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NEC XG Series

      >> Introduction
      >> Layout and Setup Tips 
      >> XG Models and Production Run Dates
      >> Multi Default Frequencies IMMS
      >> Hidden Control Functions
      >> PC Control Cable Pinout & Software
      >> Lens Focus Fix (LC Units)
      >> Misconvergence During Switching Fix
      >> Compatibility of PC Control Versions
      >> Incorrect Lens Focus & Halos Fix
      >> Manuals / Downloads

Layout and Setup Tips

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The above photo shows the insides of the XG chassis, and identifies the 4 PC boards that slide out of the back of the set. There is one Philips screw that holds each board into place at the rear of each PC board, near the CRT sockets. Once the ribbon cable is unplugged from each board and the screw is taken out, each board will slide out the rear of the set. It’s usually easier to replace the machine Philips screw with a self tapping screw, as the small machine screws are a headache to reinstall.

Again, there are very few user adjustment trimpots on the XG model. The trimpots that are exposed on the card cage that houses the system control and video boards MUST be adjusted in conjunction with the service manual. Failure to do so, and you’ve now ‘created’ a set that needs to be sent to a service shop to be calibrated. This simply cannot be stressed enough with the NEC PG and XG chassis.

As for the 4 boards that sit between the tubes, an actual failure is rare on these boards. While the STK chips do occasionally fail causing assorted problems, these boards are double sided and can easily be damaged if you do not have the proper desoldering equipment to take the components off of these boards. I treat the NEC boards as exchange units only. There are no internal fuses or adjustments on any of these boards, so I am only identifying the layout of these boards. Should you have problems with an XG projector, contact me, and we can go through a troubleshooting procedure via the phone or email.

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