a VPH1000QM, and setup a Barco Cine7.

      >> New Zealand

Name:  John Phillips
Location:  Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand
Contact:  Email:
Qualifications:  Very familiar with ECP series, also Barco 700/800 series, including tube swaps, tube bleeding, setups, etc.

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