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Video Processors (Scalers, Doublers, etc)

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Questions or want to buy? See the Contact Us page. We accept PayPal in addition to money orders and bank transfers. 

More information and manuals for many of these products is available on the Video Processors page. What is a video processor/scaler and why would you use one? See the CRT Primer for more information!




Price (USD)

Startech scaler/transcoder (Identical to the Audio Authority 1365): I've switched from the AA 9A65 to the AA 1365 that is actually a mini scaler to convert component to RGB signals. It handles up to 720p input, and will output up to 1024p. It acts as a reverse transcoder as well, it will convert RGB to component signals. Note: The Startech version sold here comes with a plastic wall bracket, an AC adapter with various US/European connectors on it as seen above.

On screen menus walk you through the setup, and allow control over brightness and contrast, tint and color saturation. This is a lot more than what the AA 9A65 did.

(Unlimited) $250 USD FOB Washington State


$300 CDN FOB Vancouver, Canada (the slight CDN surcharge covers customs importation costs)

Lumagen Radiance Video Processor

Radiance video processors now available!  See here.  


DVDO iScan Duo Video Processor

iScan Duo video processors now available in various packages!  See here.  


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