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Layout and Setup Tips

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Convergence Boards

The below picture shows the convergence output board and the driver board above it.

The convergence output board is a common failure point, as the HV leads are right at this board as is the HV splitter when you put the top boards in their normal operating mode. Any arc of the HV area will arc to the convergence output board, and damage will result. The + conv fuse will usually blow as a result of a failure on this board. Note that the older 70X series of sets have a slightly different layout of this board. Various versions of the convergence output boards are not interchangeable with each other.

This output board also has the convergence output connectors on them. Pull these connectors out and flip around 180 degrees if the convergence controls work opposite of what you expect.

THE convergence driver board does not fail often. When it does, you usually get an I2R error code on the screen when trying to converge the set. This I2R error code will isolate which chip is not communicating with the main processor. (smart Barco engineers!). These chips are surface mount and need special desoldering tools to take these chips off.

DO NOT adjust the sealed trimpots on the convergence driver board. These calibrate the convergence waveforms and you’ll have no end of grief with trying to get the convergence right if you tweak these.

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